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We'll take it from here, boys: Armed to the teeth with assault rifles and explosives - the terrifying gear soldiers will wear as they take on terrorists on Australian soil

Turnbull joins heavily armed soldiers for defence overhaul

Australia's military have been handed new powers to assist in responding to terrorist attacks. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made the announcement in Holsworthy on Monday, explaining Special Forces soldiers will be involved in training law enforcement officers.  Mr Turnbull was pictured standing in front of masked, heavily armed special forces, positioned with hi-tech weaponry (top right), as he made the announcement. The soldiers appeared almost threatening, dressed in full camouflage gear, holding assault rifles, and some were wearing gas masks (left). Mr Turnbull also inspected some of the Defence Force's weaponry, which was laid on a table (bottom right).


All I can ay what the   (*&^is  the world coming to

It had to come, my only concern is that it may come to pass that troops are allowed to act independantly of local law enforcement.  The Defence Force is trained in battle tactics and should never be used as a substitute for police.

So far they will only be used in conjunction with local police, this does something to re assure me.

What a load of BS.  This is little more than something to deflect attention to the internal brawling in a political party owned and controlled by wealthy interests for THEIR needs.

We have better things to spend out money on:  like tax cuts for the rich, financing the Adani coal project, Building new coal fired generators and the discussion of 'clean coal' which exists nowhere on the planet other than in Australia.  

Sorry...tongue in cheek there.  Everybody knows the contempt I have for the current government which is into unashamed class warfare.

Thought you had finally come to your senses .

shame you were just spilling leftie vitriol as usual 

Vitriole?  FACTS!  There is a difference.

I care not who governs as long as they are not agents of vested interests. Your political persuasion is clear though Raphael.  Sad that some of us prefer to believe the media rather than the facts.

I am with you 100% Mick,  this is a load of BS and a look over there act -- give us a Government that are for the PEOPLE.


I too have so much utter contempt for this mob -- and God knows they other is not much better

Not sure what the fuss is . The rest of the world uses the best force for the job , including the SAS in UK . 

The police are trained to negioate the SAS are trained to kill. 

We see the result of police action in Lindt Cafe in Sydney . 

Should that be police inaction Brocky?

Yes they did not go in until someone was dead and then killed one of the remaining hostages . 

They had a clear shot but never took it . 

They are trained to negiste which is what they did . 

SAS I believe would have gone in much earlier and are trained to only kill targets . 

The smount of gunfire that the police used was totally out of proportion .

That bastard Monis -- and his girl friend -- should not have been out on the streets why was he!!!!!!

He also made a phone call to Tony Abbott -- but Tony was too busy --

( IMO he was just S*&^t scared ) being the weak SOB he is

It is all about taking our attention away from the internal problems of the LNP and it is working!

Look over here, not over there, LOL!

The continual critism and impinging motives onto our politicians is reaching a ridiculous tipping point and will discourage good people from entering Public Life.

It could be argued that we have allready reached a point where good people are not going into politics.  Look at the useless mob we have in power today.

The problem is that good people go into politics for the best of reasons but then get taken over with party politics.  In my view political parties should be given a set of KPI's based on their campaign promises, the first year in office they should be given a budget to take care of salaries at the current rate.  Every year after that they should be assessed against the KPI's as to how much they have delivered and the salary figure should be either maintained or reduced depending on the progress of their campaign promises delivery.

Considering the salaries that these people get there is no reason why their renumeration should not be based on performance.

If you can't take fair criticism, you should not be getting paid the salaries that are given.


Perhaps you can explain in detail how the Labor lot could have improved things. That might make very interesting reading.

Banjo, conjecture about how the Labor Party would have improved things or not is a a waste of time.  It is just a guess and is open to interpretation from the viewpoint of being on the right or left of politics.

No one can say for sure if we would be better off or worse off because it did not happen, all we can really judge is the effectiveness of the government that has the power to make decisions and plot the course. 

The arguement about the benefits of having a left or right leaning government is to me is quite rediculous as we have seen that there are different levels of being right or left in most parties.  To me if you lean right or left all you are going to do is go in circles, if you want to move in a straight line you need a bit of both.

All I know is that as a Self Funded Retiree I feel that I am being expected to pay for the government to give Big Business tax breaks, every year I seem to be worse off financially.  I will cast my votes in future for those who will look after my interests, I don't really care what colour or flavour they are, Coles or Woolworths the only difference to me is what sort of Retiree Discount they give.

It is Kath.  That is why they are doing it at this time.

Sorry exPS I've got but a couple of minutes, thanks for your explanation. I think I agree with most of what you say. Would point out though, we have what we have and pulling together would be to everyone's advantage.


Banjo, I tend to agree, it doesn't matter whether Coles, Woolworths or even Auldi is in power, once the election is over they have to work together for the good of those who pay their wages.

I don't believe most sane Australians realy care whether about a lot of the politicised B.S that the politicians carry on with.

