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Greens would push energy prices down

A new analysis of the energy policies presented by the major and smaller parties contesting the Queensland state election shows that the Greens would deliver the biggest electricity savings.

Labor would also push prices down, while One Nation and the LNP policies would force prices to rise.

Energy has emerged as one of the key factors in the Queensland poll, with the LNP and One Nation pushing for coal, and new coal-fired generators, while the ALP and the Greens are focused on clean energy, and targets of at least 50 per cent renewables by 2030.

The analysis by Queensland-based energy expert Hugh Grant concludes that there would be a wide range of price impacts arising from the various policies, ranging from a price reduction of around $600 a year from the Queensland Greens’ policies, to a price increase of around $30 from the LNP’s policies.

The full report says there are a number of factors driving the differing price impacts, but the key outcomes are the treatment of carbon and renewable policies, and how much profit from the government-owned energy companies the parties are willing to forego.

What do you think? Would you be more likely to vote for a party that could reduce your energy bills?



A rubbish report

Bottom line is they say they will bring down prices by subsidising households .

Means a budget shortfall that will have to be plugged through higher taxes from other sources


Yesterday’s energy report from Chief Scientist Alan Finkel looks at the renewables push through rose-tinted spectacles. It says the problem of reliability with 50 per cent renewable power theoretically could be solved with household batteries wherever there is rooftop solar. Even if this worked practically, it would be costly ($11 billion), as are the various retro fixes imposed by a reckless pursuit of intermittent power sources and the throwing away of baseload supply. 


Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has recommitted the government to 50 per cent renewables but still offers no detail on how this could be made to work. Energy Minister Mark Bailey is on the defensive, insisting there are “no plans” to close any coal-fired generators. He seeks to discredit a consultants’ report that the 50 per cent target would bring closures of coal-fired generation, starting with Stanwell’s Tarong plant in 2018-19. 



i have a solar system for about the past 10 years and from experience on a dull cloudy i would be lucky to get enough power to boil a kettle of water and when i work out the initial cost and maintenence it only lasts about 20 years and the expensive inverter about 8 years i have paid my electricity in advance till i am about 90 years of age . in dry weather you have to wash down the panels from dust or the become ineffective so it makes me wonder how efficient these huge olar farms are out in the desert . where would they get their water from and how much would they use every few weeks to keep them working efficency is something we do not read about.

Letter in Australian 

Could we an article telling us the cost of batteries, the life of batteries, the materials used and the cost of manufacturing, how they are to be disposed of, the subsidies involved? 

If we are selling our coal to oversees countries and they are using it in clean coal powered power stations why the hell are we not doing the same and building more clean coal Powerstations. we are not helping climate change if overseas are still useing coal in its normal form we are just transferring the problems from Aus to there countries .come on you stupid Greenies and the like wake up and get some common sense.

We need to get rid of the main parties and give Pauline and Cory a go they certainly could not do any worse


That is why I won't buy batteries. I'll be long dead before the capital out lay is theoretical recouped.

I wishh all these expert presented a common sense scenario instead of always picking the good bits and glossing over reality.

Exactly as they also lowered the pension (but keeping intact,including periodical raises) in connvinance with Turnbull(has he yet turned BULL though his victims can feel it).As per their misdeeds they should call themseleves BLACKISH .

Exactly as they also lowered the pension (but keeping their own intact,including periodical raises ) in connvinance with Turnbull (has he yet turned BULL though his victims can feel it). Shameful!!!

Yes how many pensioners will die due to the ideological policies of Victoria and South Australia 

The green have no idea!. Why is it that no-one seems to understand that a modern industrial country(maybe us) needs a reliable base load generation system to keep the wheels of industry etc turning. Solar and/or wind power just won't cut it.

Would you like to be on a train powered by solar/windpower? Sorry, suns not shining and wind has stopped. Get out and walk. Or in the middle of an op in a hospital.

Yes everyones saying what about battteries. Well, for those of you with maths skills how many batteries would it take to replace a 500MW (thats 500 million watts) coal fired station that runs 24/7 for years( they do shut down for maint sometimes). And the tech involved in battery power is higly involved and subject to failure. Not to mention the intial cost and replacement cost or the manufacturing cost in terms of use of resources etc.

Everyone seems to be only concerned with powering their homes and I don't see any thought being given to the needs of industry or other services that need reliable constant power.

I had to have a laugh at one report that suggested that a network of home with battery backup could feed the grid and "keep an aluminium smelter running". Those battery would be sucked dry in no time by an industry like that.

I am not totally aginst using solar /wind/batteries for home use but its not the answer for a large grid system like we have unless we want to go back to a village society.

