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Give Dubai the Flick

Anyone who watched Four Corners should seriously consider boycotting Dubai as a holiday or stop over destination. 

I for one will never ever go there. To treat women the way they do is nothing worse than abhorent. 

Show your support with your boycott for these morons and do not support their tourist industry or economy until they put their foot in the 21st century and give women an equal part in their society and stop this archaic treatment of women.

Shame on them.

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HI AVATAR,    WELCOME,    just thought i had better introduce myself,   as i am another the ABE,   SOPHIA,   KHIA,   BIJOU,    have decided  should not be here,   so if you see pictures of screaming cats,   or cats being boiled in oil,   you will know they are meant for me,       they are not very subtle in their vile jibes,      if you are one of them,    you know what i mean,   if not,    run for your life if they come for you,  or you will end up deranged and unhinged like them,   just look back on this thread alone,   you will see what i mean,  

Now you've met the last of the three remaining twits on the forum Aviator. This one is a laugh a minute.

Listen furball, well, my boat is ready, but have decided not to throw you to the sharks as promised, too quick an end. Saw a mean looking octopus the other day, it would love to play ball with you.


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If that doesn't work, let me know Abe. I can make some suggestions.

Will keep that in mind Aviator, thanks!

WELL WELL,  it seems,  one in,  all in,   GLAD you put me straight early,  AVIATOR,    enjoy your mad mates, ABE,   careful,  you are rocking the boat,    i meant what i said earlier,      REPORT,  REPORT,    its up to you,  

The only "maddies" I see are you, twila and foxy. Just to put the record straight, I am not a "newbie". Been posting on the main forum for a long time but got fed up with the troll lothario, so left.Rejoined when he was banned.

keep poking the bear ABE,    all to your own detrement,    as for AVIATOR,    stick around long enough,  you will see the truly mad people on here,    sorry i wasted my time with the welcome,  

It is our habit when travelling to Britain to spend a couple of days in Dubai to break the journey, we have always had a good stay there and have had little or no complaints about the people or the rules.  If we boycotted every country that had human rights issues we would probably all have to immigrate to New Zealand.

Hi Aviator,

Heard the Dubai domed city had a bit of a slow down last year because of the cost, but back on track now and the finish line is still expected to be around 2020. When you consider how hot Dubai gets, this cool environment will be a boon for the thousands of tourists who visit Dubai each year. Looking forward to having a look myself!


A concept design for the Mall of the World

Very exciting project Ray. Can't help thinking of Stephen Kings book 'The Dome'. Hope no one gets locked in!

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