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Early history

They opened the first Myer store in Bendigo, Victoria in 1900. After prospering, they opened a second store in Bendigo in 1908. ... From this base in Melbourne, Myer built Australia's largest chain of department stores, and the only chain with stores in all Australian states.



The Story of David JonesInformation The Story of David Jones

David Jones is Australia’s leading premium retailer. The iconic department store first opened its doors in 1838 with the mission to sell ‘the best and most exclusive goods’ and celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2018. It is also the oldest continuously operating department store in the world still trading under its original name. David Jones offers customers superior products and services across national and international brands in fashion, beauty, food, technology, and homewares. David Jones currently has 45 stores as well as an online store, including its first international store in Wellington New Zealand, and two boutique format stores at Barangaroo Sydney, and James Street Brisbane.

The Beginning of David Jones & Co.1838 – 1887

Just 50 years after the founding of the Colony, Mr. David Jones, a Welsh-born immigrant, opened “large and commodious premises” on the corner of George and Barrack Streets on 24 May 1838.

Mr. Jones’ mission was to sell “the best and most exclusive goods” and to carry “stock that embraces the everyday wants of mankind at large.”

The founding store’s location on the main artery of the new town, opposite the General Post Office, was a brilliant choice and the small store prospered. David Jones and Co. received patronage from not only the Sydney gentry, but also the country settlers. Everyone flocked to the store to buy buckskins, ginghams, waistcoat fabrics, silks and cotton tick.

David Jones eventually retired and left the management of the store to his business partners. Unfortunately, the store faced difficulties and the assets of David Jones were assigned to Trustees. He came back out of retirement, borrowed heavily, and with the help of new partners and his son Edward Lloyd Jones, managed to recreate the store’s success.

Edward Lloyd Jones had travelled widely overseas, and brought back to Sydney new ideas in retailing, including the European concept of a “department” store.

The First Australian Department Store Grows1887 – 1919

David Jones went on to rebuild the George Street store in 1887. The building boasted the city’s first hydraulic lift, transporting astonished customers almost magically through the store.

The new premises allowed the retailer to expand and to include furniture and furnishings. New designs and imports surprised and delighted eager customers. In 1890, David Jones released its first catalogue and the mail order department sent parcels to all corners of Australia.

The store attracted the most eminent citizens, from nobilities such as King Kackumbo of Fiji and King George of Tonga and his Queen Consort.

David Jones contemplated its reliance on imports and for the first time in its history invested significantly in local design and manufacture. David Jones opened the Marlborough Street factory - the largest of its kind in Australia - manufacturing a huge variety of goods from clothing to cabin trunks.

In 1906, David Jones became a public company and in 1920 it was listed on the stock exchange.


In the 1920’s, David Jones Limited, now a public company, announced plans to build another city store.

A block of land had been purchased on Market Street between Elizabeth street and Castlereagh street. The decision to move was considered madness by many as the area was considered remote from the city’s retail centre.

Charles Lloyd Jones Junior now succeeded his brother Edward as chairman of David Jones Limited. He also proved to be a visionary, and undertook the building of the new Elizabeth Street store.

When it opened in 1927, this grand department store, which remains the flagship of the company to this day, single-handedly moved the hub of Sydney’s retailing to Hyde Park.

Trading Continues During Wartime1938 – 1945

To mark the store’s 100th anniversary, another store on Market Street was opened by the Prime Minister ‘Billy’ Hughes in 1938.

But soon afterwards the Second World War broke out and the new store became occupied by the Ministry of Munitions.

During World War II David Jones continued trading, despite the rations, the hard times and the loss of staff to the Armed Forces. A large section of the George Street store was converted into a Club for those serving in the forces.


David Jones brought Sydney out of the post-war doldrums with Paris-style fashion parades in 1947.

Pierre Balmain had the women of Sydney enthralled, and one year later, David Jones brought the collection of Christian Dior’s famous ‘New Look’ to Sydney, the first time Dior had ever shown outside Paris.


In 1954, Queen Elizabeth II became the first British Monarch to step foot on Australian soil.

The Great Restaurant on the 7th Floor of David Jones Elizabeth Street was chosen as the venue for a State Banquet in her honour.


