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It's Back - Online Armour Free Firewall - yippee

I used it for years and then it became part of the Security package.

Now it seems to be free again as found it on Softonic when googled as couldnt remember who did it - and then found it was Australian and sold to Emisoft who then included it in their whole internet securiy package was it was so good. 


Had to be Aussie made - ROFL - it was the very best firewall ever. 

Anyway it back.  Emisoft were the company who bought it. 

Still have it in their security package but not checked for sure and now dont need to buy one. 



oh dear its not the same - stil have to buy a full internet security package and the trouble logging in to get info --well - thats enough. Uninstalled and back to free Avast.

Means that the website that had it on as free - lied!   And to get it had to sign up for newsletters etc.

Irish Lassie

Talking about AVAST

it is causing no end of problems on my computer

I did NOT install it, must have come with some other programme

The worst part is that I am unable to uninstall it #@*&

It is worse than any other virus, continually wanting to sell you stuff.

Hi Abby to uninstall Avast - should be easy unless problems on computer.

Go to start-control panel- programs and click in Avast  and uninstall. 

If that doesnt do it then let me know - can help to rid you of it. 

I have a good uninstall program I keep on task bar handy - called Geek - google and get it from owners site. Need an unzip program like 7 zip - probably have one on board  already. But check.

Avsat is a good free Antivirus. You need to run one for sure and maybe you're running Defender and not realizing clashing etc.

Defender is built in and they say improved but still not seem as best these days.

And security packages are all the rage - but have tp pay for them - but if banking on line - need to be careful and have best security - Greed being King these days.............sad eh! 

I'm looking at one myself and googled and seems Kaspersky is top on tests - and not bad on price either.

Meanwhile I have and still use Avast Free and it works - using their safe browser for banking. 

But how long before Australia is targeted more - say to date we have not had full on attacks but coming - could be sales tool but - Greed drives all and ripping of fbank accounts must be top of their list of freebees...........

"Go to start-control panel- programs and click in Avast  and uninstall. "

that does not work, AVAST has a strong grip on the computer, only offers to repair or update, neither of these fix it.