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Australia about to get a hole lot more out of life, again

Life Savers are back.

Those classic Australian rolls of lollies are about to return to Aussie ownership, after lolly makers Darrell Lea bought the brand back from Swiss-based food giant Nestle.

The production of Life Savers back on home soil will boost employment at Darrell Lea's south-western Sydney plant, where they were last manufactured in the early 2000s.

Darrell Lea has also bought back old favourites, Odd Fellows and Mackintosh's Toffee.

About 20 million packs of Life Savers were sold in Australia every year.

Are you glad to see this old favourite back in Australian hands?




Good news indeed from the standpoint of Aus ownership and employment.  Good on Darrell Lea.


Violet Crumbles are another one that has had  a rebirth:


A fourth-generation family owned confectionery business is bringing the iconic Violet Crumble chocolate bar back into Australian hands after striking a deal with Swiss food giant Nestlé.

Adelaide-based Robern Menz will buy the Violet Crumble brand and its associated intellectual property, plant and equipment for an undisclosed sum.

And Polywaffles:

The Polly Waffle – crispy wafer tube filled with marshmallow and coated in milk chocolate – will be reborn as "The Great Aussie Waffle Log" thanks to a 40,000-strong social media campaign that piqued the interest of Melbourne company Chocolate Works.

The sweet log was first produced by Melbourne company Hoadley's Chocolate in 1947.

According to business executive manager at Nestle, Martin Brown, the chocolate bars that stand alongside kookaburras, boomerangs and Bradman in Australian iconography, are both "novel in character and catchy in name"

Loved the Polywaffle.


Great to see some good news for Aussie businesses.

Now I'm craving Fruit Tingles, (or Violet Crumbles), either will do thank you. 

Never eaten them but did have to occasional Steam Roller -- which are now not made

My favourite LifeSaver was Musk. As a child we were lucky to get any lollies. Maybe once a week when we went to the local picture house. We had enough to buy an entry into the theatre and a small treat. I always bought a small box of Jaffers, you got more for your money.,or Wrigles ChewingGum, which would last the whole movie.

Think it is bad move for Darrell Lea, seeing we are about to be hit with a sugar tax, to try and combat obesity in Australia.

'Obesity in Australia is one of the biggest public health challenges facing the population. More than half of the adult population has a body weight that poses serious health risks. More than 60% of Australian adults are obese and almost 10% are severely obese. At least a quarter of Australian children and adolescents are obese or overweight.'

Haven't seen a polly waffle, violet crumble or steam roller for yonks, still plenty of lovely life savers on Bondi beach, thank goodness :-)

I laughed at my Scottish Mum when they brought out the lifesavers and she always told us never to get them for her as she would not be paying for the hole in the middle she would stick with Lifesavers 

I have SO missed Pollywaffles! 

Thank God they're back.

Trouble ls my tongue gets stuck in the hole. That ls not funny.