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new news WTF?

A Moments silence and respect here.

God has left his throne, and taken on a human name to do this.

He has now moved to Canberra and called Himself Morrison.

I know of many men (Diggers) who smoke and this is going to be disastrous for them. Most have smoked since WW1 or WW2, or even the Vietnam War.

What the hell is this stupid Government thinking? Its none of their business what any person does. If they harm someone (assault or murder) then there are laws to protect the innocent. The only thing smokers do is harm themselves.

As for illness from smoking - If I choose to die, it will be MY WAY not some over zealous doctor pumping me full of shit to keep me living longer and no doubt in more pain in the interim (Chemo).






Hmmm interesting Beemee - a friend told me that earlier today when she called?  I thought she was wrong - like don't the Govt. make MILLIONS out of people who smoke?  The revenue they make is HUGE surely?

Oh well it will just make the "Chop Chop" boys richer!!  lol - more peeps will be going "underground" for their cigs. I guess? I know the couple of my friends who smoke - they get the illegal boxes......have done for years!

I'm astounded lately at the Rules and Regulations the Govt. and State Premiers are attempting to pass and/or are having over people's human rights?

Also re the "argument" the PC brigade make against smokers re the "cost" to Society if they get sick  blah blah.....well what a load of BS that is!  The taxes a person pays on each packet of cigs. in their lifetime - is enough to build ya' own small Private Hospital!  lololol

Australia of late ..... is starting to make China and North Korea look like freakin' Disneyland!!!  Outrageous!






You're not wrong, may as well move to China and feel at home with their Dictatorship.

Yep take a heavy smoker - they will spend $10,000 a year on smokes. So what is the tax on that?

I wish those A-holes in Canberra would actually run the country and not the people.

From memory - it was 1/3rd of the cost of a packet of smokes in tax.

Hubby was a Managing Director in a company and they repaired Careeriers (Cigarette Co) not sure of spelling. And one shipment was taxed at $1 million and there were 3 - 4 of those per week. This was pre 1972.

Beemee, the diggers smoking since WW1 should be unconcerned with prescription ciggies, since last digger is thought to have died in 2009.

LOL, and al the diggers shall rise up from their graves and protest!

God the gene pool has been dimished again. Where did I say the WW1 Diggers I knew are still alive???

As a person born many years ago, I knew many Diggers of WW1 in the late 50's and into the 60's - thats in 1900 by the way not 1800's - just to clarify for those who seem not to have their brain in gear.

By that time frame there were many still alive although in their 60's.

How do I know? because one of them was my Great Uncle who served in WW1 and WW2 and was a hero and awarded the French Medal for bravery in action. Croix de guerre 1914–1918 (France) or in English Cross of War. Captain G.S.S. is buried in a Military area Perth WA.

So I do know what I am talking about and I did not say those I knew were still alive.

Beemee writes "I know of many men (Diggers) who smoke and this is going to be disastrous for them. Most have smoked since WW1 ...". Explain again how prescription smokes will be disastrous for the WW1 veterans.


Are you thick or just pretending to be?

Most seniors will NOT go to a Doctor to get a stinkin Rx for cigarettes. They are too fearful that the bastards will want to shove something down their throat, add more Rx poisons to what they already use naturally, or the Doctor throws a lot of BS around - ie because you are x years old you need to have this test or that test.

Am I full of it? My doctor who I like to see no more than once per year tried that BS with me. You haven't been for mammogram in all the time you have been seeing me. Nope not going to either. You should you know so we can pick up cancer cells early. Well that's when I hit the roof - 1. I have no cancer in my family and everyone lived to 95 - 99 years. 2. I will not be subject to slamming my boobs between 2 pieces of glass. If in doubt drop your balls in and let me know how it feels. 3. Are you afraid to die? because I am not. When the time comes it will be moving to another life cycle.

Needless to say he got the message plain and blunt. This is why I know what the seniors are thinking and why they don't want to go to Doctors. Those bastards are out to kill you.


Beemee, you are the one asserting that prescriptions for smokes will be disastrous for WW1 vets. 

Vets from wars in the past 100 years, and seniors might object however I think WW1 vets are well past caring. 


As you said Farside, the last digger died in 2009. He did not smoke or drink but liked chocolate.

Methinks his family would be offended at this generalisation by Beamo

The Govt. is a pack of hypocrits. The taxes they make out of cigarettes is mind boggling. If people want to smoke

then let them, they are harming themselves and know what the consequences are. Once someone is hooked on 

nicotine it is very hard to break the habit, Every year the Govt. puts up the price of cigarettes and then they rake 

in the profits. 



My husband tells me when he lived in Africa he smoked, but see the error of his ways!  LOL

He just gave up cold turkey!  He must have smoked for about 15 years.

My late mother when she came to Australia in 1952 took up smoking she said to keep the flies away!  Yes I can remember as a 7 year old how this was, my late father smoked a pipe.  He gave up some years later, I have never smoked.

My father was in WWII for the full duration, but I have seen old photos of him as a 22 year old smoking a pipe.  He passed away from cancer aged 81.

