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My hotmail keeps popping up

My Hotmail keeps popping up in my Outlook mail and I have to close it down by canceling it and closing it but back it comes in 5 or 10 mins -- I hardly use this but have had the address for years -- HOW doI get rid of it popping up all the time -- thank if anyone can help.

I canot use my Outlook mail unless I cancell it  -- but it always comes back.




You could delete your Hotmail account from Outlook, but in future you'd have to access Hotmail through their website if that suits you.

To delete Hotmail from Outlook -

open Outlook

go to Tools

Account Settings

under email tab should be listed the Hotmail Account

click once on it (highlight it)

then above you should see an X with Remove

Thank you, Greg, I will try that tomorrow when I get back on the computer -- thanks again-