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The Daily Telegraph LOSES appeal against $2.9MILLION Geoffrey Rush defamation claim

Three judges have dismissed an appeal by Nationwide News against a finding it defamed Geoffrey Rush and against the awarding of $2.9 million in damages.

Australia could give safe haven to Hong Kong residents amid crackdown on protesters

Australia is considering offering safe haven to Hong Kong residents to come to the country after controversial national security laws imposed by China came into effect.

Oh yes and who is going to pay for that expense?

Anyone would think Australia has no limit to the expenses that this would bring!

Trouble is half of Hong Kong may want to come, anyway with Dutton in charge I doubt it will happen, did you see that new show on TV "Who gets to stay in Australia" very strict criterias are in place. They might only let those in from HK who have some qualification that can be used to fill jobs that we need filling rather than educate our own people of course, and/or those who have enough money to pay their own way.

Sorry I had to giggle at that, I can see Hong Kong citizens would be more welcome than some of the people already living here!  Chinese folk I find very nice and intelligent!  Most of the adults there are professionals in the first place!

Had two lovely doctors in hospital and one lady nurse was fantastic, she tried to cheer me up and we ended up having a giggle although she had so many other patients she was running everywhere. But it was a real pleasure to have met them.  I would have liked to have sent a thank you card but I can only remember one of their names!

When I broke my ankle in 1996 I saw a physiotherapist locally, last year I found her business card, I sent her an email asking how she was.   I really didn't expect to hear back, but she replied and said she is now a Prof at HH university, she said if I am in HH let her know and she would show me around town!  I've not been to HH. I don't expect to either.  I hope she is ok after all this time.


Good and bad in every country, sounds nice that physiotherapist, I do hope she is okay, she might think about coming back.

It is a real worry what China is doing, i wonder if they will go after Tawain next. Kind of scary thinking they might want to take over more countries.

Also where the hell are we supposed to get enough water etc for all these people == Australia is only able to be populated on the coast and then mainly on the east coast -- we don't have enough water or room for the people we already have here

Aboriginal stone tools dating back 8,500 years discovered off the coast of Western Australia mark out the sites of two ancient settlements submerged underwater since the last ice age


First Aboriginal sites discovered underwater in Australia date back up to 8,500 years

Divers found the two underwater sites through a series of surveys in the Dampier Archipelago. The sites may provide insight into Aboriginal life when the seabed was dry land, researchers hope. Divers mapped 269 artefacts, including tools and grinding stones, at Cape Bruguieres in shallow water around 7.8ft (2.4 metres) below modern sea level. Radiocarbon dating and analysis of sea-level changes show the site is at least 7,000 years old, the researchers say.

Wow amazing and good news, thanks

How interesting. Thanks Celia.


Celia, I just heard something in W.A about some guy called Jules Cosberg (not sure of the spelling) being appointed in a environmental protection role (not sure what it was) and he has photos of himself on social media after hunting in Africa, what the?

I cannot find anything on the internet to clarify what I heard on the late news.

Yes Incognito ... news item here.

Has been discussed on Toot's "Interesting stage to share" YLC topic as well. See ...

Thanks RnR.

Ah yes I posted something on that bloke yesterday as I also never knew his name either,  what a despicable bit if scum he is -- does he think he is brave doing such horrid unforgivable things such as he did --and the poor animals were drugged as well if I had my way he would have death sentence as would anyone that did such things -- but this is allowed in Africa -- really makes me so mad and so sad


 Connect with usSearch NationalLatestCoronavirusWorldVideosLiveToday ShowACA60 MinutesPolitics CORONAVIRUS CRISISFull coverage and latest newsNewsNationalMan who posed with dead big game animals appointed to conservation postBy 9A man who posed alongside dead big game animals has been appointed to a position in the Western Australian Department of Biodiversity and Conservation.Jewell Crossberg has been made the acting district manager of the department in Esperance.Since the appointment, Facebook images have emerged showing him posing armed with dead zebras, rhinos, giraffes and elephants.Jewell Crossberg.Jewell Crossberg was appointed to a position in the WA Department of Biodiversity and Conservation - and then these images emerged. (9News)The photos came from a Facebook album entitled "business and pleasure".Members of his local community alerted 9News of their displeasure in an anonymous letter."We the citizens of Esperance are very concerned about the recent appointment of Jewell Crossberg," the letter said."We think the director Jason Foster has made a very bad judgement call.RelatedAlbanese calls on PM to visit bushfire ravaged Cobargo as by-election kicks offHillary Clinton taunts Trump over coronavirus managementDonald Trump's Fourth of July Mount Rushmore trip draws real and figurative fireworks"We are so disappointed to see Mr Crossberg is not a true conservationist and shouldn't be in a position of this standing."Jewell Crossberg.The images were part of a Facebook album. (9News)The photos date back to 2010, and appear to have been taken at a game ranch in South Africa, where hunting is legally allowed.Just hours after inquiries by 9News, Mr Crossberg's Facebook page was deleted.In a statement, the department said it was committed to wildlife conservation and ensuring the world's best animal welfare practices were in place throughout the state.The department said Mr Crossberg went through a competitive recruitment process and had demonstrated the appropriate skills to be acting district manager.

