The Meeting Place


Jewel Cave, Augusta,Western Australia

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Real picture  sourced from :amazing pictures from around the

All I wanted was a little dinner!!!!

Amazing pictures Ray. Thank you very much. I sometimes forget about my own thread!

Here's a beautiful picture of some of the flowers in this year's Kings Park festival Perth.

Source: Kings Park Festival and Botanic Gardens.

I love this picture because it looks so wild and unspoilt. Also in Kings Park

 Source: Kings Park and Botanic Gardens Authority

So beautiful I had to post this Mother Ural owl and baby. Source: National Geographic

Adorable Kiah, love it and thank you very much!

Kiah..that's just so it!

Stunning sunset at Cape Peron, Western Australia.

Picture  by Carlisle Rogers

and here is the very talented Carlisle

Beautiful spot Bijou and the photographer is not bad looking either! Thanks...

Bijou and Kiah, amazing pictures, thanks!

Jonathan Slaght with a Blakiston Fish Owl

Photograph courtesy of Sergei Avdeyuk, Amur Ussuri.

The Blakiston's fish owl is revered by the Ainu peoples of Hokkaido, Japan as a Kamuy (divine being) called Kotan koru Kamuy (God that Protects the Village).

In Russia, the species is considered a food source by the Evens people in northern Siberia and the northern Russian Far East.





Kiah..I didn't know the Blakiston fish owl is so "revered" by the Japanese. I love owls and although I don't collect them..I was given a beautiful china one last Christmas...who knows that may start the ball rolling -:)

My kinda Zoo!

Image result for zoo fun

Thank you Kiah, lovely to learn about that beautiful owl.

Reagan, some of the people in that cage look terrified. Hope they get an insight as to how animals feel when they're caged.

One of the most beautiful pictures of a seahorse that I've seen.


Wisteria at the Ashikaya Flower Park, Japan.


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