The Meeting Place

Crucial Liberal meeting on gay marriage.

"Research by ReachTEL for the Australia Institute think tank has found that voters in seven key seats – including two whose MPs have advocated a legislatively superfluous non-binding plebiscite – think their representatives should just get on with it.

The numbers cut the ground from those who say the Australian people are demanding a say in a reform that has been enacted in many comparable countries."

Mark Kenny, Adam Gartrell. SMH › Politics › News
What do you hope will be the outcome of today's meeting? Do you favour an open vote in Parliament, a plebiscite or a postal vote?



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The moment Bill Shorten made gay marriage a political issue we began to see the decline in debate. 

Are you saying that Labor supporting marriage equality = a decline in debate? 

Yes, that's what I'm saying. They are political opportunists. Labor were in government for 6 years and did not want SSM. Now they want it, but dont want it?  

Nobody can adequately explain why apparently nearly 80% of the population want SSM and yet Labor block a plebiscite? If the plebiscite resulted in a 80% yes vote then the government would be stupid not to comply with the wishes of the people. 

Shorten is now promising..."Make me PM and I'll give you SSM."

Apparently we cant talk about this issue because we'll have mass suicides? And it will cost too much for us to have an opinion.

Labor encouraged suicides when in government (about 1500)

Labor waste when itemised fills a 150 page book.

Does anyone else see this lack of behavioral continuity?

Robi, some of your posts have been more focussed on the political slant rather than the SSM debate :) What does it really matter how many people in Tony Abbott's electorate agree or disagree? What relevance does the politcal fallout have with the argument? The LGBTIQ part of our population have become a political football.


At least Labor have shown they have the ability to evolve and change along with the Australian public Frank, unlike the LNP dinosaurs.

HA HA HA !! Yep, at least Labor are consistent with changing their mind. Robi I dont think the LNP are that far ahead of the pack when all things are considered.  

Labor have not evolved or changed their policies now of tax and spend are pre Hawke and Keating . 

On the SSM issue they have opposed at every step .

Frank and Brocky make things up. Anyone interested in truth will find this an interesting read: Wikipedia: "History of same-sex marriage in Australia". Sorry, found it hard to get the link up so you will have to type it into your search engine.

Fed up with this gay debate, get it over and done with. as long as no one is forced to marry people against their belief. I  vote Labor mostly and can tell you some dinosaurs in there too not only LNP.


sign outside a progressive church ....