Petition to get this scumbag removed from his job, started by the citizens of Esperance W.A:

WA Government confirms King Leopold Ranges to be renamed the Wunaamin-Miliwundi Ranges.

"Wunaamin-Miliwundi" is a combination of the Ngarinyin and Bunuba traditional names for those ranges," WA's Aboriginal Affairs Minister Ben Wyatt said.

Thats a bit of a mouthful!

Fantastic, love aboriginal names, once you find out how they are pronounced, makes it so Australian and unique.

Good I am all for all Aussie place names being replaced -- better than what we have named after the American names --- like there are in Surfers --and the British names we have

Well this afternoon has been interesting, friends we have not see for months came around, part of the conversation was about their friends who has met up with Prospectors coming over from the East Coast.

I guess the warmer weather has attracted them, but nobody has tried to stop them from the Outback Highway.

There would be many back roads across, but the highway seems odd. But if they happen to get pulled over because of their number plates they will need an explanation, if not they would get fined and possible sent back.

That is really a track or it used to be, I don't think it is a sealed road Incognito.

Oh okay, just you said highway so I just presumed whoops lol.

Read on SBS news website that Queensland is worried about Victorians being smuggled over the border, they are randomly checking trucks etc.

Meanwhile footy players are allowed to go to Queensland to play.

Also did you hear about the security guards that worked at the quarantine hotels whistleblowing on want went on?

Map of Australia that gets rid of Victoria goes viral as Melbourne goes into a second coronavirus lockdown - after an infected worker slips into Sydney 


The state has recorded 289 new cases since Monday and 36 north Melbourne suburbs have now been locked down to contain the outbreak.




That is a bit harsh. I heard on the "The Virus" report on the ABC tonight that most cases are not even contagious, because of some studies recently they have found it is mostly only for about 8 days and the people who are testing postive will test positive if they have already got antibodies for it. So it is not as bad as it seems. They also said it is mostly spreading within family and friend groups not in the community.




Virgin Australia have been purchased by:-

DescriptionDescription  Bain Capital is an American private investment firm based in Boston, Massachusetts.

It specializes in private equity, venture capital, credit, public equity, impact investing, life sciences, and real estate. Bain Capital invests across a range of industry sectors and geographic regions.


Boston, Massachusetts, United StatesAssets under management:

105 billion USD (2018)

Founded: 1984, Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Number of employees: 1,000+ (2018)

Subsidiaries: Kantar Group,

Bob's Discount Furniture,

MOREFounders: Mitt Romney, Bill Bain



At least someone bought it, never heard of them, an American investment into Australia.


Slim Dusty may have wanted to have “a beer with Duncan” — but down Rockingham way all they want to do is have a beer with Mark.

Joe Spagnolo

Premier Mark McGowan visits The Swinging Pig in Rockingham, meeting Keri O'Keefe, who celebrated her birthday and met the Premier.Source:The West Australian

Slim Dusty may have wanted to have “a beer with Duncan” — but down Rockingham way all they want to do is have a beer with Mark.

WA Labor Premier Mark McGowan today got a rock star reception at a his local pub — the Swinging Pig — as the beers flowed to toast the fact that life was pretty much back to normal in the west as even more COVID-19 restrictions were lifted as part of Phase 4.

And they toasted Mr McGowan — Australia’s most popular leader — on a day when COVID-19 cases in WA totalled just four, and there were no new cases of coronavirus recorded overnight.

“Thank you for easing the restrictions for my birthday,” Keri O’Keefe said, lifting her glass to a smiling Mark McGowan.

