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Fall in telecommunication complaints

There has been a year-on-year reduction in the ratio of telecommunications consumer complaints in the first three months of 2019, compared to the corresponding three-month period in 2018.

Complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) as a proportion of services in operation (SIO) for service providers who participate in the report increased to 7.5 complaints per 10,000 services for the period January – March 2019, but remained the lowest rate for the January-March quarter since 2016.

The full report, including participant ratios, can be found here.

“The January to March quarter typically sees a seasonal higher level of complaints following the Christmas period, and we are glad to see that the level of complaints this year remains lower than in the two preceding years,” Communications Alliance chief executive, John Stanton commented.

“Some of our members have reported that the latest result has been influenced by adverse weather events and natural disasters. Nonetheless, we acknowledge there is more work to be done by all players in the supply chain to ensure a positive experience for Australian telecommunications consumers, including during transition from one network to another.

“The proposed upcoming registration of a revised and strengthened Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code by the industry regulator will provide additional consumer protections.”

Complaints in Context is a quarterly report published by Communications Alliance with complaints data provided by the TIO. This quarter and previous reports can be found here

Have you ever had to complain to the TIO about your telecommunications services? Did you get a resolution?



I have never had to complain to the TIO. No problems with my telco and I enjoy good service. Sometimes an issue may take a few calls to be ironed out..but patience has been rewarded on more than one occasion with a credit.

I have had to contact the TIO on many occasions in the past, and every time something was supposedly resolved, it would either recur or something else would go wrong.  Since the NBN was installed I have had no issues, which pleases me.  However, I am paying an extra $30 for my bill, because they won't bundle mobile phone in with the internet and land line like they did before.  I resent this, especially as I am on the Age Pension.  I don't seem to be getting any sort of discount either which I did before.  And I had no choice, did I?

I've never had to involve the TIO. Since having the NBN installed there have been few problems and all have been solved by turning off the modem, waiting 30 seconds, turning it back on again and waiting about 15 minutes while it resets.

Sounds like you have a pathetic NBN system. How many times a day do you do that? If your car behaved in the same way, would you be happy, or would you go running back to the dealer who sold it to you and demand a fix or replacement? Would you ever buy such a car knowing it can have such problems?

I have a recurring issue of very slow internet. I am pretty sure it is in relation to having NBN connected to a node that is way up to the start of my street & near a highway. Sometimes it depends on the time of day .