The years that followed marked a period of major expansion for David Jones Limited.

The company grew from 3 to eight stores by 1959, and in the next 20 years would expand to Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia, creating a national retail chain which today numbers 36 stores. In 1982, David Jones bought Melbourne department store, Buckley & Nunn, including its properties on Bourke Street. The first David Jones store in Melbourne opened that same year. Three years later, in 1985, David Jones acquired Adelaide department store John Martins, but operated it as a separate entity to the more upmarket David Jones-branded store.

Refurbishments in the ’80s to the Elizabeth Street store included the creation of David Jones on Seven, a designer boutique on the top floor where the world’s best fashion labels could be found. In addition, Food, Glorious Food was established on the Lower Ground Floor of Market Street, with a fairy-tale array of fresh and gourmet foods.


While the business of retailing changed in many ways, David Jones maintained its commitment to world-class service which included the introduction of the loyalty programme and the introduction of new world renowned brands.

Its beautiful stores continued to be refurbished while five new stores were opened, two in New South Wales and three interstate.


The new decade began with David Jones re-entering the Western Australian market, introducing the David Jones Shareholder Rewards Program and launching the David Jones website.

David Jones was one of the first stores to have ambassadors representing its brand. Maureen Duval was the David Jones ambassador for 16 years and American model Lauren Hutton from 1997 to 2001. In 2001, David Jones appointed Megan Gale as an ambassador and featured her in marketing campaigns and catalogues shoots. The brand’s connection with Australian customers continued to strengthen when in 2008, David Jones signed Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr as Fashion Ambassador.

Throughout the decade, David Jones invested in the standard of visual merchandising and service in its stores. Huge refurbishment projects included the flagship Elizabeth Street, Market Street and Bourke Street Mall stores. In 2000, the reconstructed store at Adelaide Central Plaza won a prestigious international award as the best newly completed store in the world.

In 2008, David Jones chose American Express to produce its general purpose card, offering one of the most generous storecard incentives in the market.


Starting in 2010, the company reinvested in premium instore services such as Personal Shopping and Bridal on Seven at Elizabeth Street, re-established its digital presence, formed new strategic partnerships, and crafted its Future Direction as an Omni Channel Retailer.

It continued to be at the forefront of the market by signing an exclusive agreement with surf brands Quiksilver and Roxy. It was the first time the brands were made available in a department store.

The David Jones brand continues to play a central role as an influential retailer in fashion, beauty and home today. With a truly aspirational take on our lifestyle, it connects us with the best Australian and international designers in the world.

The 175th Year2013

David Jones’s 175th anniversary is a tremendous milestone. The company, the oldest department store in Australia and one of the oldest in the world, is by any standards remarkable.

The iconic department store began in 1838 when maverick retailer David Jones threw open the doors of his first shop in Sydney. When Charles Lloyd Jones took over in 1920, he launched the iconic Elizabeth Street store taking inspiration from the department stores in London and New York. He quoted ‘I wanted the best of both worlds. I wanted a stunner - big, shining, lovely to every last detail’.

One hundred and seventy-five years later the business that bears it’s original name has stores across the country. David Jones is synonymous with style and progress. It champions top designers, brought French high fashion to post-war Australia with Dior and Balmain, and has pioneered many advances in retail from the nineteenth century to the twenty-first. With a truly vibrant place of heritage and of heart, it’s easy to agree, David Jones is a shopping destination like no other.

In March 2013, David Jones revealed a new era of talent by appointing internationally renowned Australian model Jessica Gomes as the department store’s new Fashion Ambassador.

Jessica joins David Jones long-time Brand Ambassador, Megan Gale, Menswear Ambassador, Jason Dundas, new youth Ambassador, Montana Cox, and racing ambassadors Gai Waterhouse and Emma Freedman as representatives of the department store.


Repeat of my comment that got deleted

I think Myer and DJ's are not as good as they once were because most things are made in China and quality is questionable compared to the prices you pay. I can always find their products elsewhere a lot cheaper unless on sale.

I like my local DJs store. Hope they survive.

