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Cardinal Pell wins his appeal

Cardinal George Pell will be released from prison after the country's highest court quashed his child sexual abuse convictions.

The unanimous decision has been handed down less than a month after the High Court of Australia heard two days of intense legal arguments from the Cardinal's lawyers and Victorian prosecutors.

The full bench's ruling was handed down by Chief Justice Susan Kiefel in an almost empty High Court registry in Brisbane, due to physical-distancing measures introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The public gallery, which can seat up to 16 people, only contained three journalists to hear Chief Justice Kiefel deliver the ruling at 10:00am. 

Cardinal Pell, 78, had been serving a six-year jail sentence after he was convicted in 2018 of abusing two choirboys in the 1990s, when he was the archbishop of Melbourne.

He had been accused of committing the crimes after he found the boys swigging altar wine in the priests' sacristy after mass in Melbourne's St Patrick's Cathedral.

A jury convicted him in 2018 — a decision that the Victorian Court of Appeal upheld in a two-to-one decision.

But his lawyers went to the High Court, arguing the appeal court failed to take proper account of evidence that cast doubt on his guilt.

Today the High Court handed down its decision, granting Cardinal Pell's application for special leave and acquitting him.

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If you have the best legal team that money can afford you can get out of most things.  My Dad always said

"The law is an Ass". I think he was right.

I switched on the ABC this morning and it sure looks as if the #Me too Movement is continuing, accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault as was with george Pell.

Although Biden has denied the allegations, he faces an accusation by a woman who says he sexually assaulted her 27 years ago. 

I must ask will the  media support this allegation or is Biden not a tall enough poppy.


I was amazed when I saw Obama come out with such "glowing" endorsements for Biden!

Never thought much of Biden - always wondered however why Mike Pence never "threw his hat into the ring" for the Presidency?  Mike Pence would be good - IMO 

Now I am "off topic"  - apologies Leonie - blame Suze! haha  :)

Back to Pell - so far have not seen him "anywhere" today - yet - only early tho'.


I read that about Biden too the other week supposed to have been kiddy fiddling?

Tell us WHERE you read that. Put up a link.

Come on don't be shy.



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