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How to fall asleep in two minutes

Anyone who has trouble falling asleep will love this video about a US Navy technique that 'ensures' you'll fall asleep in a couple of minutes.

Do you suffer from sleep depravation? Will this video help you?


Sounds good to me and mirrors the advice I was given back in the 1960s by a medically registered hypnotherapist, in that:

        1. Starting at the top of your head, tense the muscles in your scalp until you get to your toes.

        2. Slowly relax the muscles from toe to head.

        3. Repeat if still tense.

        4. Think yourself into a very relaxing situation ... enjoy.

As for the stress of all those things to do tomorrow or later in the week:

        • Write them on a post-it note and stick on the fridge or steering wheel of the car

        :) Worked for me. Brain just forgot them until due time.

• As did the "two day/week principle" ... but that's another story LOL.

Say your prayers the long ones grandma taught you as a child. They're bound to put you to sleep,  LOL

I'm depraved enough whilst awake so don't want to be depraved whilst asleep, so will not watch this video.

Need time to recover.

I have trouble sleeping and when I do , the slightest noise wakes me up and I'm 100% alert. Takes me hours to drift off again

Comes from years of sleeping with a gun under my pillow and watching my back

Yes Lothar, I know exactly how it feels!