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Our grandchildren

I have been thinking with heavy heart about my grandchildren and what sort of world we are leaving them. I began fighting for a better world, environmentally and politically back in the 1970s. It seems to me that since then things have just gotten worse and worse. Makes me wonder what is the point of activism because it seems to get us nowhere. All the same political "shit" continues and leads our way down the drain.

How do others feel? Are you giving up? Are you willing to see the futures of your grandkids sacrificed to political and corporate greed? Do you have any ideas as to how we might fight to change things?

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Hell Ive been reading the same old whinging for years Im 75 yrs of age & Ive been saying it also for years vote in the right people to govern not the same so called politicians that are only there to feather thier own nest.So it comes back to the candidite selected I wish people would think about thier choices.Then things might change for your kids.

perhaps the real question is 'what do YOU do to help your community and environment'? Stop blaming the government and pollies and everybody else - do something concrete and positive!


Hi NY19,

Interesting topic but not sure I'd agree entirely about the Cobargo incident.  

Over the past weeks I've viewed the Cobargo incident several times and to be honest did not see the incident as Morrison deliberately forcing people to shake his hand or Morrison ignoring people in need. Actually thought the Cobargo incident came across as Morrison being clumsy, awkward, even embarrassing but not as 'deliberate bullying' as it has been represented at times in all sorts of places on social media.

And  although it was Morrison at his lumbering worst I think the purpose of the visit (probably via invitation or advice) was to just 'be there' with an intent to offer comfort - which I think was genuine..And to be honest he wouldn't be the only person ever to mishandle imperfectly offering comfort to people greatly stressed and traumatised by a terrifying incident manifested in fear, anxiety and significant anger....And  pretty sure 30 seconds into the visit Morrison and every other person within earshot would have realised the incident was just 'too raw' for these people to banter and selfie with politicians and the only and kindest thing to do was leave and fast.

But yes agree it was beneficial for Morrison to feel first hand the full force of human trauma but have never regarded his clumsy, awkward, even embarrassing attempts to offer comfort to several Cobargo residents ie. the young woman whose hand he held and the firefighter whose hand he tried to shake - as malice or bullying just clumsy, awkward and embarrassing.

Think the way forward for generations to come is for politicians particularly  to drop the tit for tat, gotcha moment,  ruthlessly competitive culture of election winning mindset. And because of the 24 hour news cycle making it worse than its ever been - catching each other out in tit for tat gotcha moments is privileged over actually working through problems to solutions...

.But actually have no idea if the world will be better or worse for future generations but think combative adversarial political mode is significantly problematic and limiting.




Shetso we will have to agree to disagree about the handshaking incident because what I saw definitely amounted to forced handshakes with the young woman and fireman. My point however was not that he was bullying (I didn't say that), my point was that the face to face confrontations delivered in such an immediate way about his lack of action to commit more money and resources to the bushfire effort did in fact spur him to greater action. It amounted to public shaming which was so in his face he could not ignore it even by leaving. It was shown by media all over the world. He was put into a position of needing to redeem himself on the world stage and thus took action and tried to lead more effectively. Our politicians on the whole do keep themselves removed from the public. When hundreds of thousands get out to march for climate action, or as in the past, march against going to war with Iraq, there is either no response at all or there is derogatory put down...they are "inner city greenies", "lefties" etc. In fact, every time the "inner city greenies" quote is uttered, regional people marching In protests in their own areas are being treated as non existent to right wing politicians. Even the Nats keep divorcing the interests of many regional people's concerns by writing them off as "nonsense espoused by inner city greenies". I will keep attending protest marches but I am thinking they are not effective for getting heard and getting action.

Morrison DID force people to shake his hand and was his usual arrogant self -- typical fascist pig he is -

I would have liked him to do that to me -- he would have had more than he bargained for -- I would not spit on him!



Not a huge fan of Morrison either but disagree.  I've often heard the word 'force' used in the description of the Cobargo incident many times and admittedly he held the young woman's hand when she didn't want it to be held and similarly with the shaking of the fire fighters hand.  

But the word 'force' conjures up images of intentional intimidation, malice, bullying that kind of thing.  When what I saw was someone making clumsy, awkward, even embarrassing but probably genuine attempts in trying to offer comfort to stressed, traumatised, and very angry people who he knew probably hated his guts - and in the heat of such raw emotional milli-moments he wouldn't be the first person ever to blunder in imperfectly but possibly felt it was almost a necessity to make the effort - he buggered up this effort.   But feel the Cobargo incident has been inflated to something more sinister which I think is a misrepresentation.



I agree Shetso .. nothing but a media beat up

Each to their own BUT if someone does not extend their hand when you do and you pick it up that is forcing IMO

Just need to keep on  fightoing for our environment. Not sure how their world will be soicially politically and environmentally for our future generations Vote in politicians who have a moral conscience. Each of us ha rrole to play when it comes to contrbuting the community and environment.

Just need to keep on  fightoing for our environment. Not sure how their world will be soicially politically and environmentally for our future generations Vote in politicians who have a moral conscience. Each of us ha rrole to play when it comes to contrbuting the community and environment.

The mere fact that this Government got in at all suggests that the protest marches aren't effective.  If anything they are turning people off, which is a pity because I do firmly believe their hearts are in the right place, but maybe protest marches have outlived their usefulness.

