done and dusted

waste of time

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Keep spamming and clogging up this site  Micha and friends 

how long you plan on doing it 

not much longer RAPHAEL,     the moderator is on the case,      heads will roll,   

They are attacking you again Cats . They the family are wishing you were in the Cats bath . They are disgusting 

DONT WORRY BROCKY,    it has ALL gone down in a BIG report,  

SORRY VLAD,     This time it is a BIG REPORT,         

vlad is Micha

Posing as white 

Be nice if a few of the ones who wish YLC well would back Cats 

Your quote Brocky: "Posing as white"

Who's posing as "white"

Is that a racist comment? 

I took it to mean "posing as white (Russian).  Cossacks were known to support the Imperial (white) side as opposed to the the (Red) Communist side. Political not racist. 

I meant to say knight but like your interpretation better Viv   

Another but allied point I find this software that anticipates what you want to say diificult to correct and I have had e mails go off with totally the wrong meaning 

I agree The interpretive text is a pain, I find I can re-correct a word then it still comes up again after being sent. I now keep an open mind when reading what others meant if something is a little odd in translation. No one is perfect. 

Thank you  for  your explanation Vivity.

REAGAN,    BROCKY and I have not messed up the thread,      i have hardly been on the site for days,    YOUR INFANTILE MATE,    VLAD,    ruined the site by posting pics of [supposedly me]]      and then adding nasty remarks,    which i see have now been taken down,      if the lot of you behaved like the seniors, you are supposed to be,   [to be on the site],    there would be no trouble,      things ran pretty smoothly until your family came along,     why not cut it out and let people enjoy the site without causing trouble at every turn,       you have come to be beyond a joke,      

VLAD,   MICHA,   THEA,   REAGAN,     the lot of you are below contempt,      trying to ruin what was a good place to come and chat with friends,       i hope you have had a good time,   because it is all going to come unstuck,     you are a hateful bunch of people,   who cannot bear to see others enjoying themselves,       i really feel sorry for you,    that you have so little in your life,   that you have to attack others,  

Love you Baby 

big hugs brocky,  


Another thread messed up by Brocky and Catsahoy.

yes I can see that Reagan. I'm fed up and so closing this thread. good lesson tho, have learnt some seniors have the attention span of a gnat and cant stay on the topic for more than two mins.

sorry moderator and thank you for the nice picture of the Queen, but no more threads from me

How are you going to close the thread

don't go Bris.

I for one really enjoyed your thread and posts.

dont quit so easily - unless of course that was your intention from the start'

in which case - best of luck


Brisvegas did not say he was going. He  said he has closed the thread. Am I right Brisvegas?

hope so Puttanka 

You are looking a bit sick Vlad, with those red cheeks. Or is it rouge?

BRISVEGAS,    it is not BROCKY or I THAT HAVE MESSED UP THIS THREAD,     if BEN,    VLAD.    or whoever he is today,    did not try to belittle me [and pthers]    on EVERY thread,     things would run smoothly,      have a look around the threads,  [or whats left of them,   ]    you will see where the trouble  lies.       EVERY thread that goes up is attacked by one of them,      it is a shame as this was once a great place to spend a few hours a day,          i see his remark from last night has gone,       maybe someone is watching after all,  

your telling lies who ever you are. the guys make me laugh good on them.

you catsahoy with your unfeminine b ehaviour together with the drongos heemskerk, brocky and raphael have messed up this thread. I was warned about  you lot, 

it doesn't surprise me other folk dont post here

Your a laugh a day mate , talk about plastic Aussie 

 crocodile wannabe 

What is it with the family and their uniforms bit of cross dressing I guess . Poor little Micha like  Napolean or Mussolini little men standing on boxes .

