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Meghan and Harry's  baby will be one of the first ever mixed-race heirs born into the British royal family in recent times and 7th in line to the throne. How times have changed and for the better!


Queen Charlotte wife of King George lll was thought to be mulatto..together they had fifteen children..

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if you care to look PROPERLY at the royal family,   you will find there is a LOT  of mixed race blood among them,    A LOT,    

Yes I noted the Queen told Megan that there was a clooured person I think it was in the 1800s

it was  England’s 18th century Black Queen, Sophie Charlotte born


*Princess Sophie Charlotte was born on this date in 1744. She was the second Black Queen of England.

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                                                         A BIT OF HISTORY

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According to Royal protocol, Prince Harry and Meghan’s forthcoming child may not be theirs at all! Great grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, it seems, is able to take over custody of the newborn at a moment’s notice and without the consent of the parents. In fact, the sovereign can assert custody over any of the royal children including Kate and William’s.

The agreement goes back to the 18th century and was reportedly put in place because of a falling out between King George I and his son. Drafted in 1717 and known, as the Grand Opinion for the Prerogative Concerning the Royal Family, the rule effectively means the monarch has a final say over the education, raising and marriage of their grandchildren as well as those of the heir to the throne. At the time it meant King George I was able to veto the choice of godfather for his grandchild against his son’s wishes. The ancient law dates back over 300 years.

This means that when the Queen dies, the custody of royal minors would pass onto Prince Charles.



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