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NBN joint standing committee deputy chairman Josh Wilson says broadband access is increasing inequality

National Broadband Network joint standing committee deputy chairman Josh Wilson is concerned the $37.4 billion project is creating a State of haves and have-nots when it comes to Internet broadband.

He argues that rather than closing the digital divide, the rollout of fibre-to-the-premises in “newer and wealthier” suburbs and fibre-to-the-node in others is locking in inequality.



Just checked their rollout map for my place.

Planned availability Threat Date: Oct 2017*

Work has started in this area.

As I said elsewhere, dreading it.

Not until mid 2018 with Hybrid Fibre Coaxial whatever that is. In the old areas the Copper wires are always causing trouble and needing to be replaced. Hate the thought of having it. 

Same here Viv, hybrid fibre coaxial, (whatever that is) between July - December 2018. Hope all goes well with you RnR, I almost have a nervous breakdown if anything happens to stop me using my computer.  


About to happen where we are.

There is a Dalek lurking a few metres down the street. Alll installed, ready to go.


The WA government is expressing its concern at the result of the poor outcome of the NBN.

Poor’ NBN a threat to WA lives and business, says Chief Information Officer Giles Nunis | The West Australian

Some days (I have NBN) I can sit here for up to a minute or more waiting for the little circle to stop going round and round.

Other days it is quick....not what I would call a stable reliable service at all!!

Is that after a few of those Coles Wines :)

What happened to cheaper, faster, better?  Over promised and under delivered, yet again.  When will governments learn the difference between cheaper and more cost effective, they are making the same mistake with their stupid resistance to renewable energy as part of the energy solution.

Obviously votes are more important than the stability of the country.

We have the second rate one and I cannot see the difference between this one and the previous one.

We live in a Victorian coastal town.

When you get a government monopoly designed on the back of an envelope run by civil servants you are going to get a mess ...

Best to stay as far away as you can . 

The NBN plans are much dearer than the  current  Broadband plans. How can pensioners afford the internet when there are a  whole heap of  living costs to pay?


Friends in a village cannot get the NBN...the office has it ...but the rest of village only has broadband.

I told her she is very lucky and to count her lucky stars she does not have it.


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