I've lost count of the number of times I've heard people complain about being held up in traffic because of them, saying they will never vote for those 'lefties'.   

Let's face it, the next Government will be primarily Labor or Liberal, but I tend to think that the protestors do more harm to Labor's chances than anyone else, so we could be stuck with the LNP for quite a while.

The LIBERAL PARTY was voted in becausr they told yhe voters what they wanted to believe..  I say LIBERAL PARTY deliberatley because the Nationals have unwittignly become a sub branch of the LIBERALS.

The unpleasant fact is, most Australians seem to be afraid of the truth, they respond to someone who will stroke their hands, agree with all they want to hear and  believe that if they hand all responsibilities for making unpleasant decisions to them, all will be well.

This will be the downfall of this country, but a little over 50% of us will go to their graves believing that all will be well.  They will leave others to clean up the mess.

God save us from the optimist,  in most cases they are just people unwilling to face reality.

I hope for the best, but  plan for the worst. I am a realist.

Of the two " Mager Parties" therecis no best option, only thecone that will do least harm.

I agree that they should never have held up traffic and such -- that was very wrong -- but this Government has no heart -- some people have -- no idea about lefties -- if lefties are the ones that care then I am one -- but I would NOT do what some of these fools did --

The Libs were voted in because of Clive Palmer and nothing else -- even Morrison thought it was a "miracle" and was VERY surprised.

Out of 5 children we have 3 grandchildren from the girls, the boys [3] while liking the ladies do not want to bring children into this mucky world.  They have a point.

I will never give up hope, I believe the younger generation are waking up big time, they are so on it, the ones I speak with are so aware of the injustices, the unfair system and they will keep fighting for change, we need to support them. New power is moving in over the old power systems. Read the book.

Amen.  They seem to be so much better informed and less susceptible to mindless choices based on tribal mindsets.

It looks like they will have to save us, we should be ashamed.

Yep, I have high hopes for the next generation of young voters too.  They are definitely more involved politically.  The only problem I can see for them is their political choices, especially as they stand now.  Let's hope that changes in the not too distant future too as a younger generation of pollies appears. 


Leonie what do you mean that you see a problem with their political choices?

I don't think there is anyone there that would inspire young people today Musicveg. 

It's been a while since a leader appeared that would fire up people to want to follow them, and their party.  It's a bit like choosing the one we dislike the least.  Maybe it's a bit like Billy Joel famously sang, "It's a matter of trust". Young people don't trust our pollies anymore. 

That might change if a leader appeared who was closer to their age, don't know.

Hi Leonie,

Bernie Sanders in his late 70s is proving to be really popular with young people in the US, and very likely he may get the democratic nomination up against Trump.  

So not convinced age has much to do with it - think it's more to do with young people liking what Sanders has to say.


I have faith in our younger generation too but it would not be right to continue to do nothing, as our government is doing, and leave it to them to save the planet. As ex PS said, it would be shameful. 

Indivuals can do their bit, and many of us are but we need our governments to make the really big changes. They need to phase out coal, gas and oil and to invest massively in renewables. They need to subsidise renewables. They need to massively increase our public transport systems and to convert all public transport to electric. They need to provide public transport in regional areas. There is no public transport where I live, just a few private bus companies that only follow certain routes and provide few services. Hence country people in my area are kept reliant on cars. They could put bike paths in everywhere to encourage people like me who are too afraid to ride on the roads to ride rather than drive. There is much our federal, State and local governments could do that we as individuals can't do. 

The question is: how do we get them moving?




Bernie Sanders?   lololol ..... as they say in the classics "one foot on a banana skin the other in the grave"!  I cannot believe this old "has been" has the gall to run yet again for the U.S. election?

There are younger people following him for what he has to "say" - however - what they "do" after what they "say" are two different things!

Same "old men" - same "old women" with same "old ideas"!!!  That is the problem!!!

Arghhhh don't get me started haha seriously - the WORLD needs younger people to run it!!!  Younger people with today's ideas - not yesterday's!   That's when it will change!

It will never change with  these old dinosaur "stick in the muds" that keep running for election!

BTW - Trump will serve another term!  Remember I said it!  :))))

Nancy Pelosi - eat cake!   (or I will be?)   lol








Yes at this point in time Pete Buttigieg seems to be the only young contender (but no JFK))amongst those under say about 70 left standing.  ie. Sanders, Warren, Biden, and now Bloomberg.

Re:  Sanders - I have a suspicion he is going around again because some feel he would have been a better democratic candidate lthan Hilary Clinton was last time and perhaps could have won.  

Something to do with Sanders having a better connection with blue collar workers than Clinton ever did, with Trump winning over Clinton's so called 'Deplorables' many of whom were blue collar workers - back in 2016.

Think Sanders appeal to the young is that he seems 'lefter than other democratic candidates' with those under 30 having similar leftist leanings perhaps.

But agree you can rarely believe a word that comes out of the mouths of most politicians resulting in what they say and what they do being a million miles apart.

Also think Trump will probably win in 2020. 



My money is on  Image result for Bloomberg  :)

I would like to see some aspiring young Australian show Leadership, you guys and girls are talking American Politics!

I think like a few people we know America is rusting from the inside!

The corporations are totally greedy and don't think of anyone but themselves that needs to change, look at the salaries and wages issues that have popped up in the news the last few months it is a disgrace.

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