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NBN should never have been built!

"The chairman of Telstra has savaged the National Broadband Network as a costly mistake.

John Mullen told shareholders at Telstra’s annual general meeting on Tuesday that Australians could have enjoyed 100 megabit-per-second internet speeds even if the NBN had never been built."

I have been vindicated.  Said this from day one it would be superseded before it was finished.  What a costly burden for taxpayers of this country.

"The Labor Party won the November 2007 federal election, and the Rudd Government was sworn into office on 3 December. Soon afterwards, Senator Stephen Conroy announced the newly elected government's commitment to building a national high-speed broadband FTTN network.[6]"

Initial planning and work was commenced under the Labor Party's first Rudd government."


Of course it should have been built, but it should have been done properly. You buy cheap you get cheap.

I agree exPS, In SA the old copper network was in a deplorable condition and constantly breaking down due to age. They have done an elcheapo install in continuing to use the old copper wires from the node to my house, consequently the NBN is no faster than my former ADSL2+ and relies on power which will be in short supply over this summer

I'm in the same situation as Tanwin.

Not sure that it should have been a government project. I have the sneaking suspicion that private telcos would have stepped up to the mark due to consumer demand and in partnership with infrastructute owners Telsta and Optus, put us in a far better state than we are in now.

Third World Countries have better internet than AU

NBN is OK in the cities but pathetic in the Rural areas.

The worst problem with NBN is that if you have a power outage

.... you also have phone and internet outage

In the rural areas power outage is quite frequent.

I am in a regional area not far from a major city..thank God I still have broadband and very happy with it.  Have not had an outage and the speed is fine for me.

John Mullen is an idiot. The NBN is fine, get a mobile phone. You can always do some gardening between outages. 

The NBN delivered is a far cry from its original FTTN vision. Mullen is simply trying to distract his audience from taking him to task for Telstra's abysmal share price performance over the last decade. His vision of the NBN would have left digital equality between rural, regional and metropolitan centres in the too hard basket.