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Here's paws for thought – most popular dog breeds and names

One of the side effects of the pandemic has been a massive increase in people buying dogs – so much so that scammers have got in on the act – ‘selling’ puppies that do not exist.

But a new study based on more than 156 million Google searches has revealed the top trending dog breeds and dog names across Australia.

There were a whopping 6.2 million Google searches for ‘dog adoption’ and ‘getting a new dog’ in the first half of this year – a 111 per cent year-on-year increase.

To work out the most popular dog breeds and names, the experts at Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia analysed search interest in more than 480 dog breeds and 245 popular names. This is what they concluded.

Top 10 trending dog breeds:

1. Cavoodle

2. Golden Retriever

3. French Bulldog

4. (Joint) Australian Shepherd and Border Collie

6. German Shepherd

7. Pomeranian

8. Rottweiler

9. Pug

10. Labradoodle

The Cavoodle was mentioned in 39 per cent more searches than second-placed Golden Retriever.

Top 10 trending dog names:

This was done through a search popularity index score based on growth in search and year-on-year change.

1. Kobe

2. Dixie

3. Walter

4. Boomer

5. Bear

6. Hunter

7. Odie

8. Elsa

9. Gigi

10. Shelby

Thirty-two per cent of the top 25 trending names were references to TV and film; 28 per cent of the top 25 were also popular baby names in their own right.

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Lucky they are not talking about pig breads lucca,You may have got a mention .HAHA HA HA HA LOLLOLLOL HA HA HA  NO SECONDS PLEASE HA HA

Well, there is certainly no reply to that. Perhaps a good long stint as a fruit picker would be good for your lack of intelligence. Why should the Government have to provide for such as you.

You need to get out there and do an honest day's work or volunteer somewhere.

Yep johnboy you need to bring something to the plate and take the strain off your wife. Not fair, definitely not fair old son. See what staying at home is doing to your mind, you need to take some action now!


.. once again the two resident YLC Trolls (above) have access to their Crystal Ball - an amazing Crystal Ball that is able to inform them of the most "personal details" of other members lives - which in turn - appears to give them privy to launch an uncalled for abusive rant towards a complete stranger -  "johnboy"?

Might be an idea to look at the lack of their own intelligence instead of accusing others of same!





MISS BUTTINSKY ............ lololol

Great choice of name (NOT) - should be "Miss Buttoutsky"!!! lololol

Still doesn't change who you are  ........       SOPHIE





Sophie has become Miss Butt-in(sky)? LOL


It's a great name, a lot nicer than ana-con-da LOL



"As for Lucca, I know he has a lot of knowledge being not only a member of Animals Australia, Birds Australia and Save the Animals but also in an advisory capacity."

So why does he post here, targetting other posters like an unintelligent moron and just being abusive and agressive instead of posting something constructive if he has so much expertise with regards to animal welfare? You both may be good with animals but clearly both of you demonstrate here, a serious lack in people skills.




Maybe that's because I have a day job and time does not permit me to write long posts, so I rely on experts like you.

All I ask and it may not be granted is do not spread misinformation. It really does not help anyone. Enjoy your retirement cirdan, very glad you have found great interests at the RSPCA. I plan never to retire, I am very happy in my profession.

I really wanted to be a comedian when I was growing up, but my dad said he would disinherit me, so I changed my mind. You should try being funny sometimes, good for our health, also a nice plant based diet and minimum visits to the doctor.


Good to see you have toned it down Lucca. I'm not an expert with dogs but do spend a lot of time with them at the RSPCA. Very rarely German Shepherds I might add which is good as most of the dogs there are  sadly neglected, abused and abandoned. Thank you, I do enjoy my retirement. I was consultant in my chosen field before I retired but you probably already know that. I trust you continue to be happy your profession.

As regards to any alleged misinformation, I repeat, people need to fact check by talking directly to paid RSPCA staff and ask about if what I have written is correct and not rely on what is written on-line by anyone. BTW, where I work they call them consultants but on the website I agree it says trainers so I accept the term "dog trainers" that engage in behaviour modification with dogs that need it.

See cirdan - when push comes to shove and when they know they can't hide people tell the truth. Hallelujah, now we are getting somewhere.

Yep, job names are bandied around, when it doesn't matter, no one cares - the cleaner at my place of work calls herself a domestic consultant!

Now about that plant based diet, if you are not already on such a diet, I urge you to take it up, ask Incognito for some advice. Laugh some more and you will be a happier little vegemite! I do eat a little meat and I eat fish but my wife keeps me on the straight and narrow.

The Best Plant-Based Diet Cookbooks | Nicely Nourished by SHED.

