Gout is a common form of arthritis.
A gout attack is sudden and painful. Gout is caused by a build-up of a waste product, uric acid, in the bloodstream. Excess uric acid settles in joints causing inflammation, pain and swelling.

In March this year I had a bad attack of gout in a toe.
After a while uric acid came out of the toe and formed crystals on the surface of the toe.
My doctor gave me some medication to relieve the gout but it had such side affects that I could not continue with it.
I have not been able to wear shoes since March as anything touching the toe is very painful.
Also I have been on anti-biotics as it got infected and has now formed an ulcer.
I have been prescribed pain killers such as Endone and Codalgin Forte (Paracetamol/Codeine) but I am reluctant to take too many of these as they have caused constipation and are addictive.

I am on pills to lower the uric acid level in my blood and these have worked as the level is now normal also I have been visiting a dietitian (even though my weight is normal for my height) to get a diet free of purines which can affect the uric acid level.

I have also had surgery on the toe to remove the crystals which I might add was damn painful.
I have been told by a podiatrist that it may be months before my toe returns to normal.

I am writing this to see if any other members suffer from gout or in this case chronic gout.
I would be interested to hear how you coped.

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Thank you for your concern seth.

I at present staying in a large mansion with a good friend, Moamar Gaddafi.

Quite pleasant here as Mr Gaddafi is a very good host.

Unfortunately there are some people around here on drugs who are irritating him , but he is very patient with them, only wanting to help them.

He let me have my own tank but I have to apologize to you for it ran over your bike , so no need to worry about fixing that tyre now.

That has to be good news for you , huh

fwed (ex cyclist)


Yes Seth I am a bit hypo with the chocolate today.

and you are right tomorrow night IS Sunday night

wonderful? oh yes.

Do you hop or have you got crutches Fwed?


Fwed please do not stay in that mansion with Mr. Gaddafi

as he is not nice. I know you can be a holy terror but that

man will lead you astray.



fwed make the most of your generous friendship with gaddafi,

I know you both think alike, you being a taxman and all,

I'm afraid you have gone too far this time, running a tank over

my bike thank goodness it was only a blow up tank.

No wonder you hallucinate about Gaddafi, with all that blowing

you must have gone red in the face.with exertion.. :coolgrin:

You must be exceptionally popular in Libya with that huge crowd

heading towards the mansion, just to welcome you. :coolmad:

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