But there was another reason the beer was flowing at the Rockingham pub.


The beers were free — for anyone who was at the Swinging Pig just after noon when Mr McGowan arrived at the pub.

And that meant about 180 free lagers.

Anyone who was named Mark, also got a free feed — as long as someone else at the table ordered a meal too.

Rockingham man Mark Wilcock was chuffed that he didn’t have to pay for his feed — or beer.

“I think he (Mark McGowan) has done an excellent job,” he said.

“He’s been up against a lot of people who wanted the borders open — including the Prime Minister.”

When Mark McGowan came close, Mr Wilcock reminded the Premier they shared the same first name, telling him that Mark “meant warrior in Latin.”

Premier Mark McGowan visits The Swinging Pig in Rockingham.

Source:The West Australian

Mr McGowan said he didn’t know Mark meant warrior, telling Mr Wilcock his mother Mary had picked the name “because it was popular”.

“I was born in 1967, so it was a common name,” Mr McGowan said.

“I went to lots of different schools. One of the schools I went to had at least three Marks in my year.”

But they weren’t just locals who had come to see the popular Premier.

Kelly George had driven all the way from Kalgoorlie to see him.

“I was coming down to Perth anyway, so I thought I’d come to Rockingham when I heard he’d be here,” she said.

Premier Mark McGowan visits The Swinging Pig in Rockingham, and gets an elbow from another Mark.

Source:The West Australian

“He has been steadfast in his leadership.”

Another group of 12 young men travelled from Perth to meet Mr McGowan — dressed as Mark McGowans.

“We were inspired by the professionalism of him, and how well he has organised the whole COVID situation,” Will White.

“We kept our fingers crossed he’d turn up and luckily he did.

Premier Mark McGowan visits The Swinging Pig in Rockingham, meeting a bunch of local guys who dressed up like Mark for the day.

Source:The West Australian

“We got a photo taken with him. “

Mr McGowan said he was humbled by the support.

“It is great of the Swinging Pig to do this,” he said.

“It’s great to meet so many Marks and people from Rockingham.

“It’s been a humbling experience being the Premier and I’ve been very lucky.”


Tee heee heeee!!!!!!!


'Time to leave': West Australians say they back a British style 'WA-exit' and want to divorce the rest of the country so they can keep profits from their multi-billion dollar export market to themselves 

While former foreign minister Julie Bishop and Premier Mark McGowan agreed it would be near impossible, they said locals are fed up with being underappreciated.

The quokka (pictured) was suggested as the new country's national animal  

The quokka (pictured) was suggested as the new country's national animal

'People here are rightfully unhappy that the other states don't seem to appreciate us,' he said.

West Australians represent about 10 per cent of the population, but contribute four times more than New South Wales and 31 times more than Victoria to the economy per person.

Back in 1933, 66 per cent of the state voted to leave Australia during a referendum, but the decision was quickly shut down by British parliament. 

Love the quokka, better be careful Celia saying how good W.A is you may find people want to move there.

I do wonder though, it is a mostly dry state and may have serious water issues in the future, but then again so will most of Australia.

5 Things That Might Shock Americans in Australia

Welcome to Coober Pedy, the world's strangest town

  Follow the author of this article

Back in 1915, a 14-year-old boy found a gemstone in the remote South Australian outback. From this discovery, Coober Pedy was born – a remote, fiercely hot place of a few thousand inhabitants today, sustained by its supply of opal and curious visitors. Here are a few of the things that make a visit to the town such a quirky experience.

Dig for opal

Most of the world’s opal comes from this tiny outback town, but there are no big mining companies, because opal can’t be quantified through exploratory drilling – the only way to find it is to get digging. Budding miners simply turn up, obtain a land permit, peg a chunk of land and burrow.

Visitors who can’t afford to hire expensive tunnelling machinery can try their hand at noodling – the name given to the practice of digging through the piles of excavated earth which dot the landscape. Some still strike it lucky – one local told me how a neighbour had found a large chunk just hours after he started excavating his new dugout. “Before long, he’d excavated 22 rooms and found more than enough to cover the cost of his new home,” he said – but there are far fewer miners than there once were.

 On a budget? Pitch a tent, underground

Coober Pedy (meaning “white fella’s hole in the ground”) was named by indigenous Australians baffled by the early settlers’ preference for subterranean living – something avoided by the superstitious Aboriginal population but embraced by miners, who liked the cooler, sheltered conditions.


