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Do you think crocodiles should be culled?

For a number of years we have heard of crocodiles taking children, men and women......Have often wondered why they don't have a cull of them for say two weeks annually.  Then I found this on MSN, so I thought perhaps some folks would be interested to discuss these issues that crocodiles leave us with.  

I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: Croc wars: the case for culling

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Before we visited the Northern Territory and Litchfield we saw numerous travel posters of people swimming in beautiful pools and waterfalls, so we anicipated a great holliday, and packed our swimmers, but on a tour to litchfield, all we saw were signs warning of crocodiles, and local people told us the crocodiles were gradually spreading further and further and they , the locals , were getting bloody sick of the crocodiles being everywhere, and also BLOODY sick of the Greenies that were protecting them. I was even told some of the locals would happily feed the greenies to the crocodiles.

Also, we saw how the locals regenerated the forrests in the Northern territory through burning ecology, and the Aboriginal guides at kakadu explained regeneration through burning ecology to us, and laughed and said it was something the IDIOT greenies in NSW and Victoria never understood. How many lives were needlessly lost in the Victorian bushfires because of the Greenies.

Hi Mike.

I can well imagine!  LOL

We went up to the Daintree some years ago & decided to join others in a little boat,  searching for crocs, soon as we got into the middle of the river there was a two way radio call to the owner of the little boat; asking if anyone on that boat had a certain  number plate he called out.  It was us!  Someone had put their vehicle into reverse and could not stop till they hit our hire car!  A perfect U turn!!

The lady in the kiosk took his number and explained he had been trying to fix his brakes for about five hours instead of calling for a truck to pull him....

That is our memory of the Daintree! 

But we had driven up from Yapoon slowly and had taken in the sites, would have liked to has seen a Cassowary, but we did see more signs for these birds giving tourists warnings than any signs for the crocs!

Cassowary attacks - YouTube

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The Top End does a pretty good job of burning itself toward the end of the dry.


I enjoyed our stay in Daintree village. Had accommodation overlooking the river. Looked beautful in the mornings (internet pic).

Just trying to put danger into perspective here with some updated figures.

Crocodile fatalities in Australia since 1971 when the species became protected (source)

* NT: 23 fatal; 50 non-fatal
* Qld: 9 fatal; 19 non-fatal
* WA: 2 fatal; 12 non-fatal

TOTAL: 34 fatalities; 81 non-fatal

Road fatalities in Australia since 1971 excluding 2017 (source, source)

TOTAL: 106,582 fatalities; 53,406 non-fatal hospitalisations (just in 2008-09)*

* Couldn’t find a list of road injuries since 1971.

Same thing with shark attacks I sould suspect.

So it makes more sense to ban cars?  I would like to see the statistics on how many of these events were caused by the foolish behaviour of the people involved.  Last I heard crocks do not leave their natural environment in order to hunt humans, neither do sharks.

We do not hear calls for lions to be culled when a stupid tourist hops out of their car to take a happy snap and ends up as a meal.

Hi RnR....

We are proactive.....not reactive!

Proactivity - Wikipedia organizational behavior and industrial/organizational psychology, proactivity or proactive behavior by individuals refers to anticipatory, change-oriented and ...

:) Wish some drivers were proactive in regards to road safety around here. Their reactions, or lack of them, are terrfying at times.

LOL  don't we all RnR.

Jeepers, you guys are obsessed with crocs, yet when I put this one up in the "interesting stuff" thread, no mention was made. You gotta laugh LOL

:) Reagan. Just commented on your latest croc post in "Interesting stuff to share".


Animal lovers need to understand that culling is necessary sometimes 

Animals can be brought back. That's a wonderful thing about conservation. Often, if they're left in good habitats, populations will rebound. The problem is that they can become victims of their own success and become so abundant that they then become a threat to the survival of other species and to their own populations.

Eg - kangaroo culling in Australia

Deer and badgers  in Great Britain

Bison in Montana

Swans and geese in New York .....

leave the things alone,    men are not happy unless they are shooting something    if you  leave them alone they wont bother you,   UNLESS you go into there waters,    same as if someone broke into your house,    you would protect it,    they are no different,      they,  like most animals sort themselves out,   like the poor ducks last weekend,    just out and out slaughter,    its not as if they need them to eat,   to survive,   its just for the thrill of killing them,      wont be anything left soon,   to shoot at,   except each other,     and with these hunters,   that may not be such a bad thing,  ,   

If I had my way, cats will be culled too. But I beleive my mate Mustuffa is onto that already

I have worked up in the Pilbara and used to go mud crabbing in the mangroves near Wickham. That is now croc habitat. They are moving out of their natural Northern habitat heading south because of the protection of the species and warming waters. How far South have they to come before people will act, Perth, Sydney??

Agree - they need to be controlled i.e. culled

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