When checking anything out at any organisation including the RSPCA, do not speak to the oily rag. Do your research and speak to the man/woman at the top.



Well Lucca I think it's bloody beautiful that you've decided to look after yourself and here's hoping - fingers  and everything else crossed - that your plant based diet assists in alleviating  those pesky anger management, ego and mood regulation issues that you struggle with on a regular basis ..

Another tip re: Pressure - stop putting yourself under pressure to be funny - losing battle to be honest!!!...Which in the long run will be better overall for your own mental health and well being,  as well as those you share this planet with!!!




... lololol that's funny!

..... his "wife" sounds bossy (maybe it's Sophie?) lololol - that's why Lucca bullies members on here - too scared to open his nasty mouth at home!   lololol   Two ugly Trolls together - haha - nice!

Sad tho' that two people can turn what was meant to be a lighthearted and fun Topic into their usual gutter sniping/trashy attacks!   The "know alls" that "know nothing"!  lololol

...and all I did was pop in to read about beautiful "Dogs" .....shoulda' known better!

Thanks for the advice gals, why is it the catty remarks always come from the spinsters on the forum?

Roflmao GIFs | Tenor


. They're like two Pitt Bulls getting stuck into those that have an opinion. Most of the contributors tried to keep it pleasant but it didn't take long  before those two "upset the applecart". As Foxy said, " it was meant to be a lighthearted and fun topic about Dogs".

... now Lucca's gone back to his childish pics. (some "man")  - must have a "crystal ball" as he also knows the marital status of total strangers?  Clever eh?  Like I wrote -  "a know all that knows nothing"!  lolololol 

Haha - Pit Bulls - good one Hola!  :))   


See, told you it's usually always a "singles" bandwagon. There's one missing, guess she'll be here soon.

You girls must be bored silly on your own day after day, year after year - look YLC have prepared something that might help





There are two good articles at:-

for those that would like to sit calmly and read about dogs.

I've never had a German Shepperd as a pup or a dog but I always remember a Policeman saying back in the 1950s here in Perth they were considering having a Standard Poodles as their police dogs because of their intelligence, what put them off was the grooming, so their second choice was the Shepperd.  

Time and again I hear from the experts the same thing,  you educate the puppy, you train the puppy to the way you want it to behave, give it love and it will love you back. This applies to most animals.

My earliest encounter with a dog was in the UK in Hampshire with a family that breed Corgis, 1948!

The teenager of the house was angry with his mother and let all the whelping bitches out, his mother and the kennel maid were not not around, I must have been getting on to 5 or there abouts and I corraled them into the tennis court till the adults came to the rescue. LOL   One of my earliest memories.

Husband has had dogs since a child he is about to turn 78, I have only had two standard poodles.  But during those years we have both gain a lot of knowledge from canine trainers and have joined many dog clubs both in WA, Victoria and the UK.

Dogs we have had between us have been Dalmatians, Poodle, Corgie & cross of anything as a rescue.


Sophie's hysterical attack on German Shepherds points to something personal.  With her inimitable ability to upset man and beast, it would seem that she was growled at by such a dog.

Her response would demand all German Shepherds be banned (aka destroyed)

Never mind that they are the most prominent dog in the armed services upon which lives are dependent, and in the police.

Now Lucca, we await your response on her behalf ... a toady never looks good, but we have come to know you.

Yom Kippur: The Day of Atonement - YouTube


I don't suppose atonement is on the agenda for you :(




I had a Belgian Shepherd. A Tervuren to be precise.The most beautiful dog I ever had and I've had quite few dogs in my time. He was very loyal, well behaved and very handsome. He intimidated people that didn't know him as he looked wolf like and walked like a wolf. It's been many years since he passed away from cancer and I still miss him to this day. Truly broke my heart the day he died.




The Terv…an absolute charmer and my father’s favourite dog. We also had a Malinois back in the UK.

I understand how you feel about losing him.


I was a registered breeder many years ago, firstly Dachshunds and later Dalmatians.  My heart dog was a Dalmatian named Heidi.

While the Dalmatian remains my favourite breed they became a little hard for me to manage the older I got.

My most recent dogs, my old age dogs as I liked to call them, were three little hairless Chinese Crested Dogs, funny little creatures that either look like My Little Pony toys or the worlds ugliest dog.  They absolutely never appear on lists like this. LOL

Sadly they are all gone now.

There seems to be some confusion as to what a “personal opinion” means.

Well I checked it out..according to most sources it means a personal view, attitude, or appraisal. It can range from tastes or preferences, through views about questions that concern most people such as prudence or politics, to views grounded in technical expertise, such as legal or scientific opinions. Still baffled? Then do your own research.

