Happy Birthday!!!


A little birdie told me that



Cats avatar  is celebrating her 74th birthday today :)

And many Happy Returns

Have a great day Cats...

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Cats -  Hope you enjoy a very Happy Birthday. xx

what a lovely bunch,     thanks cranky,

There was a time when I was 3 times as old as Cats.  Now only 1 & a tiny bit.  Slow down Cats, but enjoy your birthday regardless.

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y   C A T S

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Happy Brithday from me and

Mustaffa T'Amato

he can't wait to be with his birthday girl

To my darling Catsypoo.

you are the best among my harem . I love you more than a thousand camels wish I was there to lick you like a camel and show you my love

Forever yours to rternity



you know what to do with your tongue MUSTAFFA,   

:) Have a good one oh regal feline. Recline and rejoice.

Have yourself a wonderful birthday Cats...eat..drink and be merry...

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Hey cats, have a good one mate. 

Many happy returns Cats


Happy Birthday Cats, hope you had a great day.

I think cats must still be out celebrating on the hot tin roof somewhere...

It's midnight and not a sound from the pavement...lol

Just goes to proove ... you cannot always believe what a little birdie tells you :)

For Cats

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH,      lol,lol,    i didnt realise the page was here,    just got a PM  from someone,    no,   i wasnt out dancing on the table tops,    but did have a great day with family,    a few years back,    i WOULD have been on the table top,  [or under it,  ]    but those days are long gone,     the constitution knew when it had had enough,   but again,   thank you,    a lovely surprise,