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Mobiles Phones recomendations

I would love you all to tell me what mobile phone you recommend please -- at the moment I have a Discovery 4 -- flip phone and have had it for 5 or 6  + years still happy with it but I am going to have to maybe go to an Android soon and was wondering which is the best and why -- it also needs to be a blue tick one that gets out in hard to get out regional  areas -- I would be going with Telstra -- as they have the best coverage,  I would also be buying the phone outright and do not want to go on a plan.


Does anyone use the pay as you go SIM cards from Telstra?


No PB. I am on Optus own my own I phone 6 . Cost me 18 bucks a month unlimited  text and phone and 2 gig 

I get it for this price as I have their home broadband over the mibile network at 60 for 200 gigs and can avoid the NBN 

OH boy I wish I could avoid that rotten NBN Brocky  -- so you have the Mobile and no land line ? 

Yes but most important my broadband is over the mobile ( 4G) network . So they can force me to join . 

What make of phone do you have Brocky??

I have a Samsung phone but it has had little use as for$16.50 a month all our phone (home phone this is) calls, including mobile calls are included as well as it pays for the emergency button we have in our home (in not for profit retirement villaGe) in case one of us falls ill.  The only calls we have to pay for are overseas or 1900.  We never make them so I think we are on a good deal.

I only put $70 a year on my mobile phone as I have it on a long life plan which lasts 365 days and any credit left (always plenty) rolls over when I put in another $70 every 12 months.  I Am with Telstra. 

Thanks for your reply RAdish -- however I will want to be able to use mine quite a lot

I too am with Optus (because I think they have the best pre-paid options) and bought an Optus X Sleek pre-paid phone for $149 -- they are cheaper now on the Optus website also see a review at -- 

Plan B sorry I didn't see your message until now

I have an I Phone 6 and an I pad . I make my calls messaging etc through What's Ap which uses data so no charges from phone companies and no need for SIM card when overseas as so much free wi fi . When Australia catches up no need for SIM card here either . 

I would advise everybody to use the mobile network for data. And avoid the rotten labor monopoly NBN as like all Govt monopolies stinks .

Thanks Brocky and Tanwin,


iPhone does get out in many places -- Optus doesn't either -- have to be on Hellstra -- which I HATE

Brocky what do you mean use the Mobile net work for data as I have to have a landline?  But please explain how the Mobile data works please

Every one who has a smart phone has mobile data on their phone . This mobile data does not use the phone network or NBN but uses the 4g soon to be 5g network which is provided by towers . 

Optus have a box that they call home.broadband that allows you to connect to this network for home use   

They provide 200 gigs for 70 bucks a month . 

The future of broadband is mobile not fixed wires , same as happened with the phone . 

So labors Govt monopoly at huge expense to the tax payers will be a white elephant that our grand children will still be paying for . 

I will stay with my mobile data and not join NBN 

Brocky do you have UNLIMITED call and SMS as well as Data on your Mobile -- you said 200 GB of data?  Trouble is  Mobile does not get out in many Reginal places.

For my phone I am with Optus and for 18 dolls a month have unlimited text and phone calls and I g of data . 

The normal charge for this is 30 Dllrs but because I have home broadband it's reduced .you can get mobile data wherever you get mobile phone calls .

as far as regional coverage the whole idea of NBN was to cross subsidise the regions . It won't work and will be s huge cost and bad service for all , 

we should have been honest and left the provision of telecommunications to the experts and let them compete and subsidies the remote areas .

And of course I don't pay for a land line 

I recently bought a Samsung A5 2017, great phone, easy to use and Have a $30 sim plan with Vodafone, includes unlimited calls and texts plus 4 gigs of data , which I rarely use

I have a $60, 500 gb  plan with Uniti Wireless, don't need, want or intend using NBN, my present speeds of 50/10 are more than adequate for streaming Netflix, Crackle and other movie sites.

Got rid of my landline last year as I rarely used it and it was an unnecessary expense

Thanks you all for your replies --- I was thinking of buying a new phone but an older model -- maybe a year old -- don't feel like paying over $1000 for a mobile -- I wouls maybe go prepaid -- with unlimited SMS and Calls