WELL.  WELL,    how silly am i ,      thinking this  BRIGSVAGAS was a genuine [poster,     and its another of the dreaded family,    why dont you all just go away,      you are a pack of pests,      i dont know what kind of mind gets enjoyment  out of screwing things up for others,   but your a pack of juvenile deliquents in my book,    and MATE,    you really shouldnt wear shorts,      your legs are certainly NOT your best asset,   


If YLC doesn't get rid of the scam posts decimating the meeting place I agree it's a 'waste of time' coming here. 

They seem to start 5 p.m. AEST must have worked out no moderator then. Perhaps if they change registration to be only through ISP and the email address only to be the ISP  main user it would solve a lot of problems. Someone mentioned bookmarking the ones you are interested in to bring them up quickly.


Robi I am begining to this that is the object of the exercise with all the goings on!

The professional would get a Moderator on Night Shift or update their software.

The rubbish I think are planned and it starts right on EST 5pm.  When the Moderators go home.

Shame because it could have been a nice site.

this contributor? britvegan complete with his can of overseas poison in his paws, can't remember ever heard of him before in these columns, is closing his thread, whatever that means, to these columns of YLC, may be he has at last seen the light or he is bedding down for good in his sleeping bag, his australian slang, I believe it is him needing more time to erase the comments, so far more than 40 erased, as he has done twice before, see his earlier replies, which exposed him of being an interloper from overseas. they come here crying they were being persecuted in their country of birth and fled to this  great country called AUSTRALIA where most refugees would give their front teeth to be allowed just to enter this country, yet reading the comments of yankee imposter reagan, thea, ben, the russian ala the prussian rocking horse rider,  banned from luna park, not just Sydney but also from Melbourne, St.Kilda, fell off too many times of the merry-go-round, his mummie is now being sued for the damage done to the operation of that ride, too many stoppages or banjo, revealing the names of the kids of a contributor, or to see the comments of our sparrow hoping to grow up one day to become an eagle or our micha, the less said the better, just go back into your nest and dream the impossible dream of  AUSTRALIA  becoming another cuba, irak, iran, turkey, egypt, france, germany, north korea, russia etc, just go back if you don't like living here, just don't try to push your feeble thoughts onto our great country,    



As a fellow countryman, I must  correct you heemskirkie, it's not "irak" - it's Iraq.

Goede nacht LOL


Image result for what are spambots www.thewindowsclub.comspambot is a program designed to collect, or harvest, e-mail addresses from the Internet in order to build mailing lists for sending unsolicited e-mail, also known as spam. Aspambot can gather e-mail addresses from Web sites, newsgroups, special-interest group (SIG) postings, and chat-room conversations.

Spambots are automatic, they can't tell the time. 

YLC could try closing down the registrations  when they go home, but they may not have the technology to do that.

Brit Vargas seems to have disappeared but two new ones today to replace .

reagan, named after a great former american president, what a disappointment  it must have been to his parents to see what a dud he has turned out to be, his latest post even showed how to stop free speech, this person more then likely is living on the welfare supplied by the taxpayers of this great country AUSTRALIA, pension, dole etc bludging without putting in unless you call bird watching an useful occupation, it is time to bring these freeloaders back to the real world why would the taxpayer contribute to a useless bird watcher income? get him/her of his/her arse and make them earn these payments and this should go for all who accepted the freedom they got when they came to this country

We are having to go through proving we are not robots now when you open a new thread hope that helps on the site guys.

it doesnt Atilla

the spammers are opning new posts all the time, so they are either doing it manually or ahve software that can overcome tha extra step

Looks if they have software to over ride in Raphael.

One would have thought if they don't sell anything they would move on.

But alas they may also be stupid and just find annoying people pleasurable.

Perhaps it is time to call the Authorities in, say the Federal Police by looking at the names Raphael do you think they are from overseas?  Probably India or Middle East.

looks like names from India but that could be system generated too

but then we have our own bunch of scammers here from the bird family, or are they russian now

They keep a sharp eye on the site 

They are not selling anything It's just a plaything 

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