I don't know whether anyone else here enjoys jigsaws. Just in case some do and would like a computer program which you can use to download any image from the internet and create/customise your own to add to those already provided in the app, you may like to try Jigsaws Galore from


I've been using it for a few years now and love the fact I can now get an endless supply of new jigsaws to do. They don't 'clutter' up the house storage/dining table or have missing pieces. Cost is around $20.00.

I've spent many enjoyable hours using it over time and think it's good value.

Just thought I'd share.



Interesting RnR

Is that $20 per each picture or do you get series of them???

Would be good for a cold wintery day.

Around $20.00 for the program. Then you can use any picture ... I just find images from an internet image search, download them to my laptop and use them or use your own photos.

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I love them RnR.  I use Jigsaw Planet.  It's free, and you can upload your own photos and make jigsaws out of them.

Sounds great Leonie.

Thanks Leonie

...already played a game

they have some beautiful floral ones

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I love Jigsaws RnR and have computer ones, Windows 10 have a good collection of them, I've completed 1142 of those, yep, I love Jigsaw Puzzles....lol.  I will look at that App of yours. On my old computer I have a program that I can use my own photo's with.

This is a great idea, thanks for sharing!