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Celebrating granny panties

‘Granny panties’ the comfortable high-wasted underwear made famous in the movie Bridget Jones’ Diary cop a pretty bad rap.

But that is all starting to change thanks to a viral advertising campaign from UK lingerie brand Sloggi, which praises the virtues of wearing comfortable undies.

The ad features 56-year-old Colette Zacca appearing as Lil’ Ol’ Granny singing Granny Got Pants.

See the ad below:

What do you think of this campaign? Should we see more older women in advertisements?



Don’t think I’ve ever see an older person (60 - 65 plus or thereabouts) of any gender advertising underwear apart from this one ..

.However dont  like the ad much, not because of the older woman in underwear but because I find it a bit silly and unfunny and thought the grey wig looked a bit ridiculous...

Think Target are now using larger female models to advertise female underwear but can’t recall anyone looking in the 60 - 65 plus or thereabouts age bracket...

Similarly male underwear models are always young, handsome and very fit and don’t think they have yet branched out to larger sized male models in that particular modelling sphere yet - but am open to being corrected on this.

Also don’t think I’ve ever seen elderly men ie. 60 - 65 plus or thereabouts advertising Y fronts or similar but when we do perhaps you could start a thread entitled 

‘Celebrating Grandpa’s Y Fronts’


:) Michael Millen aged 65 ... for Lyle & Scott.

Actually RNR now that you have shown this I think I might have seen older males advertising underwear once or twice before - can’t think where off the top of my head but somewhere.

Its called the psychology of marketing. Studies show that the company will sell more product by showing beautiful people as some think they will look like that if they purchase the product. Having older people is acknoweldgeing that older people still buy products but dont neceassirly identify with young, beautiful people. As the world is growing older, the marketers have to move on from young and beautiful or risk alienating 60% of their markets.


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Great ad, great idea for older people to model underwear. The lady in the video is really very attractive and queen of the Notting Hill Gate carnival.

With two hip replacements, I take my hat off to her. Good on ya Colette!!!



Oh wow thats amazing, thanks for adding that information, more respect for her!

Wish Ben would move this topic to another spot

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There ya go, happy  now?

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Heaven help me if I am ever convinced to buy anything by advertising if I didn't need it. I just love to turn off the sound on adds on my TV. Can have a conversation for at least 15mins.

From the point of view of a 74 year old grandad thouht it was a great ad loved the girls just saying

My 84 year old hubby still looks great in his 'modern' undies - has a lovely bum and still good legs!!

Can't say I'd go so far as to wear the Bridget Jones type of panties nor the ones that invade your private parts. However, the full briefs are my choice for comfort.

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