Giants in Perth

What an amazing spectacle! First picture I got sent was of my baby grandson sitting by the enormous hand of the sleeping Diver on Friday.

The last call my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter very sad as their car went over Fremantle bridge and she saw the Giants sailing down the Swan on a Barge leaving Perth.

It will be interesting to see how much the 3 1/2 year old will remember of the amazing spectacle in the future.


Not quite sure what these giant puppets have to do with Anzac Day ????

Guess the children would have enjoyed the spectacle  but what are they going to do with these giant puppets ?

Abby the little girl represents a real 12 year old girl in a lighthouse off of Albany who sent messages to the convoy as they left Australia ontheir way to Gallipoli. The Diver was her Uncle who retrieved bodies from the water at Gallipoli.

The Giants belong to a French Company and are returning to France or wherever the next performance wil be. They were part of Perth Arts Festival and the story was adapted to their use in the Festival.

Thanks for that very interesting bit of info ...could not see how the two went together. Is the little girl and uncle still alive ???

Abby she was 12 in 1914, so no.

Yes Viv, a very significant part of our war history. The little girl signalled to the departing fleet in Morse Code, becoming the last human contact the young soldiers would ever have with Australia. Weeks later, postcards began arriving from the Middle East addressed to ‘The little girl on Breaksea Island’, from the men who had hung on to that final memory of home.