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How clean is the Pacific Ocean?


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Is this what Armageddon would look like? Terrifying archive footage from the 1950s shows mushroom clouds burst into the sky over Nevada and the Pacific Ocean during US nuclear tests

The clips were taken in 1953, 1955 and 1958 on Enemen Island, which lies between Hawaii and the Philippines. The recordings are part of an archive of 750 videos taken by the US Government, which are now declassified. In the three videos, the Pacific Ocean is engulfed in huge mushroom clouds, which emit a bright light. It comes as North Korea threatened to conduct weekly missile tests as tensions with the US threaten to boil over.

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An article in yesterday's Courier Mail stated, that scientists has examined 246 turtles stranded in Queensland that were dead or died subsequently, and found over half had swallowed plastic.

Thanks Tedwalker. Sometimes I despair.

New £40 million eco-yacht collects five TONNES of plastic from the ocean every day and recycles it to produce renewable fuel as it sails New £40 million eco-yacht collects five TONNES of plastic from the ocean every day and

The 'Ocean Saviour', unveiled at a boat show in Southampton, will become the first vessel ever to power itself by recycling ocean waste into fuel. Plastic will be chopped finely, milled and processed through onboard machinery which will destroy it completely with minimal atmospheric pollution. The firm which designed the ship says it was inspired by BBC's Blue Planet documentary, narrated by legendary naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

"Designs for the new eco-yacht have been unveiled"

Sounds like a great design. Let's hope the project comes to fruition. As the spokeman said, boats of this type could become the 'combine harvesters' of the sea and patrol the coastlines.

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