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Is this political correctness gone mad?

The Equality Institue based out of Melbourne is pushing for a change in how we address pregnancy with the phrase "pregnant people" to be used in the place of "pregnant women". 

In asking for the change, the Equality Institue is suggesting that all genders can have reproductive organs and fall pregnant.

What are your thoughts? Is this political correctness gone mad?

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OMG. How many men out there have been pregnant? Bloody moronic.

Arnie in "Twins' with Danny DeVito.

Obviously this movie had quite an impact.

Because I have heard of at least one male who has carried a child--did not fall pregnant though I would have thought! So, now the bloody PC brigade are saying that ALL pregnant women should be referred to as "pregnant people", WTF?? PC crap gone mad, yet again!

AND to think we have to pay these nitwits to sit in there recliner chairs and think this muck up,   we need to turf the lot of them ,   and get some  clear thinking  bods in there,    they must think the general public are all idiots,  

Agreed but how do you change a system that is cleverly designed from the inside to cocoon the maggots from such a revolution. We are stuck with a generation of PM's who practically hold hands with their opposition leaders when parading in public. Where rlse in international politics do you see this???

It's a bit like being required to call a black cat an indigenous cat.

When and where did all this political correctness start?

The origins of political correctness   - click for link

It is scary.

Political correctness needs to be destroyed. This latest example is sheer madness!

You only have the greenies and labor to blame. They are the ones playing these games 

The Equality Institute that put that silly notice up is not a government or political site, it is a feminist site pushing equality for men as well as women. It was probably put up to draw people’s attention. 

Have to agree with that Robi. One of a few attention-seeking posts if their website is any guide.

Notice their Contact page still isn't working.

Maybe they're in hiding which doesn't say much for either their credibilty or commitment IMO.

This contact address shows up for them on Instagram

Thanks Viv.


Quote..."Maybe they're in hiding which doesn't say much for either their credibilty or commitment IMO."

What nonsense..The Equality Institute is a legitimate and respected feminist organisation .. they work tirelessly for disadvantaged women around the world..and if you really wish to contact them you can do so in a number of ways including here...


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Meant to include this...




If you have a compliment, suggestion, question or complaint about any aspect of our organisation, please get in touch with us.


Street address: Level 1, 250 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Mailing address: PO Box 64, Flinders Lane, Victoria, Australia 8009
Phone number: +(61) 3 8373 2500


Donation hotline: 1300 661 812


Contact our Communications Manager Carla Kweifio-Okai at or call (+61) 3 8373 2508 (business hours) or 0490 891 216 (after hours).


Please visit our Work With Us page for current vacancies


Please visit our Volunteer pages for more information.


Please visit our Complaints page for more information on our complaints process.

ABN 19 242 959 685
IWDA is an Australian Public Company, Limited by Guarantee ACN 126 215 165
Donations to IWDA are tax-deductible.





...And this

This idea did not originate with The Equality Institute however..the following copied from Breitbart ...

"The Melbourne-based organisation’s position on gender cannot be dismissed as a fringe idea from the wilder shores of social justice activism, however, as the British government has advanced similar proposals to amend the use of language around pregnancy at the global level.

Breitbart London reported an official submission by the Tory-led Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to the United Nations in October 2017, asking the intergovernmental organisation to amend the wording of an injunction in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that the death penalty “shall not… be carried out on pregnant women” to say “pregnant people” — as the original wording could “exclude transgender people who have given birth”.

Breitbart London has also reported on official British Medical Association (BMA) guidelines which have advised medical professionals to refer to “pregnant people” rather than “expectant mothers”, as “there are some intersex men and trans men who may get pregnant”.

Similar issues have arisen on the other side of the Atlantic, with the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) in the United States having purged references to “women” and “mothers” from its core competencies booklet in favour of “pregnant people” and “birthing individuals” in 2014."


 As you can is certainly not the brain-child of The Equality Institute..



Legitimate ?? respected ??????


not when they support this sort of b/s

no credibility at all 

Although it has gone too far in some cases, in the main PC has done far more good than bad.  Having said that, I reserve the right to call out stupidity when I see or hear it.

Agree with you on all counts there ex PS.

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