I don't understand why anyone would wish to pay money to smoke, but I guess it takes all kinds.  I guess it depends how diciplined you are how to give the habit up. 



I agree with hola and Celia - it a personal choice whether one smokes or not. The same thing if I had cancer, you think I will give a single thought to Chemo? Not on your damn life. I will go like my girlfriend, she had cancer and quite riddled through her body so there was no chance of any remission. But the dickheads wanted her to have it and really pressured her to do it. So she finally said, " I am a person of sound mind, no more appointments I will see you when I am on my death bed," and she walked out.

Chemo writes you off for a week where you want to die anyway, then after a recovery of 2 weeks you are back in again for another shot and another week of wishing you were dead. How do I know, our daughter had cancer of the breast and after the first round of poison she was as she said, I thought I was going to die and wished I did. When she went back for the second dose and there are 3 in total, she was lucky, she was allergic to it and almost went into anaphylatic shock. Luckily one nurse of the two saw she was in trouble when she said her arm was burning where the poison was going in, the other nurse told her she was being childish as she was afraid of needles. Bet she regrets that stupid comment.

On the other hand my girlfriend lived for another 3 months, and ONLY the last 7 days did she have to be put into hospital and treated with morphine. So she had 2 months and 3 weeks at home and feeling terrific and normal. Thats how I wish to go, live well with family till the very end and I am no burden on anyone.


I am with you Beemee, Morrison is the ultimate dictator and has a bloody hide -- how dare he tell anyone to give up smoking -- if someone wants to smoke then that's their business they know the dangers -- but then my MIL smoked and she died at the age of 84  -- the Government are making AND HAVE ALWAYS made fortune out of tobacco -- 

I have heard smoking is the most addictive thing there is -- just have a little thought for others and stop being a dictator --

It was also encouraged for decades and almost everyone smoked --

At least if a person lights a cigarette they don't get in a car and wipe out a family or get violent -- as they do with alcohol!,  do they try and stop that -- not on your life -- because most of them drink

I always said if Morrison got in would soon be saying,      Heil!


Well said Plan B. I am no purist, I used to smoke and started Vaping instead. About the first 2-3 months I vaped like I used to smoke, now I rarely use it. Sometimes the shortest time is 2 weeks between the session which is one or 2 drags, but often much longer. But although I am classed as a reformed smoker, who really has the right to rule over others whether they should smoke or not. It was a free country until Slimo got into power. Hitler version 2.0 and now he is throwing his weight around about the Qld Premier not opening up the borders. And do you know why - Qld supplies that lilttle turd with heaps in taxes and GST, and he is missing out on dollars. Dont hear him going on and on about WA having their borders hard closed.

DArn right Beemee -- with Morrison, it is all about the almighty $$$$$$$$

Beemee, you are so right about doctors. Anyone who thinks screening saves lives should look up "lead time bias".

Generally, screening just causes you a whole lot more suffering. "You're 75 so you need this test"..Utter rubbish!

  Screening can pick up a non threatening cancer which wouldn't have killed you anyway but you are pushed to more harmful tests, treatments which  are unnecessary. Not to mention the anxiety.

Early diagnosis does not necessarily lead to a longer life. Those of you who disagree....please do some research.

Lead time bias gives the impression that survival is prolonged if cancer is detected before any symptoms are in evidence. Generally speaking this is not the case. 

Importantly, I am not talking about diagnostic screening, where you are investigated when you have a symptom. This is completely different.


Holly - Beemee ....agree 110%!   That's why the majority of people "bin" their Bowel Testing Kit on arrival!  Nice too that it seems to arrive on your birthday haha ....can think of better gifts....

Everyone I have ever known that has taken this test - has been called back into the Drs. for more "tests" and then invasive surgery - only to be advised "All good - one or two tiny benign polyps but nothing wrong with you!"    Yeah right ..."jobs for the boys" IMO ...keep their "mates" in $$$$'s..... most likely everyone walking around could have "benign polyps"!  

For the  "whingers" ..... (slightly "off topic" lol but "testing" was brought up!)




Foxy I know of 3 people that had the bowel test and got a result back --they went in and had the small operation and took out cancer early and they lived to a very good age, one lived on till 95

Please get checked --




a friend of mine in his 50s did not receive the testing kit as he was between the ages when introduced. Two years on he was diagnosed with bowel cancer and within six months was dead. 

On the other hand my brother in law was diagnosed after a pre-retirement health checkup in late 90s, had three related surgeries since but still going strong.

Do yourself a favour and get checked; you don't have to do anything but at least you are informed. If you don't trust a positive test result then you can always take a second (as I did this year, returned negative).


as ?a smoker i do object to having to get a prescription,    its my body,   my money,  and god knows they cost enough,    if people gave up smoking,   just think where are they going to get all that tax money from,   ?     it would only mean your shopping bill  would go up,     the tax that smokers pay is exhorbitant,        and the gov, would have to claw it back somehow,        if anything,    make them get a script for alcohol,      more harm is done through grog  than from smoking,       you read of men bashing their wives when drunk,    not from having a smoke,    for gods sake,   leave us alone,