The original David Jones building on the corner of George and Barrack streets, where the present George street store now stands.

Mr Jones’ mission was to sell “the best and most exclusive goods” and to carry “stock that embraces the everyday wants of mankind at large.”

David Jones used to be the top place in the 50s,  especially the Elizabeth St store -- ( but they were dreadful to work for  - ( I worked in the staff managers office in the 50a)   we also had Anthony Hordens and Mark Foys -- which were also great places to shop --

Victoria hit with another spike in coronavirus infections

Another 19 cases were recorded in Victoria on Sunday, the fifth straight day of double-digit new infections, and only one of them is an overseas arrival. The state saw 25, 13, 18 and 21 new cases over the four previous days white the rest of the country had none or just a handful each. Four cases are linked to known outbreaks and three were identified from about 15,400 routine tests overnight. Victoria has diagnosed another surge in coronavirus infections as family and work clusters expand and derail plans of Premier Daniel Andrews (pictured) to reopen the state

Aussie grandmother, 69, is left stranded in the U.S. with a $180,000 medical bill after having emergency surgery for a brain lesion - and her insurer is 'refusing to help her pay'


Jan Bell, 69, became stuck in Michigan when she was rushed to hospital with a brain lesion just a week before she was meant to return to Adelaide.


I'm so appreciative of the health services we have in Australia.

Injections of 'superglue' could be the latest quick fix for varicose veins

The treatment, which can now be used more widely in the NHS, involves injecting a medical glue to seal problematic veins. It takes 20 minutes and requires a single dose of local anaesthetic.

Why would anyone agree to have a toxic substance injected into their veins? I wonder what the side effects would be , death?

People need to be aware of the side effects of all medications, they are written in the leaflet that comes with them.

Yes written in the leaflet AND FGS GOOGLE it as well as there are many medications that Drs hand out willy nilly that do more damage than they fix -- and some  pharmaceuticals have MANY class actions against them but are STILL making the medications and the Drs are still pushing them also the Specialists 

If you have to take medications also ALWAYS check if they are compatible with anything else you might be taking -- because the Drs never check

Lost for words!!!!!!!!


Cardinal George Pell has asked for people to donate money so he can publish a 1,000 page journal written during his time behind bars 

Cardinal George Pell has asked for people to donate money so he can publish a 1,000 page journal written during his time behind bars  


What the? This guy should be in jail and he now wants people to help him! Trouble is their will be stupid people who will. Tony Abbot and John Howards for starters.

Astounding IMO. From your link Celia ...

George Pell is publishing a 1,000 page journal written during his time in prison and will also write about the Catholic Church and politics. US-based Catholic publisher Ignatius Press is appealing for donations to fund it.

The money will help fund an advance to Pell to cover his outstanding legal fees ???

The Australian "division" of the Catholic Church is reputedly worth around around $20 billion so it seems they're not funding him. The Vatican isn't poor either.

Examples of church wealth:
1. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons)
$67.0—100.0 billion
2. Catholic Church Vatican
$30.0 billion estimated
3. Catholic Church Australia
$20.9 billion
4. Catholic Church Germany
$25.0 billion
5. Church of England
$7.8 billion
6. Opus Dei (part of Catholic Church)
$2.0 billion
7. Church of Scientology
$2.0 billion


Does that include all the property and businesses that they own?, especially the Church of Scientology which is not a church but a cult, all tax free too.



Yes RnR but I doubt that is petty cash, more like property values around the countries.


I am also lost for words --yes Celia -- and there are many fools that are willing to put money towards such a thing -- I know of a lady that was donating money to have Pell released -- how the hell do we expect to get anywhere with the likes of fools like her!


Pell needs to be had up for many more thing -- and many more thing and scum he protected as well

I wonder if he has applied for Job Search and  that will get him $750.00 per fortnight from Centrelink.? More hide than Jessy the Elephant. 

Critically endangered Smoky mouse feared wiped out during devastating summer bushfires is discovered ALIVE

The critically endangered Smoky Mouse has been discovered in the bushfire ravaged Kosciuszko National Park where it was feared the population had been wiped out

That is good news! Pity a lot of the Kozzi park is getting trampled by wild horses.

