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Homeland let down.

What a let down to the final of Homeland, All left up in the air,            more excitement in the Q'ld election.

Although the women receiving electric shock therapy showed the possibility of bringing to life our Victorian premier.


They left it up in the air because there's another season coming Seth.  I really enjoyed it and can see why it won those awards.  Great plot.

Yes toot I enjoyed it but was hoping for a much better finish,I think the main character was an excellant choice, looking forward to the next series, if it is to be.

Would you believe he's a pommy? he played the lead in Forsythe Saga, fabulous actor.

I was surprised to discover he was English, you get used to hearing different english dialects, some hard to understand but he is very american.

And in ....." Band of Brothers " ...toot excellent soldier .........was a Major at the end ..........I have the 6 disc DVD set ..........

Great show Clay, can't wait for the next series.  For those who don't know, it's about a Marine who is held prisoner in Iraq for 8 years and the CIA suspect he's turned to Isam and herefore a real threat to America, then his daughter catches him out praying to Allah in the garage. They pinched the idea from an Israeli tv show.  His name is Damian Lewis.

Clay, I liked that background music to the 'Band of Brothers; very haunting.

Indeed it is seth ...........clay

I absolutely love Homeland....would have to be one of the best series I've watched for a while.....can't wait for the next season.....yeah, I knew he was English and I reckon he makes a good American, also a very good actor.

Bring on the next series......

This was a great series but I was very disappointed at the ending.  I understand it is a lead in the another series but a total let down for me.  Damien Lewis played a great part.  Had watched The Forsyte Saga and thought Brody must have been a twin  American!   Damian Lewis went to Eton and comes from a titled family I believe. He was recently a guest on the Graham Norton show.


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