Umm Jamaal ud-Din (pictured), a Muslim convert from western Sydney, railed against Muslim women who wore attention-seeking colours and patterns as head scarves
Umm Jamaal ud-Din (pictured), a Muslim convert from western Sydney, railed against Muslim women who wore attention-seeking colours and patterns as head scarves


 A burqa-wearing Muslim preacher who covers up her face in public has criticised Islamic woman who wear the hijab as a fashion statement (Muslim fashion label MOGA's rainbow hijab to promote same-sex marriage) 











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For your enjoyment.....

Have been to Turkey, Egypt, Aden, Malaysia & many years ago India.  I find their culture interesting and their buildings elegant.

As a family we enjoy documentaries and a lot have been on various Byzatine historial sites. One has to look at

 Jerusalem's history to see a lot of wonderful buildings and Libraries.

The illustrations are excellent.  I wish I could have travelled to Persia/Iran.


Image result for Islam LibrariesImage result for Classical Islam illustrations

Look at the Taj Mahal for instance.

The Taj Mahal is not a Hindu temple, Indian archaeologists confirm

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                                  To all Muslims in Australia and abroad...


I wish all my Muslim  friends a happy celebration.

We need to find a way to introduce Sharia when we become a republic, it appears to be the only solution. I know the Gillard government rejected the application in 2011, but a Shorten Government may have no choice. 


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The son of murdered New South Wale police accountant Curtis Cheng has called for an end to political “scapegoating” of Muslims in Australia following last week’s speech by senator Fraser Anning calling for a ban on Muslim immigration.

Alpha Cheng’s father was shot in cold blood by a 15-year-old Muslim boy, Farhard Jabar, outside the NSW police headquarters in Parramatta in 2015. Two others were jailed for planning the attack and supplying the weapon.

But he said that was no reason to victimise a community. “I am tired of needing to explain to adults that the actions of these individuals cannot be attributed to an entire group of people. If I, of all people, can think this way, then sure as hell our ‘elected’ representatives can think this way too,” Cheng wrote in an opinion piece in Fairfax Media.

He said if anyone were to believe that all terrorists are Muslim, then “that person could, and should, be me”.





Sound reasoning from someone who is more qualified than most to express an opinion.  Most people who have strong views on this subject have had no first hand experiance either way in dealing with the groups they criticise.  It is always someone said or someone else had this experiance or even worse someone on the radio says this is how we should think.

a plate of food on a table: Baklava made fresh in Turkey? Yes, please.YUMMY!

5 reasons why you need to visit Turkey a close up of a snow covered mountain with Pamukkale in the background: Pamukkale hot springs Turkey. Pamukkale hot springs Turkey.       

Not that I am aware of Adrianus, it is early days.  Guess it will come out in the wash.

I don't like the look of what is going on in the Phillipines though.

Nizamdeen was refused bail to appear at Waverley Local Court on Friday, where the matter was adjourned for eight weeks.  

He is due to appear at Central Local Court on October 24.

Police said Nizamdeen's student visa was due to expire in Australia but he was in the process of applying for another one when he was arrested.  

Authorities insist there was no ongoing threat to the community following the arrest. 

Anyone with information has been urged to come forward and report what they know to the police.  

Nizamdeen, who is in Australia on a student visa, was employed as a contractor at the University of NSW and has allegedly travelled back to Sri Lanka and 'other areas'. 

He was also a poster boy for a series of promotional videos, supporting the university and it's programs.

The Hero's Program was designed to assist in 'taking on the challenges imposed by a rapidly evolving workplace by equipping people with an innovative and entrepreneurial Mindset.' 

Police say he wasn't on their radar whatsoever, and the arrest was enacted only through the chance discovery of the notebook.

The 25-year-old was taken back to Maroubra Police Station where he was charged with 'collecting or making a document connected with the preparation for, engagement of, or assistance in a terrorist act'.  

Nizamdeen allegedly worked with police in the past, in an attempt to improve community safety, Channel 10 reported. 

Previous colleagues said he was a 'nice guy, a little reserved, but really easy to work with.'  

On his LinkedIn profile, he was recommended as 'a highly dedicated, competent, responsible and passionate individual with strong work ethics and excellent interpersonal skills.'

'I was fortunate to have someone of his caliber in my team,' his mentor wrote.

The accused, Mohamed Kamer Nizamdeen, is seen here on a UNSW advertisement 

I wonder?? It's just a long shot, but could it have something to do with Islam? Just a thought?

Mohammed Rateb Abdalah Ali al-Nabulsi (pictured) was denied entry last November after the Voice of Islam radio show invited him to be a guest speaker at charity events

Labor will do anything to buy votes including putting the country at risk of terror attacks






I am fed up with these people that cannot have any respect for others on this planet.  They are beyond the pale.

Not all muslims are like this as I have a few friends over my life time, it is just the certain sector that spoils it mainly due to lack of respect for others.


Police drop 18 month terror probe into hate preacher Anjem Choudary's wife who who was filmed promoting ISIS and abusing 'filthy Jews'

Police have dropped a terror investigation into Rubana Akhtar, 43, the wife of jailed hate preacher Anjem Choudary, after she was filmed leading a secret group of British women supporting IS.

Mr Navabi, an ex-Muslim now living in Canada, was told by one man he faced 'Islam or death' - while others said police should 'attack' those who mock their faith

Inciting violence Islamic charity defies courts Where did he get the idea from that a Charity doesn't have to abideBy the Australian Law?  Obviously we have all got it wrong or someoneHas been feeding him the wrong Laws. U Tube video of some Islamic Art, I found it difficult trying to do ceramics standing straightNever mind trying to do it upside down on a Dome roof! The colours are really attractive.Enjoy.

I have written to our Federal Member about this, now I await his reply.

The release of British hate preacher Anjem Choudary (pictured) from jail could have an impact in Australia, a former UK police chief has warned

Dr Haddad has been criticised for his chilling opinions on punishments for adultery and leaving the Muslim faith. He once said being gay was a scourge And a criminal act. 

Amazon is funding an ‘extremist’ charity whose founder supports child marriage and stoning people to death as punishment for adultery, it emerged last night.

Under its charitable scheme Amazon Smile, the tech giant donates a percentage of customers’ money to the Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) – described as ‘the main Salafist organisation in the UK’.

The Salafi movement promotes a hardline interpretation of Islam and is linked with jihadism.

    Dr Haddad has been criticised for his chilling opinions on punishments for adultery and leaving the Muslim faith. He once said being gay was a ‘scourge’ and a ‘criminal act’

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