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Number of burglaries at a nine-year low

The number of victims of burglary recorded by police reached a nine-year low in 2018, according to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) on Thursday.

ABS Director of Crime and Justice Statistics, William Milne, said there were almost 170,000 victims of burglary recorded by police in 2018. 

“The number of burglaries nationally has decreased by over 20 per cent, from a peak of 215,000 in 2012,” Mr Milne said. 

Five states and territories recorded decreases since 2017:

  • Victoria – down 5815 or 13 per cent
  • New South Wales – down 1539 or four per cent
  • Western Australia – down 3114 or nine per cent
  • Australian Capital Territory – down 407 or 16 per cent
  • Tasmania – down 319 or 10 per cent

Only Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory bucked the burglary trend.

“The majority of burglaries took place at a residential location (just over 70 per cent); the second most common location was a retail premises (10 per cent),” Mr Milne said. 

Is the prevalence of crime being overstated by governments and the media? Do you feel safer or more threatened that you did a decade ago?


well we never go out at night now due to the fact that there are so many on ICE where I live   and I find it hard to believe that Victorians have a lower burglary rate...figures can be fudged!!

Why would you believe the facts when it contradicts with how you 'feel'?


You have a point there.  The media do the public a disservice by reporting and sensationalising any violent crime that occurs anywhere in the world.  Firearm offences would be the best example of that.  Add to that the casualness (sometimes deliberate) where facts are concerned and the piecemeal reporting of serious offences that needlessly keep the crimes in the headlines to grab audiences. 

To take an example of the last mentioned, the media and especially the talking heads on those morning TV shows do not wait for a police report or court outcome to report.  -Instead, they MAKE news through all sort of tricks, one being speculative gossip (even starting their own Twitter storms).

The heuristics of availability, a human error, causes people to believe there are many more crimes happening around them, but it might only be the single criminal act in a country of 300+ million people that the foreign and Australian media are showing the same footage of, with their own speculation to spice it up and imply recency of reporting.

However, notwithstanding all of that, there is still a persistent problem of violence associated with drugs and it appears that drug gang members are still being imported through poor screening.

Has the method of reporting/recording changed in any way?

What is the clearance rate for burglaries?  There are regular reports that the clearance rate, ie., an offender is collared for the offence, is low.

What is the frequency of more serious crime being committed during burglaries?

Are older people becoming the preferred targets because they cannot defend themselves and the law prevents them from possessing anything that could aid their defence anyhow.

Worrying figures [click for link] 


I feel very safe. I never worry about burglary. A burglar would not score much from my place anyway because I’ve never been rich or owned anything of great value. My riches are sentimental things like toilet rolls with painted faces and stuck on from the grandkids. Hate expensive jewellery and showy things. Hate showhouses!

Why has Victoria got such a huge burglary rate as opposed to the other states ???

Is it mostly from Melbourne ? 

Why has Victoria got such a huge burglary rate as opposed to the other states ???

Is it mostly from Melbourne ? 




If a thief seriously wants to enter your home..they can do so regardless of any steps you take to deter them.

However..we can all help to reduce the prevalence of petty criminals by locking up and being careful whom you let into your home..make the place looking as lived in as possible when you're away.

I feel reasonably safe in my neighbourhood, but then again, I don't take anything for granted. 


Just put a sign out front

"Guarded by shotgun, three days a week, guess which"

or better still

"Due to increasing ammunition costs, there will be no warning shots"

I like that one pedro the swift. Might put one like that up myself.

The dog in my atavar and his companion another sable German Shepherd in place of black, as only black one shows his teeth and whites of his eyes at night - ha ha. 

All around us only a few weeks back we had burglaries - in what was once a safe area - we didnt get done!

Nor did any of the other dog owners but those without and out did in broad daylight on a Sunday when most were at church. 

Dogs are wonderful creatures and certainly Man's best friend.