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Mobile phone plans

I am thinking about having a mobile phone on either a prepaid -- $30 unlimited calls AND SMS and some Data --or post paid plan -- $35 unlimited calls and SMS and some data -- BUT if you have to call a 1300 or 1800 # it will cost a heap I have heard 35cent per HOUR and also heard $1 each call?  I get mixed info from Telstra on this,  no matter it will work out darn dear as I know I make more calls to these 1300 & 1800 numbers than others -- and sometimes you will be waiting a LONG time to get through,  so not only will you mobile be going flat but it is also costing you a fortune -- I am just trying to make you aware because so many are opting just to have a mobile only these days and will be caught out.

Plus if you go over your Data you will be charged $10 per GB.


I have just signed up to an annual $249 plan with Aldi.

Has anyone else tried this one?

No I have not tried that one sounds like a cheap deal what lines do they use -- as Telstra gets out in more places than others do ---let us know how it goes Othello


I'm on this plan too. Unlimited call in Australia an 42G data. Uses Telstra network.

Very happy with it

Not the $249 p.a. plan, but I am on the $15 per month ALDI plan and couldn't be happier.  They use the Telstra 3G and 4G network so coverage is as good as it can be and at that price I am laughing.

As far as I know, they use the Telstra network, so have quite good coverage, especially in regional areas.


Thats what you need, will be interesting -- did you have your own phone already or did you get one from them -- and what phone do you have please

I've got a Telstra smart phone - about 3 years old, but still working OK (did have to get another battery for it, though!).

I have a flip phone at the moment and have had it for about 6 + years still going great --but battery is just starting to fade a bit so would have to maybe get a new phone

I have found a place Battery world -- however it is a LONG way from me -- just to have the battery tested -I guess I could buy another depending on the cost -- may be cheaper to get a new phone -- as my phone at the moment is flip phone

There are specialised battery places around - they can give you a quote, and also test the status of your current battery.

I am still wary of using Mobile phones to close to your head for too long.

Fair enough - there have been several thoroughly-scientific surveys done on the dangers of excessive use of mobiles, but so far the results have not been conclusive.

Yes I know there are some battery places -- but I can not remember the names for them -- I would see if they were close to me.

I also agree I have doubts about the use of mobiles close to your head and I try and alway use mine on speaker

There is a Battery World in Lilydale, and they run the whole gamut of battery checks - from mobiles right up to car batteries - very quick battery checks!

Yes we have them in NSW too but not near me

Check the cost of calls to 1300 and 1800 numbers with the mobile phone service provider. 

I have just switched to ALDI prepaid ($15 per month) from Virgin post paid ($20 per month).

The cost to call 1300 numbers was 35 cents per call with Virgin and is 10 cents per minute with ALDI. Thus an hour long 1300 call on the ALDI network would end up costing $6.00 but as the package includes $250 worth of free calls, it's not really a consideration. 

Neither providers charge to call 1800 numbers. 


Yes this price they can charge for 1300 and 1800 numbers and cost a HEAP   there was on that charges 35 cents per Minute -- and sometimes you can be in the waiting queue for hour or more and it could run you into $20 --- they do not volunteer this info so you have to press them for it -- and half of them are not sure about it charges either as not many ask about them

Most of my calls are incoming - so I survived on an Aldi Plan of $40 per year for a couple of years! - did have to top up a couple of times, though!

you can get many cheap plans if all you make are calls.

its finding one with a cost effective unlimited data package that's hard 

I also want to know which phone is good if I replace my flip phone with a touch screen one but I do not want to have to pay a heap -- and I don't want an iPhone evne if it was for free.

what's wrong with an iphone?


My Son had an iPhone and was not able to get out anywhere in his place and he has 2+ acres quite near to popular places -- gets out with a Sony -- PLUS with any Apple product IF something goes wrong you have to drive ( for me 150ks) there andbackh to get to an Apple store as no one else can touch them --  IMO they are a racket.

Have you tried a kite with an aerial attached?

(also helps if you use the Telstra network).

We  have the Telstra net work -- looks like he might need the kite as he is unable to get out unless he walks around the property -- not ideal at all