I thought the poor horses had been culled to the tune of 700,00 last week?

There is still 20,000 of them,more information on this website:

I feel sorry for the horses too but they need to be removed humanely and not shot and killed or sent to slaughter. Unfortunately the NSW Government thinks the cheapest and quickest is shooting them.

I was just reading that some guy had found a 50grm nugget of gold 60cm down in the ground in a seam near Ballarat a few days ago, it is meant to be worth around four grand!  Lucky him!

Will have to tell my friend who sometimes goes fossicking with his Mine Lab, he has found a lot of little bits but nothing big.

Remember years ago the Tent City?

Perhaps we need something like this in Australia?

Something that makes the youth of today think before they start bashing the elderly in the streets, before they start robbing people of their vehicles, before they invade seniors homes.

I think as a nation we are too soft on some of our youth, they take to drugs too easily.



Joe Arpaio was Maricopa County Sheriff for 24 years after he was appointed to the role on January 1, 1993.

Throughout his career, the attention-seeking sheriff created countless headlines while also becoming a darling of conservatives across the country for his self-described 'tough' approach to crime.

The 84-year-old forced prisoners to stay in the outdoor tents in the desert even when temperatures soared above 100 degrees in summer, he forced inmates to wear pink underwear, and to work in chain gangs.

He also implemented a huge crackdown on illegal immigration, and helped spread the 'birther controversy' against Barack Obama by suggesting the former President's birth certificate was fake.

Joe Arpaio is pictured at his desk next to a sign for his controversial 'Tent City Jail' shortly after he opened the facility  

Joe Arpaio is pictured at his desk next to a sign for his controversial 'Tent City Jail' shortly after he opened the facility

So convinced was Arpaio of the forgery, he launched a six-month investigation into the document. At its conclusion, he claimed to have evidence supporting it was fake. The conspiracy theory is widely dismissed and discredit - even by Donald Trump, who frequently promoted the lie prior to officially launching his political career.

To those who believe criminals do not deserve to be treated humanly once they enter prison, Arpaio was their man. 

But ultimately the seemingly ever-growing number of controversies that swirled around the sheriff - and a huge boost in Latino voting numbers - brought him down.

A federal judge ruled in 2013 that Arpaio and his department rampantly profiled Latino drivers and their passengers, describing it as unconstitutional policing.

Last October, he was charged with criminal contempt of court for allegedly violating an order by continuing to arrest immigrants with no evidence they had broken any state law.

That followed a 2007 civil lawsuit that found against him in a claim he racially profiled Latinos.

A judge, CBS News reports, also ordered fresh investigations into whether his officers were taking items from 'traffic stops and safe-house busts'. 

The report continues to state: 'The agency’s former head of internal affairs is under federal investigation on suspicion of concealing nearly 1,500 IDs.' 

His controversial - and in some instances, dangerous - antics led to him being criticized by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Department of Justice, US District Courts, the Anti-Defamation League, and a handful of other groups.

And his actions came at a high cost to taxpayers.

The cost of defending Arpaio and the sheriff's office in the racial profiling lawsuit is expected to hit $72 million, according to an Associated Press report from last year.

Arbaio was kicked out of office last year by Paul Penzone with a vote of 54.9 per cent to 45.1 per cent.

Heard a guy say on another TV doco that when he was 16 and got caught for doing something wrong back in the 60's he was given a choice of jail or the army, he chose the army.

Maricopa County Jail: The Brit who survived years inside America's ...

Maricopa County jail inmates chain gang | Eduardo Barraza ...  From pink underwear to stars and stripes: Sheriff Joe Arpaio to ...  A Tent City inmate wears his pink socks.





   I am wondering why Victoria is the Education State?    

Especially sadly with so many cases of the Coronavirus19 


   Australian Capital Territory




New South Wales






South Australia






Western Australia


Northern Territory


Victoria used to be the Garden state who changed it and when? 



Guide to new rules as part of phase four of coronavirus recovery in Western Australia  Perth Now  June 22, 2020 1:41PM Topics   Coronavirus (COVID-19)WA News

West Australians will be able to go to a sporting venue, concert and a nightclub from the weekend, as the State moves into phase four of its coronavirus recovery.