Serendipitously, many of the early settlers were former soldiers who’d recently returned from the trenches of World War One and were experts in the art of excavation.

Most residents still live underground. Some dugouts are huge – I was shown around the home of handyman Rod Wells, who has an indoor pool and an underground beauty parlour used by his beautician wife.

There’s even an underground campsite (; from AUS$16 per person), where visitors can turn up and pitch their tent in an abandoned mine.

Alternatively, there’s the Desert Cave Hotel (, where I stayed, which offers the darkest, quietest bedrooms I’ve ever known. High ceilings allay feelings of claustrophobia and the temperature hovers around 23C.

   Follow the local Aussie rules football team on tour – a 560-mile round trip

The town’s team, the Coober Pedy Saints, take part in the Far North Football League. The only problem? Their closest rivals are all in Roxby Downs, 280 miles away. The side plays a dozen games each year, racking up a bill of around AUS$15,000 on transport.

 A row of televisions. We're not sure why. Credit: getty Play golf at night – in the dirt

There’s a golf course in Coober Pedy, but because it’s usually too hot to swing a club, most games are played at night with glow-in-the-dark balls. Signs warn players to keep off the grass, which isn’t hard, because there isn’t any. It’s also unique for another reason – it’s the only course where members have reciprocal rights with The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews in Scotland. 



 Do they still call them greens? Credit: GETTY Fly over the lowest point in Australia

This is an extreme part of the world and nearby Lake Eyre is no different. It is the lowest natural point in Australia, and visitors to Coober Pedy can sign up for a flight over it. On the very rare occasions it’s full, wildlife flocks to its edges, but most of the time it’s a giant white salt pan. It covers more than 3,500 square miles, and the highly reflective salt crystals transform the landscape into a startlingly bright, white desert which stretches as far as the eye can see.

It’s also significant for another reason, as the place where the British racing driver Donald Campbell set the world land speed record of 403.1 miles per hour in 1964.


Arid landscapes near the town Credit: GETTY

Cultural Differences Between Australia & New Zealand

New South Wales-Victoria border will be closed for the first time in 100 years after Victoria recorded a death and 127 new coronavirus cases - its biggest total since the pandemic began.

The decision to shut the border at 12.01am on Wednesday was agreed by both premiers and the Prime Minister in a three-way phone call this morning after NSW Chief Medical Officer Dr Kerry Chant recommended the move at 8am.

The hard border will be enforced by New South Wales Police and the Australian Defence Force with roadblocks and drones to keep Victorian officers free to battle the state's outbreak. 


I have to totally agree with Pauline Hanson this time when she says ethnic people need to learn to speak English, I went to Croatian classes saturday mornings to learn to read and write Croatian!

I also went to the WA Education Department to help out [volunteer]  with overseas people that came into Australia and wished to learn to read and write and also practice their conversation!   

The 'Today Show' needs to grow up and make themselves useful also!


My parents were immigrants and it was one of the first things they started learning, seems that a lot of immigrants these days don't think it is neccessary.

My mum was born in Croatia, but I never learned the language, it is a hard one to learn, good on you Celia for learning is that because your hubby is Croation?

I did learn a few words of Italian from my dad, one day might learn it properly, have some books, cd roms etc. was going to learn with my son but he is only interested in the language of coding lol.

Dobra Incognito!!

Used to hear that word a lot when I was a kid.

I heard Hansen on the TV that morning and she was her usual ignorant self -- she referred to ALL that was in those horrid high-density flats as drug users and alcoholics and unable to speak English -- she is quite wrong -- AND she needs to learn to speak better English herself as she is hopeless

I certainly do not know in this instance what language these people speak Plan B I have not met them, I don't know if they are on drugs either.

But going back years ago I know a lot of migrant families with people over 50 didn't want to learn the English language, if there were people that learnt in our classes they would be men, I don't think I ever had a female in the conversation class.

Back in those days they were either Asian guys or men from the Middle East.  Of course there were other classes.  I used to take these guys in class after they had an English language class they used to then come and start chatting.  

I wish I had that opportunity speak with Croatian people after my lesson, but everyone wanted to speak English with me.  It was very frustrating, it is so easy to slip back into your original language and not chat in English.

Regarding that building or Tower, I wish the governments would not build those terrible flats. People coming to Australia should be housed in the countryside encourage people to decentralize not stuff them into flats like that. 

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