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I see the Government have rightly changed the rules on gift cards so they will now have a three year use by date.

Does it go far enough?

I really think the value of the card should at least be allowed to be refunded to the purchaser if the card is inappropriate.

I feel if you cannot spend the full amount on the card the cash remaining value should be refundable in cash also.

Recently given a Gift card to an Art supplier. I thought it was a very generous gesture. I tallied up my wish list and added it to the cart remembering there would probably be a postage and handling charge that would be added on when I clicked “Proceed to checkout”. So I juggled the tally minused a few would likes then plused a few don’t really wants until I got to $2 shy of the total gift price.

However, the Postage and Handling is not included in the gift voucher. That meant I would be up for around $12 no matter what and my visa details.

Now you are possibly thinking, why be so stingy? Well Google wasn’t happy with the site and each time I clicked on a link up came a security messages and a blocked link so I was concerned.

I thought of going to a store however the nearest one was a 3 hour drive away and that would be rather impractical. Not only that a clause on the gift certificate read,  

“Photo ID will be required when redeeming Online gift vouchers. Online Gift Voucher’s bearer’s ID may be recorded.”

So this is how I see it:

  1. They have the purchasers Visa and personal details.
  2. They want my Visa and personal details and the $100 gift voucher now really costs $112.
  3. If I go to a store they want my driver’s licence details recorded however I get $100 worth of goods.
  4. They want me to forgo all my security safety net and yet Google has deemed their website unsafe.

Really? I want the person who gave me the gift voucher to be refunded the $100. I bet that isn’t possible.


I wonder how many gift cards are never redeemed - must be in the $millions 


CHOICE spokesman Tom Godfrey said the NSW changes were a good start. "Nationally, Australians are losing $200 million in unredeemed gift cards. They simply forget to use them in time or find that the expiry dates are simply too tight for them," he said.

ABC story.

ROSERET,   that sounds totally unfair,    you shouldnt have to pay extra charges on a gift charge,    and this i,d, is going a bit far,      i DO know when i bought my first mobile phone,    i was asked for I.D.      showed them my medicare/rent/ pension card,    they wanted my driving licesense,    i told them i dont drive,     wanted my passport,     didnt have one,      finally they took the I,D, i did have,   but would have thought  the id i had was enough anyway,        bugger them,    they have enough of our information as it is,    tell them you dont have id,     

It's photo ID that is required not just a medicare card that you could have picked up on the street! RTA does an identity card for this very purpose. Kids get them for example to prove their age for reduced bus tickets etc.

only other thing to do is,    get a passport photo taken,   or go to the police station,   and get an id photo done,     that way,  at least,  you dont have to show your personal details,   

I would prefer to have cash -- as can spend it anywhere you like -- why spend money on gift cards and give the shop the use of the money and allow THEM to get interest on it -- they make an absolute fortune with the interest made on these cards alone

I agree. I understand the thought behind the persons kindness however its not a reasonable exchange.

I think that most people on this site may be the same as me, I have everything that I want, give me a Bunings Card and I am happy, it means I can go and by something I might not neccessarily have bought for myself.


I agree, ex PS, Bunnings is "Toys-R-Us" for men with the added plus that Bunnings is the only Australian retailer whose Gift Cards don't have an expiry date.

I like Bunnings BUT I would prefer cash as I am against these big organisations making a heap from cheating and can you imagine the profit that is made with these gift cards

Yes, they wouldn't be dealing in them if therr was not a profit to be made.  I redeem my Credit Card points as Bunnings Cards, it doubles the pleasure.

I redeem my points as CASH and have it put back into my account -- using the point system you always pay my for the item

As I don't ever have any interest incuring debt in my Credit Card account that would of no benefit.  The way I see it, you are spending the money anyway, you may as well get something out of it, my Reward Points also pay for the admin fees for the card.

It's not much but would put us about $360.00 ahead each year just for using a card to buy stuff we would have paid cash for.  Those who buy stuff just to gain points will always be behind, we only buy what we really want or need.

I can see no valid reason for gift cards to have an expiry date.  The company alerady has the money and earns interest on it.  Because of inflation they are never going to lose money, as it will buy less as time goes by.  It is time the government legislated against the type of fraud that enables a company to get money and refuse to honour its value because some arbitrary time has passed (even if it is three years).

I suppose for a business it's a little like selling goods or services but you dont know what you've sold.


You could have spent $88 on goods and the remaining $12 on postage making the grand total of $100.

There are always going to be poeple who think their own pwersonal circumstance makes them a special case to be treated differently. Unfortunately it doesn't. I think these changes to extending the 'life' of the card is a good thing. There have been many times when I have had a card only to not find anything I want or the store being out of stock for long periods of time such that the card has been in danger of expiring before use. The extension of time to three years is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. I just hope people are responsible enough to look after the cards and don't expect to have lost cards replaced. Cards are like cash and should be treated as such by the recipient.

Of course you could always call them and place your order over the phone and pay with the gift card.

No KSS they wouldn't let me buy $88 and use the remaining $12 for postage. That is what made me so cross.

I get a gift card and I have to pay postage and give them my Visa details no matter what. I think its a very rude deal indeed.

It is a bit petty Rosret to complain about $12 postage. Especially as the card was a gift in the first place.

KSS its the principal of the matter. It was a gift and the business is extorting another 10% out of the customers no matter what. You either pay the extra, forgo your visa details or lose the value of the gift card.

Can you see it just another way businesses get that little bit more money and visa information to purchase their product. That may add up to millions for a large company.

my daughter often gives me s card,   but it is always for somewhere that sells music,    as in c,ds,  or dvds,     as music is my favourite thing,    so no worry about me not cashing them in,   BUT the 3 year extension is a good thing,      but surely there is something you can use within 3 years,          i give them to one of my grand daughters,   but usually for priceline,    i know she likes that shop,   so they get used,  

I was once given a gift card for Brashes, only problem is they went bust before I had the oppotunity to use it. It was only for a small amount, probably about $50, so it wasn't worth the hassle of making a claim as an unsecured ncreditor and getting back only a small portion of the amount. As someone stated before Bunnings have the right idea, their gift cards do not expire.


$70m a year wasted each year on gift cards that people never redeem. I think they're a waste of time, most people don't like receiving them anyway and more often than not you end up spending more than the card's value if you do happen to redeem it.

Give me a gift card on Dan Murphys, Liquorland, any outlet I can assure the giver I "will" use it before the expiry date even looms on the horizon ;)!!

EDDY,   that happened with DICK SMITH,   as well,    thousands of gift cards were out there,    and he went bust,     they were trying to do something to honour them,   but i never read anymore about it,   so dont know the outcome,    RADISH,   thats why cards that are given to me are usualy for a music store,    JB, HIFI,       is my favourite,    can always find something,     


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