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Proposed increase of wine casks

Hi all,

New to this...

The State Health Minister is proposing an increase in the "standard drink" price.

Because of a "selected" minority abusing alcohol, he will be penalizing everyone who can only afford to imbibe cheaper brands of cask wine.

My wife and I have a couple of wines each night, presently drinking a brand which costs about $13.

The Minister , in is wisdom, will be upping the price to approximately $40 - $50 per cask!!!! If thats the case, it's another pleasure gone.

Does anyone know of any petitions or such to try and help aged pensioners right this wrong?

I imagine the minister's response would be "not fair to the others" if pensioners were made exempt.

Well it's not fair to the 95% of us!



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Just like their federal mates who got thrashed over citzens paying more and more in taxes. Wake up Victoria maybe a government change will fix the problem. I'll bet the wine producers will not see a cent of these increases.

Is Bob talking about Victoria? He doesn’t mention a State. Anyway, it sounds like fake news to me. No-one would pay $50 for a cask of wine when they can buy the equivalent quantity in bottles for far less.

Those who are whinging about this are not realizing the benefits of it, it is costing tax payers a lot of money to keep paying for the health issues of many who continue to drink alcohol which is really bad for your health, body and mind. It worked for smoking which saw many give up and continue to give up as prices rise. If they use the extra tax to pay for more prevention methods than I support it.

Time to give up alcohol & see my bulk billing specialist for medicinal cannabis.

Yes and your will feel much better for it.

Make your own wine.  The process will keep your mind active, save you money and keep you from slumping in your chair for too many hours.

Not sure that I’ve got it 100% right but what I think I understand is this:

For many years - because of the social problems created by the availability of cheap grog in some communities - thought bubbles were put out there by representatives of both federal and state governments about introducing a minimum floor price on a unit of alcohol.

The basic idea is that you pay a similar minimum price for the same amount of pure alcohol irrespective of the form it comes in. (Doesn’t effect the price of grog that is already over the floor price - premium beer, most bottled wine, spirits etc.) 

To date the NT government is the only one to do so, bringing it in late last year at $1.30 per unit, effectively doubling or trebling the cost of cask wine. The unit price was based on the price of beer, so in theory not affecting its retail price. But it did, with packaged beer going up 20% (profiteering). The government lost office. 

The floor price mechanism has also been challenged as being unconstitutional (I think because normally it would be a federal matter - but the states/territories apparently have authority for licensing so it’s a bit of a muddle).

 Western Australia is also getting close to doing it because they too have big social problems with alcohol - although I think they’re still arguing over it.

While it is said to have had a good effect on societies in the trials done so far - in Aus and o’seas - the unintended consequence of course is that it makes it hard for responsible drinkers on low incomes (like retirees) to have a glass of wine with a meal.

Hope it doesn’t come here (my pseudonym is a relic from many moons ago - honestly)!

 Ah well, the end is nigh for the mighty goon sack. A cask selling now for $12.99 increased to $52.50. While it sounds good on the one hand, it might have a detrimental effect by forcing kids to drink spirits instead. This is clearly aimed at the lower earning brackets and younger generations. 

Sadly young people are turning to legal medications (opiods) and ice more than alcohol.

it wont solve the problem in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Katherine etc....just mean they will spend all their welfare on grog/fags and fall back on charities to feed and clothe them

I'm afraid the Fun Police have struck again.  What is wrong with a glass of red to finish off your day?   The price increase to $50+ for a cask of wine is an obvious money grab.

Another attack on those who are struggling financially.

Bob re your statement

"The State Health Minister is proposing an increase in the "standard drink" price."

Which state are you from??  and which Health Minister is bringing this policy ?

I have not heard about it in NSW.

The local Dan Murphy's have perfectly adequate bottles of wine for $3.00 a bottle. If the cask goes perhaps people will jsut  turn to these.

Only takes a glass or 2 for the rough red to smooth out lol

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