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SOFEXIT..the best is yet to come!

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” (Eleanor Rooseveldt).


Well the time has come.  My year has begun in the most delightful and positive way and I intend to keep it so. My philosophy has always been to surround myself with things and people that make me smile and fill me with joy. If anything costs me a fraction of my peace, it is not worth my time.


So with that in mind, I bid you all farewell...if one can’t change the have to extricate yourself from the conversation and let it go. There are more important things to attend to..the future is bright in 2020!


Cheerio !



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Source: Daily Mail


"Dancing NSW firefighters, seen in a video posted to social media, has warmed hearts and lifted spirits around the world as the state enjoys a brief reprieve from dangerous conditions.

The video, posted to the Mangoola Rural Fire Brigade Facebook page on Monday, shows member Griffin Hughes entertaining his crewmates with a dance - set to 2019 earworm The Git Up by US singer Blanco Brown.

Us firefighters love our job and take our role seriously...but when an opportunity arises to dance, well....we dance!

Here’s our DC/Acting Captain Rumpf taking some brief downtime during his deployment to the fires in the south of NSW, shaking what his momma gave him."

Don't forget to unclick the mute button.



LOL, what a sense of humour and positive Aussie attitude. Great guys, great video. Great posting Sophie!


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Sydney opera House lights up 


 Great stuff here's more from Griffin Hughes


Firefighter dances to boost crew's morale amid raging bushfires

nothing worse than having low morale says Griffin.


Best thing I've seen on this forum for ages, LOL

Australia's bushfire emergency has been shared worldwide with images of devastation, injured koalas and confronting fires going viral.

But among the posts there has been misinformation, like this one. An image by Brisbane photographer Anthony Hearsey was spread around the world, with high-profile stars like singer Rihanna sharing it on Twitter.

It has since been flagged by Facebook and Instagram as "false information".

On social media, Mr Hearsey, who said he "didn't realise this would go viral", added it was flagged by the tech giant because those sharing it said it was an actual NASA photograph, when it was really a 3D visualisation……




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People can't help themselves with the fake information.

So many sad pictures as a result of the bushfires, but this one of 19 month old Charlotte at her father's funeral is one of the saddest...


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Yes, Sophie it sure is a sad picture -- the little one is so young and has NO idea the facts of the matter.

Yes PlanB..Charlotte is the daughter of an Aussie hero..bless her.

Hope you are well.

Another Hero gone, so very sad Ray and they are so young.

Thank you  Ray..

The fireys did a tremendous job here in Perth over the last few days ..they worked tirelessly to contain several fires.



2020..the best is yet to come! (formerly thread about the royals ... seee previous pages)

Yes we are going to get a lot of gossip on this thread about the Royal family 

... Mexit


I doubt it..there are more [important] things in heaven and earth Horatio!

The Internet has made it much more effective  to spread gossip and grotty information.

The best is yet to come.. if one avoids the doom and gloom merchants who have nothing but negativity to peddle!

Great idea Sophie. Hope many take advantage of this to do something worthwhile.

Hope so too RAY..will be in touch soon. In the meantime, read my original post :)

The floor is now open for the negative comments. After all, that is to be expected.

Goodbye know me, I have to make a song and dance about leaving.

A true dramatist..that's me, LOL


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and about time xxx





Can’t fathom it myself, why our posts are removed when the attackers posts are still there??? Could be because I don’t report or they have a guardian angel, LOL. Anyway, does na matter, well done Sophie, this is something you can count me in for. All the “reporters” suffering from RSI can now recover, I’m hopping off the bus too, was only a passenger because you asked me to my friend!!!


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Enjoy yourself while you're still in the stink
Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself
It's later than you think!

Now back to enjoying myself.






Well done! I was going to suggest intermittent visits, but after having a cursory glance at a handful of posts, I would say there appears to be a persistent outbreak of Relevance Deprivation Syndrome and since no antidote seems forthcoming, the best thing to do is egress before you become afflicted with this malady. Personally,

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?      COULD IT POSSIBLY BE TRUE    ?     REALLY GONE,    LOL,   prayers have been answered, 

Did you come in here for a bath?

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LOLOLOL  back in a minute to put you in the dryer!


LOL think she's enjoying herself !


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I see Prince Charles paid his respects in Israel, good on him. I'm sure you know his grandmother is buried on the Mount of Olives in gratitude for helping many Jews.

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Yes RAY, this great lady put her life in danger so many times to help Jews. Here she is with Prince Philip

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YES, I sure will -- what unforgivable horror!

Yes PlanB, if all races can live together without hate, this may never happen again. However, people have short memories.

If only, but sadly I think you are right Abe, short memories, but we should never forget. 

Thank you for that information about Prince Phillip's mother too, I didn't know that.  What an amazing lady.

Abe thank you from me also -- I never knew about Philips Mother either

I found this story both interesting and poignant on this remembrance day ...

Chiune Sugihara saved more people than Schindler — including Linda Royal's family. And she wants the world to know.

Yad Vashem, from the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre in Israel, estimates Sugihara signed between 2,100 and 3,500 visas, saving more people than Schindler.

Full ABC story.

Thanks for that RnR, not many people know this.


I'm going to follow Sophie's lead and do an Abexit, for a while at least.

The toxic elements on the forum are still continuing even after so many years and to tell you the truth, I would rather face the coronavirus than continue parleying with some of the women on this forum.


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I've written to the Mod.




Good on you ABE


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I make my exit now too. I have no time to waste on elderly women who present such obnoxious behaviour.

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