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Pnemonia injection?

Peter was in hospital with a bad infection and Pnemonia and WITH the injection.


Now over a year later he again has an infection and has been sick for over a week with no hope for a Specialist appointment until mid February BUT I phoned and explained how Peter needed to see him desperately and luckily  he was put on the urgent cancellation list. I am not happy with him being on Cortosone BUT if it fixes him I will be very thankful as many die from Pnemonia of course.

Life is tricky even when we think all is well. Have others lost a bit of faith in the injection? or does it work for many but not all? or is it not the "be all and end all"?


Still praying for Molly also, and hope he gets back to where he was before the fall. Lots of things I managed to find for him in his home re Egyptian memorabilia and unusual stuff.




I am not sure which injection you mean - pneumococcal vaccine or flu vaccine. Link

I have had neither but am suffering from pneumonia at present. I am on anti-biotics only and am having a job kicking it because of my weak immune system.

Most annoying part is coughing during the night when I would rather sleep.

Phyl if Peter had the pneumococcal vaccine [which lasts for a few year]

that woud have saved him from much worse pneumonia,

After lung damage caused by rib penetration [car accident]

which lead to lung failure

I had pneumonia three times and can understand your concern.

I hope fwed is recovering now, the coughing is shocking.

I do agree with you, Seth.

It's more than possible Peter would have been worse without the injection.

 I've been having the flu injection for many, many years, and the pneumonia one in more recent years.

I rarely get a cold, and have never had the flu.


Peter had the  pneumococcal vaccine, and  has the flue injection every year. The coughing is horrible. Hopefully he will improve with the medication. At least he gets some sleep with his CPAP as his breathing is a real worry for him (and me) so just hope things get better.

All the best





I have never had any injection  for flue     polio   whooping cough and and  any  other complaints,

when I worked for a doctor he told me if you  drank plenty of milk you won't get what germs that are floating around,,the last time I had the flue was in 1970,and I only eat very plain food ,so I hope to reach  my 100 years

Jesse,  in the late 1930s there was a terrible outbreak of polio

where thousands of children were struck down with it,

In 1948 my own niece at the tender age of two had polio,

not as bad as to be in an iron lung, but affected her legs badly.

A friend was in an iron lung for over ten years.

With the vaccine,all my children, grandchildren, and grt grandchildren

have been vaccinated against all the ones you mentioned.

In some cases those  not vaccinated can be carriers of the virus or germ

and unwittingly spread the complaint.

I hope you reach your target of 100yrs,

Sometimes when the body is aching, I feel I already have.

I think my niece was also two when she contracted Polio Seth. Not sure of the year but a long time ago. I wonder was your Niece in Melbourne? My niece was at Fairfield Infectious  Diseases Hospital and later at  Hampton rehabilition Hospital. Many Many years ago,  but she still wears a caliper on one leg which is very weak but a beautiful lady married with three children. My sister contracted Polio from her little girl but sadly was pregnant and the baby aborted naturally which was heartbreaking for them but left my sister as if  she had not had polio but she would not have wanted her unborn baby to get it of course which they said he did.


I am hopeful (early days still) the meds. will kick in for Peter and would be nice if any of our 4 salt lamps helps but as he had this infection before we bought them I cannot blame them if not yet and I kind of feel they are helping us a bit but regardless very pretty. Life goes on if we are lucky and we get what we get accepting what we have  and changing what we can.


I agree with the injections so all my kids and grandkids have had all the injections going.

Phyl, I answered but has disappeared.


Yes it was in Melbourne, the childrens' hospital, which

was then in Gratten St,??? Carlton.

The Hampton rehab has gone now.

My niece is also married with two children,

who were vaccinated as soon as possible,

knowing what could happen if they were not.