The Meeting Place

Kim and Trump meeting today

By the looks of both of them a large bucket of KFC would probably go down well with both of them when they meet up today.

Kim has really piled on the weight lately as has Trump


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Kim Jong-un arrives at Singapore hotel.

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one can only hope of a positive outcome from this meeting,    there will never be complete peace on this planet,   there will always be a war somewhere,    that is the nature of mans greed/     

Sadly, I think you are right.

reading that piece that was put up,re the museum  showing the atrocities carried out [supposedly]   by american troops,    while any right tinking person would be sickened by it,   it pays to remember that ALL countries in war carried out there own kind  of torture,    THE americans,   english,   germans,   koreans,   ANYONE in war was guilty of these crimes,     anyone who thinks differently needs to go to the library and read a couple of books,    TWO especialy,   KNIGHTS OF THE BUSHIDO,  and SCOURGE OF THE SWASTIKA,     both written by LORD RUSSELL OF LIVERPOOL,      there are many more,  but read those two,   you will see it was part and parcel of war,         one cant believe that ordinary men,   people we know,  could act like that,   but in war ,  it seemed,   anything went,   no holds barred,      can only hope that one day war,    in this fashion,  will not happen,      i doubt it,   but can live in hopes,  

Donald Trump played this video for Kim during meeting

 the bling and blare of the north korea meeting was mainly for show since both sides need the appearance of a win.  an actual deal would take months if not years of wrangling but trump doesn’t do detail and kim won’t denuclearize.  the theory is that while the diplomacy is ongoing, neither side will lob bombs. but at least they're talking, so there's some hope, but the us is famour (infamous) for breaking agreements, as trump has already demonstrated.


here is some of their 'modicum of understanding' (not a formal agreement) .....

"president trump committed to provide security to the dprkorea, and chairman kim jong un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula"


'to provide security' what does this mean?  many way to interpret it.


'complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula'.   then it must include south korea too, as it is part of the korean peninsula.'  so will the massive us military base on south korea also be denuclearized?  i doubt it.


its all very vague, with no timelines or practical actions outlined. a good result would be to allow north and south korea to reunite, but the usa may continue to keep them separate to reduce their power.


it would also be a good outcome is the usa and s. korea do stop their massive wargame exercises, timed to coincide with n. korea's prime agricultural harvest time, causng near-starvation in that nation.


in the future, watch what they do, not what they say.




Will there still be a North Korea and a South Korea?  I would imagine Kim would want to end up running the lot?

I am not getting all excited about all this;  a long way to go and too many twists and turns ahead in my opinion.

However, if we at least tone down any  talk of war that is a good thing.

I thought you would be interested in this story I found on MSN: Comment: Trump Was Outfoxed in Singapore

How to avoid a poisoned pen? Kim Jong-un's security wiped down Sharpie the U.S. provided for signing ceremony - and then dictator's sister swapped in a different one at the last second Kim Jong-un's security wiped down U.S. pen for signing ceremony – and his sister swapped

An aide carefully swabbed a pen laid out before North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un before he was to sign a joint statement in Singapore - and then his sister replaced it with her own pen. The official wore white gloves and proceeded to wipe down the pen awaiting Kim. Then Kim's sister, Kim Yo-jong, took out a pen from her own pocket. 'They have a well-founded fear of somebody learning something about his health,' said John Pike of

Little Kimmie is a lot smarter than the "donald" in my opinion.

They must know how the nerve gas works.


Reagan, this is my post..nobody else.   I am not going to take this any further...just too stupid for words.

I do use the words little Kimmie  :)

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Little Micha has his piggy knickers in a knot 



I am sick sick sick of this lying MORON - Regan ............ 

I have used the words "lil Kimmy" on here for ages - ages!  Radish uses different spelling!  You are an outrageous nasty and hateful TROLL!!!

Yes Radish, but I think he has help from China too!

what amuses me on here is that REAGAN and his mob,,   accuse everyone else of being someone they are not,    yet they have so many pseudonems  no one can keep track,  [not that anyone wants to]      poor raph has been accused of being PETE,    RADISH,    and i saw  somewhere where he is BARRACK,  LOL,    god he must be a busy boy,   

No insult in being accused of being Pete. A huge compliment actually. Pete’s a huge intellect and a great guy 

Barack I object to - he was a raving leftie and a complete idiot

AGREE with you there,  raph,  regarding pete,     but it seems you are responsible for every name on here,  at some time,         as for BARACK,    he would not be allowed back,    he was  a pest,  , 

I see Kim has recently received a gift from Donald Trump. Its a CD of Elton John's Rocket Man.

This should help to reinforce the good relationship between the two leaders, because Kim Jong Un had never heard of Elton John.

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