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Mining tax - Time to accept the inevitable

In implementing the mining tax, Julia Gillard, love her or loathe her, has done more for the future of Australia than she will ever be given credit for. Australia is a land rich in resources and from the very first days of the gold rush, people have staked their claim on the spoils from the land without very much opposition.

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Why then does the Australian Government face the wrath of the Australian people? Why is it not the mining magnates that are copping a whack for simply spitting the dummy? Well done Julia for making a stand. I may not agree with all that you do, but on this one I think you’ve got it right.


You have to hand it to Julia for having the guts to stand up to all those whining wingers who cannot see past their noses that their great leader is the greatest egotist we have ever had,

Will he rescind the mining excess profit tax? Then the new toxic tax on business to pay for the unmeans tested parental leave

Wind back Broadband?

reject the disability insurance?

Or will he be like the Liberal do nothing, promise everything, Premier of Victoria.

Clive Palmer intends to challenge the decision in the courts but Penny Wong says it won't wash, guess we'll have to wait and see.

Wind Back the Carbon Tax also ............we all know that it will not do a positive thing to reduce Climate Change but it certainly will be a cripling impost on the Australian people

Frankly, with of all the debacles they've mismanaged, and money wasted, the  lies,  this stubborn determination to tax the life out of the country, all coupled  with  trying to drag us back to the class warfare of 30s and 40s, simply show me we've a bunch of inept socialists running the country.

Oh yes, and the taxes will come in very handy to obtain the surplus with which they are so obsessed.

Man made climate change is bit by bit, being exposed as a fraud, and I hope that one day the brainwashed kids in school today will wake up to it.

All depends who you believe.

Do you believe the Murdoch Press (Andrew Bolt) or maybe the Weather Bureau or the CSIRO or most other mainstream scientific bodies ?

Skeptics are good at inventing conspiracy theories and they seem to start with conservatives.

No scientific body of national or international standing has maintained a dissenting opinion on climate change.

I have a couple of questions

- If John Howard and Peter Costello could run this country with a $20 Billion surplus, plus Billions in the Future Fund; why can't Labour run it with a $200 Billion, and growing, national debt?.

- What would this mob (Labour/Greens) be like about climate change if they were in office all those thousands years ago when life on Earth changed all by itself?.

The end of the ice age, the change in Earth's tilt from 24.14 to 23.45, and the season changing perihelion Earth orbit change being the three biggies.

No human industrial activity to blame.

No business'es/employers to choke.

No taxpayers to milk.

hey fwed - try this for a skeptic - maybe even you will cough up the hook line and sinker that you have so willingly swallowed!



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