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Me, myself and I...

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I have a new vocation...I am going to talk to myself, because I make so much sense, I discovered that yesterday when something I was pondering about for months that seemed impossible to fathom, dropped into place and the decision was made...

I and myself are such great mates, we trust each other

Why bother with others?...  :)



Cranky - How true. You are the only one you can depend on that makes sense.  My children try to convince me to drop my landline phone, but I said I wouldn't as I often have to ring myself to find my mobile phone.  Why bother with others?  {:).

Then I will  change my mind as we sit alone on this post Hola..

.It’ll now be the two of us...and I’ll order shout :) lol

LOL    I do also Hola, where is that darn phone?

I used to have a Yahoo Group called  'You, me and us'  LOL


Love the lead photo Cranky!  LOL

our kittens sometimes sit up like a Merecat.

Nice to have a hug from a good mate!

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Cranky - You're on. I'll have - Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Just the one will do, as I've started my diet. (ha ha). Do you remember that song, "Me and My Shadow, walking down the avenue"? How apt for this site. 

Hi cranky/HOLA, I'll be so sad if you drop me! I'm not that bad really am I? Anyway I saw on TV last night, and how appropriate this is, a woman has actually married herself!! Yes true apparently! Among other things she felt that only she could provide herself with exactly what she needed! ( if I understood her correctly?) Soon men as such will be completely redundant?

I have heard of this woman -- or a woman like her -- sounds like an attention-getting ploy to me -- what a nut case

I hope Men will never be redundant-- I would rather work for a Man than a Woman any day  many Women -- NOT ALL -- can a real PITA

sageman - I'm sure you will be welcomed into the fold. They say there is safety in numbers. With regards to that silly woman marrying herself, there will be trouble in paradise if she cheats on herself. I've heard of a man marrying himself in London, I think. Crazy world. 

Treats all round...Everybody welcome, dig in....Go easy on the pickles they will give you wind, :)

A fun post every now and then brightens the day and I see the cream of the crop have joined us Hola, 

If I married myself I would be double the cranky I am now ,that makes for a very depressive thought, maybe I too should ease up on the junk food.

Ok, so we’ve had lunch ,What shall we all do now? 


Cranky - Two of you on this site would be great, double the fun. Thanks for the lunch. I have taken Quickeze just in case i have a little gas. I could squeeze in a little serving of Tiramisu,I'll feel guilty but, I could always do a quick trot around the block. I love singing so I can  find my Mitch Miller Sing-a-long song book. I have a ukulele and we can all have a great time, all welcome. RnR you and PlanB and sageman are all included in this, the more the better. If we sound that good, who knows, we might end up on Australia's Got Talent.  LOL.

LOL Hola.


I’m all ready for that experience Hola, I’m off to find a few outfits to choose from for our Australia’s got talent debut...

Meanwhile sort out what song would suit a few good looking ,going on 70 songbirds with a new found amazing talent and polish up the vocal chords, I hope sageman has a deep voice as I am a sucker for baritones. 

The harmony will be quite impressive, especially with the occasional Mieow. Lol


Me, myself and I... plus friends, sounds like you’re having a great time. Go for it I say LOL.

What an amazing spider...lolol...

may i join you for lunch, ?   please,    just a small meat bun,  for me,  with the pickles and cheese ,    and just a smidge of the tiramusu,        i like to sing,   but only to myself,   i would not inflict my vocals on others,   YES.    we may be good enough for AUSTRALIAS GOT TALENT,     im sure we would be as good as some of the acts i have heard,    HOLA,   ill join you on that jog,   after tirimasu i think i will need it,   RnR,   what are those delightful creatures you have put up,    they look lovely,  


Cats - When I first saw that picture RnR put up, I thought it was a giant spider. Looking closer it looks like a bunch of Ringtail Possums enjoying a meal. I'm sure we'll have a great time with the singalong. Nothing like sitting around a campfire and letting it rip. We'll probably frighten all the animals with our raucous voices, but it's the getting together and having a good time. 

HOLA,   like you,  i still keep my landline,    i keep saying it is an expense i dont need,   but  i feel i still need it,     plenty of people i kow DONT have a mobile,    i do, but i hate them,    would sooner talk on the 'PHONE;   any day,  

The good old fashioned landline, :)

My son wanted me to change my little mobile phone that does nothing more than sends texts and calls in and out and takes the odd picture ,to a you beaut, top of the range do everything except breath for you model. 

I politely declined, just watching him with his head constantly bowing to the screen was enough to put me off. and I am not a technical person so would be bamboozled from the time I switched it on. 

I’ll stick with the dial and leave a message at the tone if there’s no one home. 

Cranky -  I have a few good ideas for our choral group. We could all dress up in long white gowns ( like you see in those groups that sing Negro Spirituals). or choose one that will suit our figures, I might have to wear Spandex as the tummy seems to have the droops.  We might have to have a discussion on the song that suits us best. I know how to sing harmony and as you say the occasional mieow would sound classy. We can sing a capella or have music to accompany us. Now to pick a song. Does anyone in the group have any ideas.? Sageman has been a little quiet lately, maybe his wife has banned him from YLC  because of all the ladies he seems to attract.


Here we go...I found just the thing...We would look very "tres shiek" dressed in these costumes...should take no more than a few weeks to slither into...providing we ease up on the deserts and maccers...

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 and for the gentleman...

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Yes folks I do have my quiet introspective moments where I contemplate my navel, and I do find that the sometimes occasional combinaton of writer's block and brewer's droop makes my contemplation even more pronounced ! As for the singing , I'm A Fiver (half a Tenor) and only sound good in the shower because of the echo! Not sure if anyone would like to practice with me there though? Could be a bit cramped as well and HOLA you would need to keep up with your diet or else you could miss out if cranky is also a sucker for Fivers?

And owing to the comments above re: singing in the shower..

Our first performance will be our own rendition of ....

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Cranky - That is one of my favourite songs. That would probably win us a place in the heats. I do have a quantity of umbrellas that was sold to me by a Chinese manufacturer that went into liquidation, i love a bargain. 

sageman - When I start to get fit, I give it my all. I hope it's a big shower. Are we actually in the cubicle or in the bathroom? I have been practicing my voice in my shower and it does have a lovely timbre.

Cranky - That photo of the ladies doing the high kicks in White would look great, once we get into the Grand Final, That's how confident I am of winning. Sageman would look very elegant in that lovely set of white tails, all he needs now is a white top hat. . 

cranky, I don't know where you got that photo of me at thirty but if you must have that look, then I'll send my son along, he's got a good voice too!!

Wow, if your son is as good looking as you sageman he must be a hot sort. Yes, bring him along, the more the merrier.