Premier Mark McGowan today announced the easing of restrictions from midnight on June 26, meaning from Saturday West Aussies will enjoy a social life similar to pre-COVID times.

Here’s what you can expect from June 27. 


The 100/300 rule is gone. There will be no upper limit on get-togethers, but a two-square-metre rule will stay in place. This is instead of a four-square-metre rule which was previously enforced.


The days of having to sit in an orderly fashion with your pint are soon to be over! We’ll be able to stand up at the bar once again. Nightclubs are also expected to swing open their doors for the first time in months — cue post-COVID parties! Concert halls and live music venues will also be allowed to reopen. Musos, warm up your guitars. But, there won’t be any multi-stage music festivals. The casino will also be allowed to reopen.


If you’re one of those people who likes to work up a sweat outside peak times, you’ll be able to go to the gym without the staff around. The news will be welcome for shift workers, with late night and 24-hour gyms expected to open. However, there will still be strict cleaning requirements.


It’s good news for sports fans. Optus Stadium, HBF park and RAC Arena will be able to host crowds at 50 per cent capacity. Major events will also be able to take place, with the remaining restrictions still in place.


If you were planning a trip interstate, it’s bad news. The hard border is still locked in place. Travel to other Australian States is still off, as well as visits to remote Aboriginal communities within WA.

However, New Zealand are struggling with new infections from overseas.

Arrivals to Auckland International Airport on the weekend were unhappy at their three-hour bus trip to Rotorua for isolation.

“It’s absolute joke,” one man told Stuff, after enduring flights from London to Auckland, who claimed he wasn’t told he was going to the Suplhur City.

“We all thought the driver was joking. They should have told us before so we could go to the bathroom, grab water, a jersey, but nothing.”

Still, the system is seen as a necessary inconvenience and expense to ensure other Kiwis aren’t subjected to onerous societal restrictions.

The seven new cases announced in the past five days have all transited from India or Pakistan, with some on the same flights or in the same travelling parties.

Two others caused a scandal last week when it emerged they had been released - on compassionate grounds due to a family illness - without being tested, only to test positive.

Officials have responded with testing at near-record levels and a change of management

A Hollywood crew has been let into New Zealand to create the long-awaited sequel to the Avatar film, as have crews for the America’s Cup yacht regatta next year.

As the situation worsens around the world, particularly in developing countries which have fewer safeguards against the disease, Kiwi citizens are heading for New Zealand.

After ebbing to a trickle of entries two months ago, hundreds are now arriving daily.

“Kiwis are going to continue coming home and we have an obligation to allow them to come home,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

With the 4272 people currently in either managed isolation or quarantine facilities pushing the limits of Auckland’s supply, new facilities have been opened in Christchurch and Rotorua.

After enjoying a long run without new cases and even COVID-free status for a week, New Zealand has nine coronavirus infections and is grappling to house an influx of returning Kiwis.

Health officials announced two new cases on Monday, both of which detected within the country’s isolation regime.

All identified cases are in isolation or quarantine, and the recent positive tests are seen as proof the system is working. 

Under New Zealand’s health-first elimination strategy, all arriving citizens and residents during the pandemic have been asked to quarantine for two weeks in hotels at the government’s expense.

That $NZ81 million ($A76 million) investment has seen 20,121 people through the system - or roughly $4000 ($A3750) per Kiwi - and it’s getting more unwieldy and expensive.

That figure doesn’t include other exemptions to the border restrictions granted for humanitarian reasons or on economic grounds.




Ms Perkins found most people struggled to use the clunky software, so she developed a business idea.

Australia's youngest billionaire almost doubled her personal wealth in months after her tech company's popularity soared during the coronavirus pandemic.

Melanie Perkins, originally from Perth, founded the Sydney-based digital graphics business Canva with her fiance Cliff Obrecht in 2014 after dropping out of university.

The company expanded to Manila and Beijing in five years that followed, with Ms Perkins amassing a personal fortune of an estimated $1.3billion by October in 2019. 

Ms Perkins found most people struggled to use the clunky software, so she developed a business idea



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