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On top of the world! The joys of rooftop camping.

Have you ever experienced the joys of rooftop tent camping? It is undoubtedly way better than camping on the ground. Of course people will always debate this, but there are clear reasons why rooftop tents are superior.

A rooftop tent is much, much easier to set up and takes just a few minutes compared to ground tents. They just fold out of a handy compartment and fold straight back in. And have you ever had to deal with a missing peg or pole? Not a problem with a rooftop tent! The main draw for most is the fact that you could just park your car wherever you see some space, and that's all you need. Perfect for festivals and crowded camping spots!

Rooftop tents also have mattresses built-in, which obviously saves a lot of time and effort. Blowing up mattresses and discovering a new hole each time is not fun. Not to mention the unwelcome visitors... bugs, animals, hobos... your rooftop tent will protect you from all of those.

These tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes and clearly have loads of advantages over traditional ground tents. Whether you are an avid camper or not, I'm sure you'll agree that in the modern age, rooftop tents are the way to go!


So where did my "super informative" comment go re "Notel" Melb. ???   Normally don't just "disappear"???

Used a rooftop tent to travel across the country from Wollongong to WA Pilbara along the Great Central Road and back along the Savannah Way. 

Pluses: You can park in a normal parking spot as you are not towing. You can travel on more winding tracks.

Miunses: In rain and cold, you have no shelter when cooking or washing up. As our tent folded out to the side, we could not use some camping spots we were assigned. Your vehicle is too high to fit into some town parking lots. Worst of all, in order to go exploring when settled in a camp ground, you have  to pack up your whole tent before you can leave for the day. (I remember when we were booked to go to Monkey Mia for an early start, we were mucking around in the dark packing up before we could leave.)

IMO the original post is just a poorly disguised advertisement for rooftop camping tents as per the included link, e.g.

Normally YLC will remove these type of ad posts, I presume because the posters are try to sneak in a free ad when they should pay YLC's advertising fees like anybody else. Maybe nobody has reported the post to admin yet.

It also may be a paid for ad ???

Not sure Suze.



lol - all I know was - I was saying how fantastic the "Notel" rooftop camping was in the CBD - Melb. with the silver Airstream Vans blah blah ...and the whole post got removed immediately!!  Competition for them maybe?   hahahaa  

Hate any form of camping anyway!!  Even so called "Glamping" - hideous!! 


I saw your post Foxy, strange that it disappeared.  I'd never heard of that before and found it very interesting, even went to Mr Google to check it out.   

So, you might be right, people might have been more interested in your post than the original article so ... gone!!!   LOL


No idea why your post, which I read, disappeared Foxy Strange doings LOL.

lol - witnesses!!! Yayyyyy!  

Roof-top camping (buildings) is becoming the "in thing" here in Melb. CBD!  Roof-top bars we have had for yonks and are very popular although have wondered how they go in our winter months!

I don't like I would like to be in one of those if strong winds decided to surprise you, especially they weren't forecast or came from the opposite direction to normal

I don't like I would like to be in one of those if strong winds decided to surprise you, especially they weren't forecast or came from the opposite direction to normal

I was confused by the term 'rooftop camping', I imagined camping on a building roof, sounded strange. When I saw RnR's picture it suddenly made sense. Similar idea to those camping 'modules' fitted into the back of a ute, not my cup of tea. . I suggest a trailer camper would be a better option if a caravan does not suit you. I have had caravan since 1974 and enjoyed it for multip[le decades. did my last tip to Perth in 2008 (my caravan maintainer says no more road trips, put it on blocks). Nowadays I prefer a proper bed, like on a cuise ship, a timeshare, a BnB and as a last resort a hotel/motel. The idea of climbing a ladder is problematic at our age.

Ha ha, I thought it meant camping on top of a building roof too. I thought "Why would anyone want to do that?"

Dont really know why one would camp on top of their car either. Why not just pull your tent out of the car and set it up on the ground?


... get a more scenic view from the top of ya' car maybe?  Roflmao ......    :)


Lol, having a view while asleep would have to be a plus. Getting up and down the ladder to go to the loo in the middle of the night would be a hassle, one would need to have their special bottles with them :)))

Looks like an advertisement to me, did anyone click into the link? I think I would prefer to have a campervan.