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Jewel Cave, Augusta,Western Australia

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If this isn't God's own country, what is!!!!


Was that not out on the Power Lines track Reagan?

What power lines track?  Where ? That came off an Aussie joke page

Deanna..where is Reagan being rude? You asked a question but gave no made a silly assumption...

How is anyone to know where these power lines are? I live in WA and I have no idea myself.

That's a great picture Reagan, see what the all seeing eye can do!

You know Reagan, all I asked is if it was on the 'Power Lines' track, sorry, I didn't expect a rude reply like that....  I thought you came from WA, you would know what I was talking about, my mistake for which I apologise.... Also I thought it might have been one of your photo's but obviously not.... no problem...

Deanna, your expectations are too high. LOL

Need a sausage for that big mouth of yours Franco???

Deanna, GROWUP. There must be “powerline tracks” all over Australia. I am not a mind reader to know where you meant. Unless you’re living on another planet and haven’t read any of my previous posts then you’d know I am not a West Australian so stop pretending.

I accept your apology, and for the record I was not “being rude” if you think I was then you should show some maturity, next time you ask a question give details so people know where you’re coming from. Even my 6 year old grandson would give more information than you did.Have a chai latte and relax!


Supermoon in Perth, Australia – 31 Jan 2018
Credit Richard Wainwright

 Picture taken from a block of flats..

Incredible picture Thea. Unfortunately, we had a lot of  cloud cover and missed out :(

You and Reagan will have to pay us another visit KIAH, when the next moon is scheduled!

Invitation accepted Micha, haven't told Reagan yet!

Rick Loesche on Sanibel Island, Florida: An island bird gulps down a tiny crab for a meal 

Rick Loesche on Sanibel Island, Florida: An island bird gulps down a tiny crab for a meal 

Very scary bird KIAH..what a brilliant picture!

Yep, spitting image of Raphy, likes the same food too, LOL

Yeah yeah, definitely a startling resemblance to Raphel, notice the glazed, vacant look in the eyes, taking note of the colour looks like some jaundice is present.


 Beautiful new baby giraffe at Perth Zoo...first  for Mum Kitoto!

Picture source..Perth Zoo


Giraffe Calf

What dreadful conditions these poor animals are kept in

Have you ever been to Perth Zoo?

Sophie -  What a beautiful photo of the new baby Giraffe.  I love their eyes - so innocent looking. 

Saw her at the weekend HOLA..she's even prettier than her picture :)

She's a beauty Sophie, have they named her yet?


Hi Reagan..

No.. she hasn't been named yet..and public viewing is not until next week..

I was one of the lucky ones to see her last weekend without the crowds!

Absolutely gorgeous picture of the baby giraffe. Thanks for that!

Good grief KIAH!!!!

Now I need another glass of WA's finest red, hahhah

Love the look on the driver's face!


Now that experience I can do without KIAH...

Woke up at 5am to the sound of these two darlings...what a treat..this picture is from the net..

Image result for blue wrens in western australia

Now it's off for a little trek in the woods with the clan!

Enjoy your day all...

KIAH - Love that film of the Cheetah in the back seat of the man's car. It reminds me of the time I was waiting for a friend to pick me up outside my home. Up drove the white car and I hopped into the back seat wondering why she had a little boy with her. It seems I hopped into the back seat of a complete stranger. I said "Is this your little Grandson? to which she replied, "No it's my son". I suddenly realised I was in the wrong car. She had pulled up to post a letter.. We both had a good laugh as I quickly alighted.  Does anyone else do silly things like that?

HOLA that is just what I did one day many years ago -- my Friends had dropped me off and could not get a park so drove arund the block -- and at the stop sign -- of course people had to stop -- the same colour car pulled up with 2 people in it and in I got -- my Friends were in the car behind the one I got into -- those 2 ladies were so afraid -- they were older folk -- and I must have frightened them -- I just did not want to hold my friends up at the stop sign

Love your stories HOLA and PlanB. I had a funny incident last year. We were going to a wedding and I wanted Reagan to get a new suit, knowing how he hates to shop, I arranged to meet him outside the tailor's. I was a little late and thought I saw him standing with his back to the street, so I snuck up, grabbed him around the waist and said "gotcha". The poor man (who was not Reagan but looked so much like him from the back) turned around in shock. Just then my husband arrived and bursts out laughing and the man joining in the fun said jokingly, "your wife tried to pick me up". So funny!

KIAH - That must have been so funny to see the shocked man's reaction. Reagan would have loved that. 

It was funny considering the man was not as handsome as me, LOL

Was about to invite  him for a chai latte but KIAH's gave me the look LOL

Love the name for the baby giraffe in Perth Sophie, and talking about giraffes, a friend sent me this today.

A topiary giraffe in a garden in Mumbai.

Image result for lovely garden in mumbai

Such patience! I would not even attempt this sort of thing even on a miniscule scale KIAH!

Image result for amazing winter scene in western australia

Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park, Western Australia..

That might very well have been Micha and yes he had to do that while on our visit two years ago to Karijini. I was satisfied with dipping my toes in Kermits Pool!

Image result for kermits pool

That's next on the agenda when we visit Western Australia!

Thank you all for your contributions. I'm afraid I have been a bit busy lately but hope this spectacular picture makes up for it!

A view of Iguazu Falls, on the border between Brazil and Argentina. UN Photo/Mark Garten

A view of Iguazu Falls on the border between Brazil and Argentina - United Nations Photo/Mark Garten.

Fantatic picture Bijou. You must get Banjo to show you his taken when he worked in that region.

Love that photo of the Iguazu Falls, ain't Nature grand?

Just say the word Bijou and I'll send you some.

I agree HOLA, nature is magnificent.

Image result for thank you banjo

Love them:)

Swim with the whalesharks at Ningaloo Reef.

Swimming with whalesharks at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia.

Picture: PerthNow

Magnificent picture  Bijou. Is the diver anybody I know?? 

Possibly Ray. Quite possibly :)


Funny, I noticed a post from someone asking about mandarin ducks, but had no time to reply, but now the post has disappeared! May have been a spammer?

Anyway, for anyone else interested in mandarin ducks. A wonderful place to visit is the Hinogawa River in Tottori, Japan to see a fine display. They come in the winter, so if you're able to withstand the cold, this is the place to go to see them. 

Picture  source:Reddit

Stunning. Thanks, Bijou.

Great pic Bijou!

Thank you both :)

There's also a large population of nesting mandarin ducks on the Zelyonaya Protoka river in Russia. But it's even colder than Japan!


Image result for winning people's choice picture of man who rescued gorilla


People’s choice winner: Pikin and Appolinaire 2018

Pikin a lowland gorilla, had been captured and was going to be sold for bushmeat but was rescued by Ape Action Africa. Jo-Anne took this photograph as the gorilla was being moved from her former enclosure within a safe forest sanctuary in Cameroon to a new and larger one, along with another group of gorillas. She was first sedated, but during the transfer to the new enclosure awoke. Luckily, she was not only very drowsy, but she was also in the arms of her caretaker, Appolinaire Ndohoudou and so she remained calm for the duration of the bumpy drive

Photograph: Jo-Anne McArthur/Natural History Museum

Bijou, that's so touching. It deserves to win, thanks for posting.

You're welcome KIAH -:)

Bijou -  Thanks for your lovely photos. The gorilla has that trusting look on her face. 

From the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards

This picture is called the “ROAR”

Kaleb White/Sony World Photography Awards

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