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New Blood test to detect early Cancer

Scientists have created a blood test that can detect eight of the most common cancers long before they turn lethal, in a breakthrough that could save millions of people from premature death.

Outlined this morning in the journal Science, CancerSEEK was developed by an international team led by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Three researchers from Melbourne’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute contributed to the work.

WEHI professor Peter Gibbs, who also works as an oncologist, said the test was “groundbreaking” because it could hunt for ­multiple cancer types, including many for which no screening was available. “We see a lot of people with advanced cancer,” Professor Gibbs said. “If we could diagnose them early and prevent that happening, it would be wonderful.”

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Fabulous. Bring it on sooner rather than later. 

Called CancerSEEK, the blood test detects tiny amounts of DNA and proteins released into the blood stream from cancer cells. This can then indicate the presence of ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreatic, oesophageal, bowel, lung or breast cancers.

Known as a liquid biopsy, the test is distinctly different to a standard biopsy, where a needle is put into a solid tumour to confirm a cancer diagnosis. CancerSEEK, is also far less invasive. It can be performed without even knowing a cancer is present, and therefore allow for early diagnosis and more chance of a


The test has been shown to reliably detect early stage and curable cancers. It has also been found to rarely be positive in people who don’t have cancer. This prevents significant anxiety and further invasive tests for those who don’t need them.

Several cancers can be screened for at once, and the test can be performed at the same time as routine blood tests, such as a cholesterol check. 


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This is great news. The advancements in medical research are now gathering momentum, due in part to advancements to A.I.

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Thanks for the link Frank :)

A lot of interesting reading there.

If you sign up you get other companies contacting you ?

Still a couple of years away before it will be available to those over 50 I think it was.


Suze I have been getting email updates regularly for the last 4 years and have not had any spam or unwanted emails. The USA has heaps of money for medical research and during Trump's State of the Union speech he said congress had agreed to allow terminally ill patients the right to access experimental drugs.

Suze when you ask for updates you can be reasonably specific so that you dont get too much info, if that's what you want? :)

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ALSO heard today that they have a new test that can tell if you are going to get dementia,    about 2 years  before you get it,     SORRY,      THat should be 20YEARS,         australia is making great strides in the world of medicine,    

Will get back to this later

Thanks for the info Adrianus

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