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I don't think I've ever opened a thread on this forum, but having seen the lovely picture of Monet's garden on your thread Thea, and knowing you don't want to start any more threads, it has given me a great idea to have one on famous gardens, their origins and so on. I love Japanese gardens so will start with this one: 

This 5.5-acre garden is not in Japan at all but hidden in the hills of Portland, Oregon, USA The garden is divided into five areas with each having their own individual Japanese style. 

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all great and lovely pics,    love those cherry blossoms,     the pic of MONETS home,     the creeper that is growing around it,   i have that covering my house,   it looks lovely,  

This lovely rose is called...

                                                        Albrecht Durer

Image Credit: Huhu Uet Wikimedia

                                  A Musical Interlude..

So many pieces of music have been inspired by flowers..among them...Tchaikovsky's.. Waltz of the Flowers..

Enjoy this beautiful video... 



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Thea, gorgeous! So relaxing listening to that over my second coffee. Sometimes I forget I have these lovely CDs and really should bring them out more often -:))

Here is a strange garden for you, some may not like it, but you have to admit it's genius. Yep, I did visit it.

The late Edward James, a wealthy arts patron, created the unusual Las Pozas Park/Garden in Mexico as a joke to a future generation and filled it with quirky sculptures that look almost unfinished. He started creating it in the 1940s and it must be the weirdest garden I’ve ever seen. Certainly is a surreal creation.

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Image result for los pozas parkImage result for los pozas park

Ray, that's such a strange garden. I have never even heard of it.

Thank you for such an interesting contribution. I really appreciate it!


Yes Bijou, very  eerie place, but you have to admire the tenacity of this English aristocrat to spend his fortune and time to build it.

Have  a feeling Ben might enjoy a trip there!



Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden in Cape Town, South Africa is noted for being the most beautiful garden in Africa and one of the great botanic gardens of the world. Few gardens can match the sheer grandeur of the setting of Kirstenbosch, against the eastern slopes of Cape Town’s Table Mountain, and yes, I am biased because I was born in South Africa!

Kirstenbosch was established in 1913 to promote, conserve and display the unique and diverse flora of southern Africa, and was the first botanic garden in the world to be devoted to a country's indigenous flora.

Kirstenbosch has a wide variety of the distinctive plant life of the Cape Flora, also known as fynbos, including sugarbushes (Protea spp.), pincushions (Leucospermum spp.) and heaths (Erica spp.). Plants from all the diverse regions of southern Africa are also grown at Kirstenbosch, including a near-complete collection of cycads (Encephalartos spp.). There are over 7 000 species in cultivation at Kirstenbosch, including many rare and threatened species.

Photographs from the internet including:

I was wondering when you would get around to writing about Kirstenbosch...

Super pictures...thanks Bijou!

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Great pics. Which part of South Africa are you from Bijou?

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