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Don’t be complacent about your safety this festive season

Vehicle manufacturers have replaced 85 per cent of affected Takata airbags but the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is urging people not to become complacent as the holiday period approaches. 

About 3.5 million airbags have now been rectified in about 2.53 million vehicles, leaving roughly 371,000 airbags in 323,000 vehicles remaining for replacement.

“As we approach the festive season and people prepare to go on holidays, we’re urging everyone to make sure their car is safe,” ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.  

“You can check if your vehicle is affected by entering your registration details and state at It takes less than a minute and could help prevent a serious injury or death.

“If your vehicle is under active recall, you should act now to arrange for a free replacement, and before the busy holiday period begins.”

The ACCC is particularly concerned about 3200 critical-alpha and 10,300 critical non-alpha vehicles remaining for airbag replacement.

The critical recall category applies to vehicles with alpha airbags and other defective Takata airbag inflators which pose a heightened safety risk of causing injury or death.

“If your vehicle has a critical airbag, you should stop driving it immediately,” Ms Rickard said.

“Suppliers should offer to tow your vehicle to the place of repair or arrange for a qualified technician to travel to you, so you do not have to drive your vehicle.”

Figures at the end of September show about 3.42 million airbags have been replaced in 2.46 million vehicles. In October, vehicle manufacturers rectified a further 72,000 airbag inflators in 67,800 vehicles.

“The recall is progressing well, with about 4000 airbags replaced each business day, but there are still too many of these dangerous airbags on our roads,” Ms Rickard said.

“Please do not ignore or delay responding to recall notifications about the Takata airbag recall.”

More information about the Takata recall can be found on the Product Safety Australia website.

Have you had an airbag replaced as part of this recall?


Thanks for bringing this up again Ben

It is amazing just how many people are still unaware of this serious fault.

I check mine everytime I see it brought up as more models get included.

It is only a matter of putting your numberplate and state in to get the result.

Hard to believe that people are stupid enough to continue driving with faulty (potentially lethal) airbags. And now BMWs that weren't previously on the affected list have been found to have a problem. Read more on this at

Yes wordsmith ... human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

Not only are these people putting their own lives at risk but also of others

And look at them squal when their motor vehicle will loose their rego.