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Cancer in Australia

UK has the 13th highest rate of cancer in the world 

World cancer league table reveals Australia is the worst hit by the disease .....
Figures from the International Agency for Research on Cancer revealed Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of cancer of anywhere in the world, with the US ranking fifth.
Australia has the highest proportion of cancer cases out of any country in the world, according to a new ranking of 185 countries released by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, a body of the World Health Organization

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Australia is also has the biggest comsumption of meat. Cancer cells will multiply is you add animal protein, but not vegetable protein, was tested in a lab. Read the China study.

So it is very important also to know one's DNA.

Here is an interesting story on how to understand and know ones DNA.


I thought you would be interested in this story from The Times




Son of a super Sperm donor learns he has 1,000 siblings

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I have mentioned I lost my mother from cancer, she was nearly 91.

However, what killed her, cancer of the Gall Bladder became a real eye opener talking to a surgeon who operated on me.

Apparently he calls it a silent killer.   The Gall Bladder in women who have carried a child is stressed by the additional hormones the body makes during the time of carrying a baby.  It is not until the woman is in her very later years that she will have symptoms.  It was suggested I have an ultra sound of my Gall Bladder, [aged 71] it showed up a 3cm stone.  

The issue apparently of a large stone that goes undetected is the friction that can cause a lesion.  So although I had no symptoms I was advised to have the Gall Bladder removed.

[My sons followed suit and had scans and they too had this hereditary issue, no they were not pregnant!]

Up till this we as a family had never heard of this issue with Gall Bladders. 

My late mother always cooked fresh food, she was not one to have fry ups and hated greasy foods.


There is more cancer in young Kids and younger people these days, so much brian cancer,

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