Malcolm Turnbull announces Home Affairs super-ministry run by Peter Dutton

A new federal super-ministry of Home Affairs will be set up including the Australian Federal Police, ASIO and the Australian Border Force.

It is a dramatic reorganisation of the ministry, stripping the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation from the Attorney-General and taking the Federal Police away from the Justice Minister. Cyber-security will be beefed up with a new centre that operates around the clock.

The changes will take a year to implement and are expected to be finalised by the end of June next year.


The photo opportunity was well over the top and the soldiers had to be dressed like that as SAS soldiers are required to remain anonymous. Apart from that, who better to deal with terrorists than people who have been totally trained for the task. Police marksmen (should that be markspersons?) are part timers when it comes to something like the Lindt Café siege. I'm not trying to take away the bravery shown by the police, just the differnce in training. Had a decision been made earlier, two lives may have been saved and whilst the police hierarchy were loath to make that decision, soldiers are trained to a very high level in all aspects including the assessment of a hostage situation. If someone has to die in a terrorist incident, wouldn't it be better to have the alleged terrorists die than innocent bystanders?

Begs the question....why we have these "would be terrorists" in this country in the first place.

Should have learned the lesson from observing what was happening in the UK and Europe.

The old story....trying to lock the stable door once the horse has bolted.

It just might be because we have been bombing the bejesus out of them in THEIR counties


Hi Plan B.

In Paris in 1997  [20 years ago!] we remember seeing armed guards in rail stations patrolling up and down.

I don't know about the Paris Airport as we travelled from London direct to Paris on the train.

But flying Manchester to Schiphol there were armed guards in Feb 2000.

Australia is too laid back in the heated climate we have internationally. 

Same goes for most railway stations in the UK and all airports.


I don't really care whether the army is brought in to fight terrorists but I can't help feeling cynical. I think the LNP is strategically trying to focus people's minds back on 'fear of terror' to claw their way back to vote winning popularity following poor performance and infighting. It is a diversionary tactic which just may work for them. Lib/Nats are attached to fear inducing tactics which usually work in their favour. The photo is staged also to up people's fears. They could have just blotted the SAS men's faces out.

Governments do use fear to control the masses, and unfortunatley it is very efective.  I am a b it dubious about the three troopers on the left though, they seem to be wearing Tank Suits, not SAS issue that I know of.

YES they use fear to control the masses and it all really started with 911 -- 911 suited them well -- if you get my drift

History, Robi, teaches us that flag waving and patriotism are very effective political tools. As an example look at the 2001 election, after the scare of 1998 when LNP nearly lost to ALP. The polls leading up to the 2001 election had Kim Beasley's ALP team in the box seat, people were tired of John Howard. Then then along came the TAMPA. The PM unleashed the SAS onto those unfortunate asylum seekers showing the voters how strong he was and won the election. This latest announcement is a similar ploy trying to win votes of the less than 5% of voters who can be swayed by such militaristic displays. In 1775 Samuel Johnson observed that 'patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel' and the truth of that statement has been proved over and over again.


Those of us that have travelled to Europe and lived there including the UK since 1999 will understand the wisdom of the internal security needed to organize our internal self defence.    

Better be prepared than to try and organize something after the horses have bolted from their stables.

Australia has too long been a country of 'she'll be alright mate'  it is time it grew up. Sending troops overseas is one thing, what have we got left for the defence of the country internally?

I always remember back in 2001 in the UK, I had invited an American girlfriend over to see the country.     We used the British Train to get around rather than drive.

She could not understand the need to hurry to catch a train in and out of London.

I had to explain the trains had a system whereby if the TimeTable said leaving on Platform 20 at 20:00 we had to be on the train 20 minutes prior to it's departure.

The platform would be locked off 10 minutes before departure for the security check!  Whether that is still being done I don't know.  

Also  a voice would come over and keep reminding people not to leave luggage around unattended.   If anything was left it would be taken and checked for explosives.

It is only the last two years I have heard this in Australia with regards to parcels and luggage left unattended.


Counter-terror fortresses costing $25 million built around Sydney police stations to stop attackers using cars to ram pedestrians 

NSW Police's Parramatta headquarters, Sydney Police Centre in Surry Hills and the Goulburn police academy are in the midst of a $25 million security upgrade in response to terror threats.


Qantas bans passengers flying out of the Philippines from buying duty free alcohol amid fears ISIS could use it to carry out terror attacks en route to Australia

Members of the Maute Islamist group overran Marawi on Mindanao island in May leading to hours of pitched gun battles in the streets Members of the Maute Islamist group overran Marawi on Mindanao island in May leading to hours of pitched gun battles in the streets" 

Qantas has banned passengers flying to Australia out of the Philippines from bringing duty free liquid on board over terrorism fears as ISIS-backed militia take over the country's south.

Forewarned is forearmed....I have no problem with what is being planned.

Exactly Radish, exactly!


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