When I said… “in my personal opinion” German Shepherds should be banned as done in many countries…I was stating my own personal opinion. Nothing sinister, only my opinion based on personal experience and knowledge. No, I was never threatened by one or bitten by one or wish them to be destroyed as suggested by one very very ignorant person.

I fail to see how my opinion can cause such a mindless hullabaloo among seniors. Having witnessed this, it is my personal opinion, more should be done to occupy the minds of our older generation. A few suggestions again my personal opinion: learn something new, read more, have more social connection…get a pet!!

My personal opinion is not your personal opinion…it belongs to me. Have a fun day and enjoy your life.!!



It is my "personal opinion" that you are throwing a little tantrum Miss Butt-in(sky). Maybe you need to get yourself a pet? Can I suggest a loving German Shepherd/Alsatian Wolf Hound? 

Is hubby still throwing a tantrum and crying his heart out because IGA agreed to deliver his daily loaf of bread, LOL


Personally I do not have a problem with German Shepherds but growing up in Italy, I heard the stories from my grandfather how the Nazis used these dogs to round up the Jews. As a young boy it sent chills. 

Hitler's Jurassic Monsters - National Geographic Channel - Middle East -  English


So why do you rubish other peoples personal opinion then.because you and lucca always do.   Thats just my personal opinion no need to reply.

Allow me to help you understand the mechanics of the English language johnboy.

A fact generally refers to something that is true and can be verified as such. An opinion refers to a personal belief. It relates to how someone feels about something and then we have fake news. What Miss Buttinsky and I do, is rubbish fake news dressing up as fact.

They rubbish other people because they are trolls. It has been going on for years.

What has been going on for years ana-con-da?

Many people saw German Shepherds as Hitler’s dogs used to round up Jews and put them on the trains bound for the concentration camps. Hitler’s GS was called Blondi whom he "loved" so much he tried out his death pill on on the dog before using it on himself.

Adolf Hitler and his German Shepard Blondi on the balcony of The Berghof,  May 1942 [850 x 1230] : HistoryPorn

The poor dog [G.Sheperds] was taught at their Nazi masters command!

Because the Nazi was cruel we don't need to blame the dog.

Anyone of us could have been watching the Nazi goones teach the Beagle, or Poodle, or Dalmatian do those cruel deeds;   but no the Nazi selected the Sheperds.

But we all know this, you do not need anyone to explain this!

The Bullmastiff are just as dangerous if you want them to be trained! 

I nearly had a finger off by one 4 years ago, but I don't go around hating them.

I still have the scar!


Don't be so infernally silly, Lucca was not blaming the dog!!!! He was relating a fact of occurrences during the war which his father told him about.

You mentioned you are taking some sort of medication which messes with your head, is that the case here?


When we retired we had no intention of having another dog. But our minds changed rapidly when the grandkids started hinting for a playmate when they come to visit. So acting upon advice as to a suitable dog for kids, we got a Beagle. A great choice, kids are happy, we love having him around. 

I share your opinion about German Shepherds Sophie although they are good looking dogs, I would never have one around children.

I love Beagles Banjo..I was almost considering one before I was given my lovely Puccini.

When I was a child, I spent many holidays with my Aunt in Cornwall...she had a North Country Beagle which I loved to bits!

                      Seeing Eye Dogs - Home | Facebook


If you have the time and are good with dogs...this may be something to consider..

Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Caring

Have you thought about Seeing Eye Dogs Puppy Caring? Carers are supported by regular visits from a Seeing Eye Dogs Trainer to teach basic skills such as toilet training, to sit, and to walk nicely on the lead. Volunteer carers also help to socialise the pup in everyday situations, as pups cannot be left alone for more than 3 hours. The Volunteer commitment is full time for 12 months.

Apply now:


i think the best dog,  is the one you have NOW,    whatever breed it may be,    over the years we have had reasonably big dogs,   blue heelers,  and a red kelpie,  [a double for RED DOG,]      but my last dog was a maltese cross poodle,    she was the most intelligent creature,   understood every word,     i dont think i will ever stop grieving for her,  but now feel the time is right for another dog,     pretty difficult at the moment,   but will start looking,       ALSATIONS are beautiful,      a dog will be aggressive if it is taught to be,   most dogs are fairly docile creatures,   if treated gently,  they will be gentle,    the only breed i would never entertain is a pit bull,   i know owners will say they are good dogs,     but after being attacked  by one,  [that i fed]      i wont go near them,    

MISS BUTTINSKI,     a man who lives near me has a beagle,   a lovely dog,    

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