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Off Shore Detention - follow the money

On the second working day of the year as most Australians eased into summer holidays, the federal government quietly extended one of its most controversial contracts, an extra $109 million to provide security for refugees on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

The bump in value made the little-known Paladin Group one of the biggest government contractors in Australia, having won tenders worth $423 million for its 22 months of work on Manus.

For a group with one entity registered to a beach shack on Kangaroo Island and another to a post box in Singapore, it's an unlikely position.

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I thought I heard a governmnet minister declare that there are no more people in detention on Manus.  If so why do we need to spend this money?  If not correct why is the government letting one of its ministers tell lies?

Was there a Tender process involved before this contarct was let and is the performance of this contractor being monitored?  A lot of questions to be answered here.

Sorry about the link ex PS, when I originally posted it I had access to the full article which was rather long so I opted for the link instead of just copying it.  Now I find it faded out, so can't go back to check.  I guess it has a paywall that allowed me just the one peek and probably doesn't allow anyone to follow a link or something.

There was something in there about the tender process and it sounded a bit dodgy too from memory.  It implied there was pressure from the PNG Government to choose this company. 

Maybe there is someone on here who suscribes to the Australian Financial Review who can tell us more. 

Once again sorry for not checking it more thoroughly.

Leonie, apology not neccessary, my questions were not directed at you as an individual, I am looking for an opportunity to make people think about this whole debacle and maybe furnish some thoughtful comments.  We sometimes get too used to hearing and believing what is fed to us by people with special interests.

No more children

The only migrants left are those who chose to stay and they would have been blended with the locals.

If you think thats a lot of money, try comparing it with the $16B cost blowout under Labor. Crikey they were spending $6M per month on private plane charter. Paladin Group Security, Intelligence, Logistics, Supply Chain, formed in 2007, operates on a global scale employing locals. Good for them, they saw a need unfolding and the Australian Labor Government provided that need.

Well yes they do operate on a global scale, if you call having unpaid debts on a global scale operating.  Anyway like I said I can't access the article anymore so probably should refrain from commenting.

Cash flow is not always easy to manage when your business lands a big contract. The Government had to provide a $10m upfront deposit. However, now the final payment has been made at the end of the contract they no doubt will be in a better position to satisfy creditors.

Cash flow is not always easy to manage when your business lands a big contract. The Government had to provide a $10m upfront deposit. However, now the final payment has been made at the end of the contract they no doubt will be in a better position to satisfy creditors.

Shorty and the Greens want to let everyone currently offshore in, whether they are criminals, people smugglers, murderers, rapists ...

The 1,000 being held offshore are there because they are not sick and have no refugee status. There would ahve been 2,000 but the genuine sick have been brought to the mainland. It was working fine. Bill Shorten has done a deal with the Greens which will eventually reveal itself. But I think it would be similar to the dirty deal done by Gillard. 

Hinch is wavering, he wanted security briefings which he is now getting.

This may not proceed through the senate.

He got his name in the history books.


I found the article again and was tempted to just copy and paste it but decided not to, probably breaking some law or another.

But if anyone is really interested in reading it in its entirety (and like I said it's a rather long article) a quick google search using 'manus island paladin' should probably bring it up, worked for me.

I read some of the AFR stories (what else to call reporting these days?) and found them lightweight, speculative and repetitive, churning the same speculative gas but without apparently being able to whip up reader interest.

As the AFR admits, the Senate Estimates Committee program will cover this department and others next week, just a few days away.

However, I believe that the real stories, the real investigative journalism, is in the consistent failure over decades by majors like the AFR to lift the tarpaulin on the abuses by the banks of their customers.  That criticism applies to the electronic media especially the TV channels AND the ABC, all of which have their own 'experts' and talking heads, but none ever found the rotting carcasses that were there right in front of their noses.  

How did so many fail so consistently and are their reports just cut and pastes from media releases, with their stories(sic) being drafted in the nearest public bar?

They have hides like a saltwater croc.

Shame, Oz media, Shame



The Medivac Bill passes Senate.

Local couple Maverick and Ziki Eoe with their sons Nadal and Texas in Nauru this week. Picture: Glenn Hunt

Forty of the 300 refugees who left Nauru to resettle in the US have contacted the island nation asking to come back because life in America was harder than ­expected, the Nauruan President has revealed.

Refugee life on Nauru can include holidays in Fiji, business ownership, free housing and healthcare and jobs in government departments and at the local hospital, The Australian was told during a four-day visit to the ­Pacific island nation to interview refugees and government officials.

Nauru’s President Baron Waqa said refugees who resettled in the US had contacted his nation’s Departmen­t of Justice and Border Protection and asked to come back. He said that did not surprise him because Nauru was a cheap place to live, warm with a relaxed lifestyle. “The US — it’s a difficult place to live, a lot of competition for work and jobs,” he said.

“They call America the land of the free and all that but (there are) a lot of catches and they soon find out that it’s not that easy.”



Nothing suprises me about this unfit and morrally corrupt government.  They are still spinning the story line about children overboard was advice from the DOD.  But they failed to check, and prevented anyone else from the DOD to correct the story.

They say hey dont want to see more deaths at sea, but they are not worried about deaths from our defence forces actions in overseas actions that they are sending our troops into (10s of thousands killed by our governments decisions).

They donts see any issues by not following commitments and agreements made to the UN on assylem seekers.  I bet if they were British we woudnt have this issue.


Lying racists all of them.

The medivac bill has passed and the memes are appearing on cue, LOL.


Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and preyin'  ...  (Stolen from a Paul Keating appreciation page on facebook)

I am not surprised to hear the refugees that have opted for the USA suddenly found that the golden handshake by the Australian Government is not available in the USA.

Centrelink has not an office in the USA.

They have a hand out for a short time in the USA, not like many in Australia that stretches for years and years.

I am amazed that people who have been in Australia (eg Imans) for up to 20 years still don't learn or can not speak any English even if it is to communicate with other Australians

My last understanding International Airlines passengers to an overseas country are required to have either a return ticket or an on going ticket, a passport,or a visa to enter the Country of landing. This can be issued at the airport of the country of landing. Once the person has any of the above they can travel around the country of landing. Off to the southern area of Indonesia, catch a boat to Australia, arrive without the issued visa, in fact no paperwork to say who they are. That changed by the Federal Government a number of years ago--no landing Australia visit Nauru or Manus Island and stay. The refugee knows the rules and now we have the medical lot being able to arrange them to come to Australia.

We have a new Parliamentarian having a big say in what happens in the Government. I hope all of the intake will set up houses in her Electorate. Whatch this space for comments.

Yep, these wanna be Aussies are not as hard up as some think. They have a chain of contacts who feed them info.

You know what? I would love to stay on a tropical island, rent free, food suplied.. can I get there?

Yes, I'll buy you a plane ticket if you think it's such a paradise

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