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Man claims to have stopped and reversed Alzheimer's disease


This man claims that, by taking a drug called Razadyne, along with a cocktail of dietary supplements and certain foods, he has stopped and reveresed his Alzheimer's disease.

Here's the short version of his secret. He took Razadyne, along with tumeric, Omega 3 Fish Oil with high amounts of DHA, organic flax seed meal on cereal, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12 (Chicken livers, heart and gizzards to augment B12 Vitamin – eaten 2-3 times a week),  multivitamin with no iron.

It takes several months for this cocktail to work, but he takes this every day and hasn't regressed. 

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There is a lot of information online about the benefits of calorie restriction.

Yes it’s the only thing so far that is proven to extend healthy life span 

Metformin which I now have my doctor on mimickz 

Thanks for the info Reagan - Zoologist. I do eat quite a bit of Salmon but sadly I have gone off eating Tuna because of the contamination of the entire Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima melt down. I buy frozen Salmon from Norway which is a long way from the Pacific. I used to really enjoy eating lots of Tuna but have eaten none since the melt down, anybody that does is gamlbing with their life. 


Metformin is used to treat diabetes.

Yes it has for the last thirty years . 

They discovered that those taking Metformin were outliving those who did not have diabetes . 

It is now on trial with the FDA as the first anti ageing treatment . 

Well that makes sense.  Sugar (glycation) causes premature ageing.

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It is important to eat fish but you should avoid the larger fish as they accurate mercury .

eat local small oily fish .

Very interesting, Brocky.

The field of ageing is now under great development with huge investment by Silicon Valley .

Anther supplement that I take and worth investigating is Nad +

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Most doctors do NOT prescribe Metformin these days, so people be aware. Only take advice  from your GP.

Nonsense child scammer .

We oldies investigate for ourselves 

We don’t take advise from a 38 year old .

The other thing I do Twislie is a 16 /8 fast 

this means I eat my last meal at 8 and do not eat again until 12 the next day. 

8pm until 12 next day??? that would  explain this

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who's your friend?

Not addressing you Michs 

As I say twidy before Micha’s rude interruptions. It is up to each to investigate .



I am aware that there has been a lot of research into fasting and calorie restriction.

Dr Valter Longo, the most imminent in his field of longevity, is bringing out his book in January next year.  I don't know what is in his book, but he has always promoted three months a year with a 5-day consecutive fast each month.

Other scientists recommend alternate day fasting of either 50% or 25% of one's normal calorie allowance.

I think that the MIND diet as developed by Rush University combined with fasting would be the ideal way to go.   The MIND diet is believed to prevent cognitive decline ... but really if one followed it, one would be healthy in every way.

The Economist | No guts, no glory

Interesting article. 

I also take organic yogurt , Kefir and Kebulcha

Hi I think you said your name was Alan. What is the name/brand of Multivitamin (with no iron) that you take and do you know whether it is available in Australia?



My father lived to thing he said to me it is darn lonely all my mates are dead.   OK to live a long life but if you have no none to share it with what is the point??


B12 not only is good for oxygenizing blood - which without we go towards strokes heart attacks etc - and they say 440ml OK..  But is has also been found to stop mental confusion and even help hold back Demientia etc.Many lack B12 and are suffering fatigue.

Best supplement I've found and its worked fo rme is Thompsons of Australia. All of theirs are first grade and quality. So important - more so than saving a few pennies. I have taken it daily fro 2 years and have 942 ml last reading which is high doc says drop down to 3 times a week.

 Magnesium too is very important.  We are what we eat is so true.

Also over 50 and our bodies stop oroducing CO Q 10. This gives us evergy. Already mentioned by Twila who seems well up on it.


Most of these are in a good quality Vitamin pill but in very tiny doses - OK for under 50's but the older we are, the less we make ourselves seemingly so not enough alone.

Can get blood test for all of these.

Doctors for years said just good dient no need for supplements.

But soils all over the world are depleted they say so we do need to supplement.Also of course - when we do and stay healthier we dont visit doc so often - maybe cynical but these days they are all worrying we may be healthier. Ha Ha. Plus internet.......we can google

So called cures for tinnitus as well as for loss of vision are all based on food.

Twila is correct. take Tumeric and liver enzemes kill the goodness unless also take ground black pepper with it which stops that so get the goodness etc.Good thing to use this pepper in all cooking I think so do and tastes better than added at table. 

For eyes - eat lots of blackberries, blueberries, rasberries black cherries all available in Coles or Woolworths freezers frozen from Chile.  Good also helps hearing loss and tinnitus so they say I had it a bit due to taking Coversyl Plus - and its gone after 2 years of daily berries. Also I have now got a lesser strength specs for long distance and reading and even now finding I can read without glasses - got told it was because I have catarts and they act as nagnifiers. Time wil tell and although told re cataracts 9 years back still not being told need to have op etc.Strawberries OK too but black fruit better. I am trying out black grapes in season now.

May not work but very pleasent eating to try out anyway ha ha.

So maybe all these old ways are true - we can eat healthy whilst trying so why not give it a go.

Much of above also applies to hearing loss and can add tinnitus. I did have it a while back and now and then get it - but not since taking berries when I looked back. Got it due to Coversyl Plus when they upped from,4mg to 5 - now shows in side effects but didnt prior. I stopped taking it as was trying it out at time, but hubbie also on it for a while didnt and he has rotten tinnitus. He tends to believe the docs. I dont always.I like to look things up these days. I take home scripts and check if generic as some GP write up these not originals. Local hospital stocks only generics and read that many do even private ones to save money. But its our health that suffers for their so called cost cutting.

If a cure is found, huge industries like spec and hearing aids or even docs get less patients well not good for business and profits, lose billions or trillions,  and sadly we come way after dollars in hteir pockets these days.

Cynical? Sure is but unfortuneately very very true.

Big Val,

Unfortunately, as we get older we are increasingly unable to absorb B12 in tablet form.  That is why it is important to use a B12 sublingual spray (under the tongue).  BioCeuticals brand is very good.

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