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Movies or books?

Most Australians go to the movies at least once a year, but it’s the six million library goers who keep going back for more, according to a report released on Tuesday by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

ABS Director of Education, Training and Culture Statistics, Michelle Ducat, said: "While more Australians go to the movies than any other cultural venue or event, it's library goers who are racking up the most visits, with a third of attendees visiting libraries more than 10 times in the 12 month period.

"Only 14 per cent of movie-goers opted for the big screen this often," Ms Ducat said.

Live music concerts and performances were also popular, with 38 per cent of Australians going to at least one performance in the 12-month period. 

Live music was especially popular for young Australians, with 48 per cent of people aged 18-24 attending at least one performance in 2017-18. 

"We found that people in high income households had the highest attendance rates at cultural activities, at 93 per cent, while those in the lowest income quintile had the lowest attendance rate, at 68 per cent," Ms Ducat said.

Overall, those living in households with dependent children reported a higher rate of attendance (89 per cent) compared to those living in couple-only households (79 per cent) and people living alone (73 per cent).

Meanwhile, attendance rates are generally lower for older age groups, with a 91 per cent attendance rate for people aged 18-24 years compared with 56 per cent rate for people aged 75 years and over.



Hardly ever go to the movies these days. What gets me is the starving google eyes who find it hard to sit still without feeding their faces, belching and making other bodily noises. Then there's the other set who whisper all through the film. Philistines!

Nope, much rather watch movies at home, or read a good spy thriller. 

There are some movies which really need a big screen experience.  My trick is to go to a weekend session in the morning, usually not very many attendees so not much disturbance.  You can sit well away from others to minimise the chance of this.  Otherwise, rather watch stuff at home, where I can pause it to make a cuppa or a toilet trip.  Reading is still my favourite though, and I can happily lose myself in the library for a couple of hours.

Library and books every time for me.  Most actors seem to gabble their words and shouting four letter words seems to have taken over from decent acting.  

Much prefer reading a good book but also like a good well acted movie.  But like Triss said most actors seem to gabble/mumble their words, or the background music is so loud you can't understand them anyway.

Decided many years ago, when still working, to stockpile books and dvd's for when I retired.  Plus my husband liked watching a good movie when at home during the day. 

Had over 3000 books, have emptied a bookcase so far - which has benefited my local library :) and cleared up some space in my house.  

Another piece of research into the 'bleeding' obvious.


Things like concerts, cinema, live performances, cultural events etc all cost money and can be very expensive especially when transport to and fro is included in the costs. No wonder high income earners attend more often.


Libraries are warm, dry, free, offer internet access, newspapers to read, you can borrow anything from books to films to music to exercise DVDs and beyond. You can also get access to historical documents too if you are researching something. No wonder older people frequent them more often. They are a great service, paid for from council rates and are available to everyone locally.


yes,  KSS,    the concerts are overpriced  now,   gone are the days when you could go go to them all,    as much as i like reading,   and the dvds,  there is nothing like a live show,  esp, a musical,    i used to go to everything,   but to expensive now,    i am going to QUEEN CONCERT,    but my daughter has bought the tickets,     they were $400 each,    and thats not the best seats,    they go up to $1000,       out of the reach of everyday workers,  

OWR Event Wifi work over the globe to give all out event wifi answers for events held in the city and in extremely remote zones.

has anyone else seen ;THE FAVOURITE;     ?    a very strange movie,   but interesting,    i watch ;A DOGS WAY HOME ;     today,    a tear jerker of a movie,     pretty simple tale,  but if you love animals, [like me]  you will enjoy it,     also PICK OF THE LITTER,    which is about THE GUIDE DOGS,     very good,    have THE GREEN BOOK,   here i will watch tonight,   

I have been meaning to get this book --eye opening


"Silent Invasion" written by Clive Hamilton

HI Plan B,    what is the book about?      do you have a library close,<     i am lucky,  i have a LIBRARY LADY,     she picks out 6 books,   [plus anything i might pick out,   ]  and brings them every fortnight,    a great service,     esp,  for people like myself who cant get far,    

can recommend THE GREEN BOOK,    if anyone wants a good movie,   i dont normaly like VIGGO MORTENSEN,  [actor]    but he is not the star,   good story,   good music,     

Cats - Saw The Green Book when it first came out. I said to my friend, "I reckon that will win the Academy Awards", and I was right. Fantastic movie. 

I haven't been to the movies in decades

HI HOLA,   yes ,  i really liked it,   as much as i like music,  and i LOVE queen,   i didnt like the winner,   BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY,      the actor just didnt fit the part of FREDDIE MERCURY,      i dont get to the movies much, these days,   i cant sit for long,     so its easier to get the dvds,     go onto ebay and can get the movies for about $8,     so much easier,  and cheaper than going,