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How easily cancer can be avoided

Over 200,000 Australian cancer cases could be avoided if adults followed basic dietary and physical activity guidelines, says Cancer Council Australia.

If Australian adults followed the Australian Dietary and National Physical Activity guidelines, as many as 190,500 overweight/obesity-related cancers could be prevented over a 25-year period. And almost 20,000 inactivity-related cancers could be avoided if adults committed to just five hours of physical activity a week.

“We already know that one-third of all cancer cases could be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating a healthy diet, being physically active, quitting smoking, being SunSmart and limiting alcohol," said Cancer Council Queensland CEO Ms Chris McMillan.

“Every Queenslander has the power to reduce the impact of cancer for themselves and the people they love – whether that’s through making healthy lifestyle choices, taking part in cancer screening programs, or raising funds for the cause."

Professor Sanchia Aranda, CEO Cancer Council Australia, agrees, but says the Government also needs to do more to reduce these alarming statistics.

“In the lead up to the next federal election, both sides of politics need to recognise their responsibility to help protect children from mass marketing of junk food; improve the Health Star Rating food labelling system to provide simpler, more informed choices to consumers; and promote more public education about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise,” she said.

Do you commit to five hours exercise each week? Do you follow the Australian Dietary and National Physical Activity guidelines?



Yep cancer can be avoided or at least the risk greatly reduced providing one has a good diet and exercise plan. I exercise, eat well and have a glass or two of red most days. You don't have to buy expensive food to eat well, just learn how to cook. One of the main culprits is smoking, not only does it lower the quality of life, increase the risk of heart disease and stroke but leads to at least 15 cancers. It also causes smelly breath, bad teeth and wrinkles.

You must control yourself eating different foods. If you really want not to fall yourself in cancer diseases. 

How do you "fall yourself in cancer diseases?" 

My Father Died of cancer when he was 48 -- he never drank or smoked and led a healthy lifestyle, my Husband died of a form of bone cancer and he died at the age of 50 and he never drank or smoked and was always active --

I have known MANY people that live good active healthy lives and they also have or have got cancer --- it is in the food we buy these days -- with all the chemicals plus the after-effects of all the radiation that has been put around the world from 1945 -- and is still getting into the water/atmosphere and so into the food etc - there is more cancer around now than any time in history,   how do you account for tiny babies being born with it -- they haven't had time to even live ANY type of life.

Also, there are many people that drink/smoke and lay around and they often live to a good age???


Sorry to hear about that. This is just a warning. You can follow it or not. Actually, I saw a talk show on the TV and one of our reputed doctors suggested not to eat junky foods. Therefore I suggest you do this. 

Nothing wrong with a bit of "junky" food now and then.

Yes I understand MattG,  however, I have known of people that are drinkers/smokers etc but lived till they were 90

We also have so many chemicals etc in our food these days that no matter how healthy we live the outcome is NOT good, nothing is as it was many decades ago -- and doesn't even taste the same

Cancer is irrevocably linked to the immune system and the thyroid. If you concentrate on keeping your thyroid in peak condition you are very likely to never have to worry about cancer. Thyroid is the balancing gland which is the only gland or organ connected to every cell in the body. How do you know the thyroid is low or underperforming. At almost any age your energy will be down, your skin can look sad, your brain will be foggy, anxious and sometimes depressed. When your thyroid is functional you have energy, clarity of thought and a feeling of well being. It is attacked by almost every aspect of our current lifestyle including junk foods, pollution, radiation, cosmetics, household chemicals, pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals. We are providing a two month free thyroid restoration program using the following links 

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Thank you so much. I will try as you wanted. 

The medical profession is assessing intermittent fasting, as an adjunct to chemotherapy, to improve the immune system.

There is some speculation that intermittent fasting may prevent certain cancers developing.

For cancer affected people therapy is a must. One of my neighbor recently affected by cancer. Though she already recovered but still need to go the Hospital for Therapy. 

An interesting article from a medical journal.

Fasting and Calorific Restriction in Cancer Prevention and Treatment