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Breaking news London police say they are dealing with a 'major incident

Breaking news

  • London police say there have been a 'number of casualties' after vehicle crashed into pedestrians in Finsbury Park



British police say they are investigating a "major incident" at Seven Sisters Road in north London following reports of a vehicle ploughing into pedestrians.

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Ambulances at Finsbury Park after vehicle hits pedestrians Photo: Ambulances arrive at Finsbury Park (top left corner) after a vehicle struck pedestrians. (Twitter: Thomas Van Hulle) Map: England


Authorities say "a number of casualties" are being treated at the scene.

"We have sent a number of resources to an incident in Seven Sisters Road. More information will follow when we have it," London Ambulance Service said on Twitter.

A statement from London's Metropolitan Police said one man had been arrested.

Police said they were called to the scene just after 00:20am (9:20am AEST) to "reports of a vehicle in collision with pedestrians".

Local radio said there were reports a van had driven into a crowd of people in Finsbury Park.



Reports said the van drove into people who were leaving Ramadan prayers at the Finsbury Park Mosque.

:( Poor London … yet again.

.... "pay back" incident maybe???  They have arrested the driver.....

...they were my son's words exactly RnR when he texted me - Poor London :-(

must be what most are thinking right now ................

Right wing group I suspect behind this....two others in the van have escaped apparently.

In case some may not have heard there was a terrorist attack some hours ago in MALI (Africa) at some tourist resort.  A couple of people dead about 37 hostages have been released.

Happening all over the place now;  the word was put out by ISIS that they wanted attacks during Ramadan and the lunatics who follow this rubbish are carrying out the orders.

So far 1 dead and 10 injured.


......just saw tonight's news - now we actually have the Muslims "boo-hooing" on the streets of London to reporters ....saying ...."it's a terrorist attack against the Muslim community - it's a hate crime against Muslims.... etc. etc."

 -  not condoning it in any way or form -  but -  retaliation has surely been on the cards/or "someone's agenda"  for quite some time  ........??

So where were they went the crimes were against Coptic christians in Egypt and I. Every other Muslim terrorist attack in the west 

of course it's a hate crime just like tn Muslim terrorist and should be condemned lien all other hate crimes by Muslim a and non muslims alike 

Not at all surprised;  it was on the cards there would be retaliation by a far right group.

This should be a wake up call to all those who follow religion to cease in their foolish beliefs

don't understand how they can call these terrorist acts illogical and idiotic while they persist in their illogical idiotic beliefs 

This is the sort of thing I feared, it could start small vigilante groups around the world.  Then more innocence will suffer, often those people that 'look' or 'fit' the part of their enemy will get in the way.

didnt hear about the one in AFRICA,  but wasnt there one in CHINA last week,    a lot of children involved ,  but have heard no more,       the world really is becoming a mad house,    poor LONDON is copping it every which way,  

If you're foolish enough to swallow the bs of religion then don't be upset of the consequences 

ARE you talking to me,   ?      i have no religion,    and follow no one,   

It's the collective "you" baby

chill swwetheart 



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