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Ups and downs of Royal Lives.......

 Catherine and William visiting Europe 

 Kate Middleton dazzles at a party in Berlin ballroom

Kate and William were looking loved-up at the glittering event in the German capital which offered a chance for the couple to meet faces from the world of art, culture, style, fashion and technology before flying back to the UK tomorrow afternoon, completing their five-day charm offensive in Germany and Poland. Kate, 35, dazzled in a bottle green sleeveless gown by German designer Markus Lupfer, paired with the same Prada heels she wore last night at a party to honour the Queen's birthday. She could be seen waving goodbye to onlookers after climbing into the couple's waiting car at the end of the night (inset).

 Adding a royal touch! Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will attend the Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast - just three years after their last trip Down Under

Prince Charles (pictured, right) and his wife Camilla Duchess (pictured, left) of Cornwall will attend the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Queensland next year. He last visited the state in 2012.



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Foxy you must have more time than me to spent on the computer.

We have just finished a weekend of having a Christmas in July and have not been on the net much.

Wish you would not get yourself upset so easily.

Take it easy.


   lol lol  I am hardly here anymore thanks to the ilk of people like you!  

 BTW did you see how Banjo/Reagan/Ben  "outed" you on another Topic?  

Telling all and sundry on here -  how you sent Thea nasty PM's/emails and how they all "banned" you from their emails/PM's  etc  etc.?  Notice how you chose to ignore that one???

How disgustingly embarrassing for you?  Eveyone read it! lol   Did you report their posts?????

I almost - almost - felt sorry for you that they would put such an invasion of a person's "privacy" on here .....not any more!  You obviously deserved  what they wrote about you! 

Also one of the reasons I never never replied  to your PM  (and other's) - lol lol - Touche'

I could put your PM to me on here - but not that malicious!!! Choose people wisely on here - there are very few a person can trust!   lol 

Life doesn't revolve around this site Foxy!


Foxy - poor form. Shame on you

youre behaving just as malicious as the family with that post

don't sink to their level dare you call me "malicious" .....  ohh and thanks for choosing "my" word!  You can't find another?  

Who the hell are you Raphael with your self righteous attitude?  You are as nasty as the next person .............................. more so - in some instances!

I'm outta here - CYA!   You lot of wankers can talk to yourselves - I have better things to do!!!!!   Joke!

Oh and report this - OK?  After almost 4 1/2 years on here - I truly don't give a damn!!!!  There are only a handful of decent people on here (Meeting Place) ......................have fun!!!!!!!!!   Throws out balloons of Joy Joy .........

Night from glitzy Melbourne town  - I'm going out for dinner!  Nice knowing ya'!  Not!!!


First time I agree with anything you say omnivore but have to say your take on Raphael is korrect i.e. and I quote ya  --"You are as nasty as the next person .............................. more so - in some instances!" Yup, ah agree lololol.

Can I have one of those "joy joy" ballons so glad you've finally decided to slink off. 






.... Hey "Benny Bully Boy"  - you are really quite "nasty and petty" for a so called "man"????     Problems at home maybe???     lol lol lol  





 Harry and Wills hadn't seen Diana for a MONTH before her death: She died a day before they were due to be reunited after trips and divorce kept them apart, reveal princes as they share new photos

Princes Harry and William reveal all in new Diana show



Princes Harry and William reveal all in new Diana show" 

Princes William and Harry had not seen their mother for almost a month before her death, they have revealed in a documentary about Diana's life. Her divorce from Prince Charles meant the boys were 'bounced' between their parents, losing out on time with both of them, Harry said. She died the day before they were due to be reunited. In the film, which airs tonight, the princes lavished praise on their mother and her ability to 'smother' them with love.

Princess Diana's body almost stolen or dug up in four attempted break-ins, says Earl Spencer

"Princess Diana's body almost stolen or dug up in four attempted break-ins, says Earl Spencer."

How gross if true. Still amazed by the global outpouring of grief when Diana died. A phenomenon of the time. Not sure what that says about humanity when we grieve loudly and publicly about those we never knew personally. An outpouring for those whose ideals we admire I suppose, and ...

not new as the list of mourners over time attests.

...heard/saw in the media today  that poor old "Wills" - has had to "hang up/hand in"  his helicopter pilot position after all these years!  To now take up 100%  "Royal Duties" ..  poor guy .....would have to make him a bit sad surely??

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