The Greens would push energy prices only one way and that is through the roof!!!! Ben you must think we are idiots. LOL

One would have to be really green to vote for the Greens. Never did like the colour "teal green" anyway. Nah, I'd rather pay the high prices.

So you rubbish the Greens but would pay the higher prices of their policies strange Micha Strange . But then what would a kid know.. 

The Greens are a bunch of hippies really -- there are the odd few -- OR were --that were OK

Quite frankly there is NO ONE I could vote for at this time

When Bob Brown and Julia Gillard signed off an agreement to get Labor and the unions into office it included the adoption of the Greens energy policy by Labor. At that time I read the Greens energy policy and was not impressed. It was a crued method of increasing prices to the consumer by a systematic and severe impost on energy suppliers until they went out of business. All the time painting a vastly different picture of to the householders. Labor in QLD have jacked up power prices and are using the money to repay the public service super fund after borrowing to support their spending. OMG!! the state government has let down Queenslanders big time by doing nothing about water and power supply. What is wrong with these people??? 

They say you get the government of your choice. 

I hope Queenslanders are smart enough to know they are being taken for a ride.

"OMG!! The state government has let down Queenslanders big time by doing nothing about water and power supply. What is wrong with these people???"

I've lived in Queensland for over 20 years now and never had a problem with either water or power supply.

I do have a problem with the Adani proposal though ... for a number of reasons which I have outlined in other posts on YLC over time.


I wouldnt talk too loud RnR, some of those poor people who have been on restrictions for over 12 months may hear you gloating. :)

I might add, they have also been offered cash bribes for not using their airconditioning during the hot months, because it will cause blackouts. And with blackouts comes screaming. ha ha ha ha.

Yes ... have experienced water restrictions during extreme drought. So what, the state encouraged us to get rainwater tanks and offered subsidies.

I reckon many other Aussies in other states/towns have had similar restrictions re water on occasion.

Never been offered air-con 'cash bribes'.

Heard Victoria have been on 'high alert' re power problems this week, e.g. Power plant failures push Victorias energy grid close to the edge in November heat … November 22 2017.




French energy giant Engie and Japan's Mitsui have sold the Loy Yang B coal-fired power station to Alinta Energy for more than $1 billion.

Alinta and Engie confirmed the sale of the Victorian 1000 megawatt brown coal power plant, which accounts for nearly a fifth of the state's entire energy needs.

Loy Yang Power stations A and B in Victoria's Latrobe Valley.

Loy Yang Power stations A and B in Victoria's Latrobe Valley.

Photo: Paul Jones

The two sellers plan to close the deal before the end of the calendar year, however, a number of outstanding items may push the final closure into early 2018.

The acquisition is a return to coal for Alinta, following the closure of its Northern and Playford coal-fired power stations in South Australia in 2015.

Alinta Energy chief executive Jeff Dimery told Fairfax Media the acquisition of Loy Yang B in Victoria's Latrobe Valley has been a lengthy process, but that the purchase "is very exciting".

"We were attracted to Loy Yang B by the fact it is the newest brown coal generator, so it is likely to be one of the last operating; it is also one of the more efficient power stations and is very reliable," he said.

The acquisition is part of the company's plan to expand its presence along the east coast. By buying Loy Yang B, it can now provide energy to this customer base.

"What we needed was to serve energy to underpin our growth rate," Mr Dimery said.

Commenting on the deal on Thursday, Engie stated that its motivation for the sale was to reduce its exposure to coal-fired power.

"This transaction confirms Engie's positioning in low-carbon generation, energy infrastructures and integrated customer solutions," its chief executive Isabelle Kocher said.

Federal energy minister Josh Frydenberg declined to comment on the sale.

Loy Yang B has been slated to shut down in 2043

Meanwhile the gas sits in the ground .,

Gas in the US has resulted in the lowest electricity prices and the biggest reduction in carbon . 

What does Vic and SA do ban it . 

and the Territory as well as Queensland and I think NSW. Daft.

The Greens are comitted to selling Al Gore's solar panels,

Gore and Blood, the former chief of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM), co-founded London-based GIM in 2004. Between 2008 and 2011 the company had raised profits of nearly $218 million from institutions and wealthy investors. By 2008 Gore was able to put $35 million into hedge funds and private partnerships through the Capricorn Investment Group, a Palo Alto company founded by his Canadian billionaire buddy Jeffrey Skoll, the first president of EBay Inc. It was Skoll’s Participant Media that produced Gore’s feverishly frightening 2006 horror film, “An Inconvenient Truth”.

Read more..

Palmer had the chance to stop Australia throwing our money ($10b Green Fund) at Gore and Blood but sold us out for a political pat on the back and a breakfast meeting with Gore. All I can say is that Blood and Gore must be really sure of saving the planet. Why else would they need all that money?? 


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