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Australia’s new country of origin labels helps give NZ a free kick

They can import products and re-label them as if they come from New Zealand

Country of origin labelling

(July 2018)

The Australian Government has introduced a new country of origin food labelling system, which commenced on 1 July 2016. Under the new system, country of origin labelling requirements come under Australian Consumer Law.

Businesses had two years to change their food labels to comply with the new law before it became mandatory on 1 July 2018. The Food Standards Code was amended through Proposal P1041 on 1 July 2018 to remove its country of origin labelling requirements.

Information about the new labels is available on the Department of Industry website.

General information about country of origin labelling is available from the ACCC website.

Does country of origin labelling apply in New Zealand?

Country of origin labelling is voluntary in New Zealand and suppliers may choose not to display this information. There is an exception for grape wine, which must be labelled with its country or countries of origin. When suppliers do provide country of origin information, it must be accurate.

All food must be labelled with the contact details of the food supplier in New Zealand or Australia, so you can contact the supplier and ask for details about the food.


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Victoria has approved fracking and Queensland has approved Adani while we are all looking elsewhere

Well I am not sure about that I thought that the momatorium on fracking was lifted but did not mean it was going ahead, but I did hear that that forest protections reviews were being postponed for 18 months! As far as Adani goes they still have not got the funding they need as it stands. There are also many more coal mines wanting to be opened just ask Clive Palmer.


Check out this Gerry, I copied and pasted for you (I wonder what the other State Governments are up to?):

In the midst of a pandemic, while we’re all focussed on staying safe and looking out for one another, the Victorian State Labor Government has:

1. Lifted the ban on gas drilling, opening our state to new fossil fuel industries.

2. Signed a deal with the Morrison Government to extend logging in Victoria’s native forests for another 10 years, exempting logging from environmental laws.

and just this week they’ve also:

3. Delayed important environmental protection laws by 12 months.

Back in 2014, the Andrews Government committed to new Environment Protection Authority rules. These new rules are good: they mean that big corporations have a duty to protect the environment from the outset, and can’t just pollute our rivers, stockpile toxic waste or pump pollution in the atmosphere and then leave it to the government to clean up later.

These laws are long overdue, but now, hidden in a 300+ page COVID-19 response bill, the Andrews Government has decided to delay these laws by another 12 months.

The community has been waiting 6 years for these laws - and now we’ll have to wait another year, while big corporations get away with continuing to pollute our environment.



Sometimes imported products like fruit and vegs are sold at the local markets and it is not always the farmer that is selling there.

I think you need to know when our fruit and vegs are harvested

I am guilty of buying US/Canadian cherries

... can hardly wait to the end of June YUM!!!

Yes it is a good idea to buy in season, cherries can be very expensive and a very short season. I prefer grapes and lucky we have a good Australian supply, don't buy imported ones though. Even things like orange juice you need to make sure that they are not made from imported oranges.

sadly that's the way its always been, the big corporations who donate lots of money to the two major parties, aided by lobbyists (quite often ex-pollies), dictate government policy - why did Victoria not have a container deposit scheme when every other State thinks its good policy? Follow the money ....


As for Clive, his proposed mine is much larger than Adani's but very little is heard about it, strangely 

Victoria is getting the container deposit scheme but apparently not until 2022/23, yep still a long wait. That is two more years of rubbish in the street and waterways.

You can always google what is in season if you are not sure --

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